Monday, February 1, 2010

The Crazies

A remake of a George Romero 1973 movie, “The Crazies” is about a small town in the Midwest where the water supply is infected with toxins making the people of the town go insane. Release: February 26th.


  1. I really can't wait for this one! Thanks for the trailer.

  2. Yeah, it's my kind of movie. I kind of like the world gone crazy--but you're still sane theme (sounds like any day on the highways here).

  3. It reminds me of that 80's movie - The Curse.
    Hectic Epileptic!

  4. I love those kinds of movies!
    On a very different note, have you watched Avatar?
    Have a blessed Imbolc.

  5. It must have been written about the place I had to live for the year in 08.....

  6. Juz; Now you have me wanting to look up that movie--it sounds familiar, but I must have seen it and forgotten it since then. Now, I'm going to look it up again. Thanks!

    I haven't seen Avatar but I'm a very rebellious type. When something is vastly popular and I think it's really stupid, I won't do it. I tried to watch "Lord of the Rings" but I thought it was so infantile and made or the masses that I couldn't sit through the first episode. I slept through Titanic a bunch of times and gave up trying to see the whole thing. When I see ads for Avatar the characters are so horrendous to me, that I can't imagine where the $300,000,000 went??? So, it's one of those movies I'm not going to see. I did the same thing with Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was in high school and I still haven't seen it. There's some bandwagons I won't jump on. I saw Twilight and enjoyed it--as any female would, but sometimes something becomes popular and I really just don't get it, so I refuse to buy into it (Star Wars series), so I just don't do it. I won't give in to peer pressure. Hee hee.

    @eloh; Yeah, reminds me of Redondo Beach when I lived there in the 80s. I used to say "there's something in the water..."

  7. Saw the trailers for this for the first time last night on LOST. But you would've had be covered too. PHEW! This is one movie I'm all hip about wanting to see!