Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hook Me up: If you liked this'll like these

If You Liked the lush settings and romance in “Twilight”
Try… “Blood and Chocolate,” “The Covenant,” “Half Light,” “Brotherhood of the Wolf,” “Sleepy Hollow”

If you liked the creepy cave locations of “The Descent”
Try…“Catacombs,” “The Cave,” “Creep,” “Deathwatch”

If you liked the cold isolation of “The Thing (From Another World)”
“30 Days of Night,” “The Shining,” “Frostbiten,” “Cold Prey”

If you liked the trapped in the middle of backwoods nowhere feel of “Wrong Turn”
Try… “The Hills Have Eyes,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Silent Hill,” “Tourist Trap”

If you liked the lost in the woods feel of “The Blair Witch Project”
Try…”Prophecy” (starring Talia Shire), “The Final Terror,” “Sauna.”

If you liked the “is this person crazy?” psychological suspense of “Skeleton Key”
Try…,” “Stir of Echoes,” “Let’s Scare Jessica to Death,” “Something Evil,” “And Soon the Darkness,” “Beneath,” “Gothika,” “In Dreams” “The Return”

If you liked the real-haunted house feeling of “Paranormal Activity”
Try… “The Legend of Hell House,” “The Haunting,” “Amityville Horror,” “Knocking on Death’s Door,” “The Changeling,” “The Legacy of Hilltop Drive.”

If you liked the predator and prey in natural setting theme of “Jaws”
Try… “Lake Placid,” “Sasquatch,” “Anaconda,” “Jurassic Park,” “Day of the Animals,” “Tremors,” “Predator.”

If you liked the creepy clown doll scene from “Poltergeist,”
Try… “Tourist Trap,” “Dead Silence,” “Amusement,” “Funhouse,” “Clownhouse,” “Magic.”

If you liked the deadly killer stalking feel of “Halloween”
Try .. “Terror Train,” “Prom Night,” “When a Stranger Calls,” “American Psycho.”

If you liked the this-town-is-off feel of “Stepford Wives,”
Try… “Bay Coven,” “Wicker Man,” “The Dark Secret of Harvest Home,” “Eye of the Devil,” “Rosemary’s Disciples,” "The People."


  1. Wow, that is quite a list of some good ol' horror flicks. Have you seen 'Idol Hands'? It's a quirky horror flick. I'm actually watching 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' right now. I love "Pee Wee" Paul Ruebens in this movie, he's funny.

  2. I haven't seen many of these I'll have to check them out! I loved Skeleton Key and have watched it a few times.

  3. Julie;
    Oh my gosh! I forgot about that movie, "Idle Hands." I started to watch it years ago and then somehow got distracted and never finished it. I should pull that one up and check it out. Buffy--what a hoot! I have the day off and did gardening all morning and now I'm working on a lot of writing--tons of projects. Watching "Bigfoot Lives" while I work. It's hilarious. It's my favorite Bigfoot documentary just because Biscardi (of refrigerator bigfoot promotion fame) is a fantastic scam artist.

    You'll really like "Stir of Echoes" and "Gothika," I'm sure!

  4. I'm having one of those "damn, I wish I would've thought of this!" moments. Awesome list. I've seen many of these already but will definitely try and track down some of those here that I haven't. Too bad I just cut off my NetFlix subscription to trim expenses.

    "The Devil's Rejects", "The Collector" and "House" could also easily fit here. No one seems to have seen or even heard of "House" that I know of but I remember watching when I was a kid and it scared the ever living shit out of me. Not as bad now but still cool for vintage horror.

    And I can very well sympathize with the this-town-is-off feel.

  5. Grim;
    You are well-studied horror afficionado. Awewsome! "House" is one I somehow missed--will definitely look it up. I got so stuck in the 70s horror movies from England and then the European ones and made-for-tv 70s ones that I kind of forgot to check out the ones of my own era that I missed in the theater. Those of older folks recall that if you missed it in the theater, you had to hope it came back around or ended up on TV usually 5 years later, so a lot of horror I missed in my teens because I was too busy being, well, popular with the boys (who by the way were too scared to go to horror movies). So, I will put that on my list. I felt that "this town isn't right" feeling when I moved to Arizona. I think the people around me in my area are all robots--either trophy wives or Intel nerds. Not too cool. I really belong in Oregon--what the hell am I doing here???

  6. My "thing" is the twilight category movies. I have seen and loved each and every one of those you mentioned!

  7. Great list. I would add Host in the "predator/prey" category and Left Bank in the "this town is off" category.

    Idle Hands is a favorite of mine. Just a fun movie. I love the treatment of the soundtrack throughout the film.

  8. Ok, cool. Like I said, it's kinda old and kinda campy but back then, to my little kid brain, it was freak'n nuts! So fuzzy memories come to mind when I see it.

    I checked NetFlix and there's like 3 different movies named "House". It's the one made in 1986 with William Katt, just in case you went looking for it.

  9. Pangs;
    "Host," yeah, I can see that, would add "Godzilla" and "Jurassic II" when the T-Rex ended up in LA. Could do this forever...Apparently horror movies come in few themes. Now you guys have me thinking I should sit down and see "Idle Hands." The description made me think "I'm not going to like this," but I've heard a few other horror freaks tell me they liked it. I'll give it a try. You know your movies!

    William Katz--isn't he the dude from American Hero or whatever??? I think I did start to see that one when it came out in the 80s. I don't know why I never finished seeing it. I think it was on TV and I relinquished it to someone else more than likely.

  10. Not Katz...Katt. I have no idea. Dude, I was like 5 when I watched this!!! Never even heard of American Hero.

  11. Grim;
    Yeah, it's him. Greatest American Hero...Jeez, that freakin' song is stuck in my head:

  12. HAHAHAHAHHAA!!! Oh man, that looks bad. Guess I'm not missing a thing by missing that one. Never seen him in another show aside from the one I mentioned. The song's familiar though.