The Future of Ghost Hunting

This is a subject that really excites me. I hope to do more posts in the future on this as ideas evolve.

Let’s think about hundreds of years ago when ghost hunting meant séances or Ouijas and psychic mediums to intercede. Fast forward to the time of Edison and we see the beginnings of the concept of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon—voices/sounds caught on tape not hard by the recording individuals). Along comes the 21st century and we’ve made it to using electrician’s tools and audio/video equipment to try and capture phenomenon and look for commonalities and ways to better predict and determine if a place is haunted. But, we’re certainly still not there yet. Even with shows like “Ghost Hunters” presenting evidence, it cannot be verified, weighed or measured.

Our tools today are crude and ineffectual. Voice recorders are apt to pick up all kinds of signals, as it is a receiver and we live in a world filled with satellite signals, radiowaves, cell phone, microwave signals…you name it! Your EMF meter and KII meter—meant for electricians and can easily pick up all the free flowing electromagnetic signals wandering around in a world that is not a shielded lab.

So, what’s up next for ghost hunting? Let’s look at some avenues of possibilities:

Visual: Better photography in thermal, ultraviolet and infrared spectrums, x-ray photography, photography of radiation, microwaves, full-spectrum, Kirlian, and anything else we can come up with visually. Ideally if we find the spectrum these spirits can be seen in, we should be able to film them fully and not just a blip in one photo.

The use of the infrasound spectrum by using meters to see if infrasound (very low frequency sounds not heard by human ears but felt by the body), as well as ways of sending out messages in the infrasound spectrum. As well, ultra high frequency might be another avenue for exploration.

Seances and mediums aside, the concept is a good one. Why not expand our minds to be able to astrally project or perhaps remote view and lock into other spirits? The expansion of the human mind in controllable exercises could show some actual legitimate help in the field for communicating with spirits. Spiritual paths may have to be combined with brain stimulation devices to work the temporal lobes or the pineal gland. We often are visited by the dead in our sleep. There's a reason for this. Our mind state makes it possible for the passage of messages and information. Sleep studies and lucid dreaming in combination with a sleep helmet custom made to send electrical stimulation to the proper region of the brain--all possibilities.

Physics: Ultimately, quantum physics and research at places like CERN could actually shed some light on how ghosts occur, how they communicate, as well as how psychics gather information. Once we know their paranormal pathway, we can hopefully tap into it and transfer information through this means and detect it when it's occurring.

Controlled situations will be essential for proof of ghosts. We have to have labs shielded from EMF, radiation, microwaves, radiowaves, et cetera, where a truly controlled study can be done. This will help us to prove whether EMF meters and other devices have any efficacy at all and perhaps what does seem to work to measure their presence. It might need to be a portable constructable shielded room placed in a haunted environment.

The final step for ghost hunting will be the most obvious one; bring the ghosts to us. After all, there is no reason why a ghost would be limited by walls, weather, space, distance, or even time. The ideal situation is a lab that is completely controlled and shielded in which we can bring forth and test ghostly properties.

I’d very much like to hear your concepts on the future of ghost hunting.


  1. Interesting ideas. I haven't decided that I would like to communicate with spirits/ghosts. Not that is scares what we might learn from them that might scare me. Sometimes leaving well enough alone seems good. I'm generally not a head in the sand type person...hmmm

  2. I get ya! I think I'd be thrilled to just know that for sure all the cummulative knowledge and love and passion I've had in my lifetime continues on in some form and it's not just a lot of wisdom and seasoning for nothing. I wouldn't care what form it takes, so long as one's essence continues...

  3. cool theories! i like pursuing the physics aspect and the controlled environment. as i've said many times before, i would just love to know the what, why and where. i would love to know what happens to us after death. i would not be afraid to try and communicate to find out.

  4. The options mentioned by you in this post, especially the visual and audio have been used in trying to locate the creature, Nessie, seen in the Lockness lake , near Inverness in Scotland. And yet, to this day ,there's no clear cut conclusion as to its existence.

    These means helped however locate various ships and submarines that got drowned in the past. For example the israeli submarine Dakart and its crew; it took some forty years to locate it.

  5. Duta;
    That is definitely the way to go--we need to expand what we're using and bring in some more big-time tools to capture phenomenon. That submarine find--how creepy! My father was in the Navy during WWII and he said that they made them use WWI subs to ride around in. Can you imagine a submarine made in 1916? He said they had to surface often because it would get toxic. I don't now how they do it--they really are heroes. I would probably cry when the lid shut. I hope they put them to rest in a poignant way.

  6. Jeez, you're boggling my mind right now. Great, great concepts and ideas. These are all possible fields that could be expanded upon in order to bring paranormal investigating into "Ghost Busters-X-File" levels so I don't think I can top this (but I will bookmark it for possible story writing interests, lol). From a steadfast science perspective obviously anything that can present solid evidence is going to be key in this field. But from a personal standpoint, I'm so glad you mentioned neuroscience as a possible (damn near shamanistic) way of promoting individual experiences. The most powerful paranormal encounters we have are usually the ones we encounter on our own (think OBE's). It's almost a shame people don't put as much effort into "centering" themselves as they do watching "American Idol" or getting dressed in the morning. But with our limited understanding of the deep ocean that is the human brain, I'm optimistic that science will one day put abilities into our hands that we may be too lazy to develop ourselves.

  7. Hey Grim;
    I am a walking talking billboard for what you mental state can do for your emotions (I've been working on a post about that)--I learned the hard way to clean up my thinking and have logic-based emotions. With that knowledge of how you can't have an emotion without first having a thought, I've expanded myself spiritually and psychically. I think they all go hand in hand. Some folks think to be psychic you have to be highly emotive and sensitive and delicate in some way, but honestly you just have to master your mind enough to know how it processes information and how to integrate the mind and body and sometimes the mind without body. The short story I just finished up that deals with sleep paralysis (in the editing process now) is a great example of mind/body including astral projection and such. I can't explain why I have premonition dreams of airplane disasters that come true, nor can I explain how I travel in my sleep and meet people in the blog world--but I've done it and it's freaking amazing! I want to learn how to control it more, but I do believe when we dream we actually leave our bodies and experience things. I think research in these areas will help us a lot to understanding the full potential of humans.


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