It gave chase!

In Above the Norm’s chilling account of their trip to Bisbee and the Copper Queen Hotel, Julie reported about Evergreen Cemetery in Bisbee. Her several-part description of their time in Bisbee is definitely worth a reading and just reiterates how predictable activity is in that town. They had what sounds to be a genuine encounter with the unexplained.

I had a very odd encounter there in 2004 and was excited to hear they were going. I had gone back since and had strange encounters in that cemetery, but nothing like that night of a blue moon on July 31, 2004. Looking back, that night had radio events, Electron Flux, K4 sudden impulse…a total geomagnetic activity night. The cemetery is planted on top of mine tailings. Mind you, this town is geologically rich and mines a lot of copper, turquoise, silver, as well as gold. You probably know from my theories that this is a ripe environment for activity.

My ghost hunting partner, Ginny, and I broke off from the larger group of ghost hunters we were enjoying a workshop with. We went to the cemetery late at night and I worried more about people finding us in there than any actual activity.

I was so wrong.

Immediately, we had sensations we didn’t have in the daytime there. It felt like something was pacing and studying us. We felt painful head pressure and were strangely jumpy (and we’re hardcore about scary places). All of a sudden while taking a picture, I felt as if something whizzed behind me. It was a completely stagnant night. I figured, maybe a bug? But, there was no sound or air movement.

I kept taking pictures, but then I felt something zoom overhead. The best way to explain it is the crackling sensation when lightning hits too closely or static electricity in the air on a really dry day (only this night was muggy from monsoon season). Sort of like eletricity snapping down power lines. The next time I felt as if something were flying by, I raced after it and took pictures. I was tripping around the cemetery, my buddy in tow. She commented too that something seemed to be moving about. It felt like a chase to me and I wondered what was chasing what??? In one picture above, you see the tiny white light taking a rest while the big white light it's been chasing sits overhead. I felt like the chase was over at that point and we left the site.

We got back to our B&B and uploaded the pictures to my laptop and we were shocked to see a little light chasing another light. It sounds weird and I can’t explain it, but it’s exactly where I felt this thing was chasing the other thing. As I said, it was the most stagnant and breeze-less night. I wondered if perhaps I caught a bug, but these are definitely not bugs. I have plenty of experiences with those in photos. It never felt as if there was sound or wind movement or anything else to show something was moving, but it definitely felt as a rushing tingle passed by us and raced off like an electrical pathway.

Julie’s wonderful review of her trip on Above the Norm got me all excited about Bisbee again. I haven’t been in a couple years. It might be time to go again when I know the geomagnetic activity is freaking out—if it ever comes back again—it’s been almost dead since 2008.

I will be picking up a Flip cam this springtime to ready myself for warm-weather hunts and I hope to get some film up for the blog so you can see some of the crazy AZ places I like to haunt while I'm living...


  1. Great pictures. I've love Above the Norms three part series on Bisbee. It seems like there is a lot of interesting ghost hunting to do there.

  2. I've been in many towns around the US that feel active, but Bisbee never seems to shut down. I really think it has a great deal to do with the geology. The town is tucked in between mountains and not out in the open like Tombstone (also a mining town). The mines are riddled through all the hills around there and it has been a rough and tumble town. If you want to experience an old west town, don't go to Tombstone with the costumes and posturing--definitely go to Bisbee. I always get a headache the first 24 hours there--a great sign of too much energy. I get the same thing in Sedona. Once I recoup--I feel strangely invigorated, as if my soul's vibrating and I have unlimited stamina and energy. The Copper Queen has a lot of funky things happening all the time there. I've never had a quite rest there. :-)

  3. OK, this is blog #3 I read today about Bisbee. Is there a convention there right now? Awesome photos! Wow, amazing.

  4. I have to admit, when I read Julie's postings about Evergreen, she asked to see my photos from when I was there, so I said "hey, I'll just do a post and share them."

  5. Thanks Sharon for the shout out and sharing your pictures and experience. That cemetery definately has an eerie vibe to it. I kept hearing voices and looking around for someone else to be there but saw no one. Mike was the one that got dizzy and felt ill. That happened to him at the Copper Queen Hotel too. He seemed to be our ghost magnet for the night. You are right about Bisbee having that special spiritual feeling, like the ghosts are everywhere. Taking a night walk through town is a is very creepy! BTW, I want to take a trip down to Bisbee with you next time. It will be a blast.

  6. Julie;
    I'm totally up for Bisbee. Debe has a house down there. Maybe we can beg her into making a trip together! Her house is...across from the cemetery (cool, huh?) Her house is haunted too. No wonder--the whole town is funky. I love the antique shop in the old bank--that thing is awesome! At the cemetery, wasn't the section of baby "iron cribs" creepy? That always freaks me out.

  7. Bisbee is very haunted because the whole town sits on underground crystals and a water flow...everything is enhanced to the max. It is a great place to live!

  8. That sounds good...what do you say Debe? It would be so much fun to take all the followers with us too!


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