Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cool Art

At my son's gallery opening (earlier post) for the new look of the Southwest, there were a few pieces that had me enthralled. One was this coyote with a trail of plates behind him with maps of Northern Arizona and a pile of coyote poop on each plate. As you can imagine, more than a few times, people clinked against a plate when the gallery was crowded and the poop went flying. Watching the people debate over who would pick it up was pretty funny!

I loved this one photography exhibit a woman artist made. She stuck cactus needles into her flesh and took these shots. Absolutely mesmerizing. You've probably heard before my story about getting drunk in high school and streaking through an upscale neighborhood. When a car came and the headlights hit me--I tried to get out of the road and rolled down a hillside into a cactus garden--one of every kind! From head to foot I was literally coated in them--even in my gums and nails. Well, I learned about not mixing my alcohol and also learned what good friends I have because the girls sat up all night pulling needles out of my butt so I could soak in a tub and loosen the rest. Those pictures made me proud when people winced because I realized I had experienced much more torment than the artist and survived.

One artist photographed a cat caught in barbed wire in the desert and mummified. He also made pieces of art from found objects (something I hope to be doing in the very near future based in psychic reads of the objects).

So, yeah, the Southwest is rather spooky and I like it that way.


  1. Thanks for posting those cool pics. That's pretty funny about the coyote poop. Love art unique art. Will you be posting some of your son's artwork?

    The rifle reminded me of my visit to the Winchester Mansion in San Jose California.

  2. It must be a very weird feeling to see your baby all grown up. You still view him as your baby, but it is a complete, full person. I believe motherhood is one of the most powerful experiences. It amazes me so much that i find it terrifying enough to doubt the fact that i want kids. I love the idea of the poop as traces to follow. By the way, Freya is one of my favourite Goddesses!
    Brightest blessings**

  3. Paula;
    He has a site He only has a few pieces on there as representative. He focuses mostly on video.

    I have to say, I did not grow up around babies and I hated baby dolls as a little tomboy, but when I had my son--something clicked and I was the most instinctive mother. I was exactly the kind of mother I always wanted and the one my son needed. I loved every phase, but when you have an only child, they're always a little adult and prefer the grownups so they're really easy to raise. I enjoyed babyhood and toddlerhood--he never had terrible 2s', and adolescence and helping him figure out the world and the crazy people in it, loved teens and new responsibilities, but having him as an adult and peer is really exceptional. I just feel amazing to know I sent out a person into the world that makes it better and has a strong social conscience and a huge kind heart. The greatest payoff is that I truly know that no matter what happens in his future, he will take it and run. He's very driven and highly intelligent and hardworking.

  4. I can tell you are very proud of your son. Well deserved.

    This is a unique approach to art. I would never have dreamed of sticking cactus spines into my skin for photographing, but, hey, it works. OUCH!

  5. Gail;
    I know--crazy, huh? But it's kind of like acupuncture... I understand the artist is an advocate for safe border crossing and so it's a statement of what they must go through.