Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can We Control The Weather?

I thought I was the only one getting excited about HAARP’s capabilities, but it appears that lots of other folks are looking to the program to explain all sorts of phenomenon. The one that most are focusing on is “can we control weather?”

Recent strange rings found on the radar in Australia along with a convenient low pressure system pushing a cyclone to a drought-ridden area made many wonder. Colin Andrews (famous crop circle researcher) has the best research on this newest finding in Australia here.

With the recent rains here in Arizona and California, where we’ve been drought ridden for over a decade, I wondered momentarily how convenient it was. Then, I checked out NOAA’s weather and they reported a strengthening El Nino. We certainly know what that can do for our weather.

My thought is this—you can’t do this kind of covert research without leaving traces. Area-51 is a prime example. The flights in and out of planes gives it away. Should HAARP be used for weather control, it would leave evidence behind that would be rather obvious. They would perhaps create drought in the Middle East oil-bearing countries to force them to need our resources in leverage. They would certainly give regularly healthy rains to Africa, thus providing more resources for them and less American money spent on feeding them and digging wells. The president’s own residence in D.C. is having a “snowmageddon” right now. I know that town—grew up right beside it in Fairfax. It’s not used to big snows. In fact, I remember as a kid getting off school for 3-5 inches of snow! I don’t think he’d be asking HAARP to please make his city snow-bound.

So, for now, I’m not seeing it. If we can control the weather, we must be in the early stages, kind of like the 6-year-old on a joy ride in daddy's truck. We know the gas pedal and the steering wheel, we just haven't figured out how to master them enough to handle a straight roadway, let alone a steep incline or black ice.

I’d love to hear your opinions.


  1. I don't know about controlling the weather, but I do know that something is going on at Area 51. Everything about it is so secretive. But I have noticed changes in the weather...just look at last summer. Where was it? Here in New York City we had maybe two or three weeks of real summer weather and the rest was like spring...and early spring to boot. And it rained most of the summer. For the past few years we have had basically no snow here. Now, we're about to have a blizzard. I don't know whether it's the government or global warming, but it's been a few years of strange weather.

  2. Mary,
    They're blaming all the weather on El Nino--giving ya'all a cooler summer and more blizzards in winter. We certainly got a lot of rain here in the desert--much needed! I'm excited because El Nino always means a real monsoon season in the summer when we desperately pray for rain. I'm not sold on what's up with global warming. It seems like weather in general is more active, though some would say the melting of snowcaps might be contributing to higher humidity and more storms. I don't mind. I'll go for wetter and milder in the southwest. In fact, today when I was done with work in the afternoon, I wandered into the backyard to sit down on a lounge chair in a t-shirt and shorts and do some writing on my laptop. I looked up and realized my pomegranate tree, peach tree, and the grapevines were all bursting their new leaves. They think it's spring. I won't tell them any different. :-)

  3. I wondered if you had been keeping up with Colin's updates on the weather in Australia. I posted about a while back, but I didn't mention it anymore on my blog because I posted a link to his blog and website, so I figured if anyone was interested, they would keep up with it on their own.

    As for HAARP controlling the weather, I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility. But I'm not ready to declare that is what they are doing either. It may be possible that HAARP is having an effect on the weather, even if effecting the weather is not their intention. Maybe it's just sort of a side-effect to whatever they are really trying to do.

  4. Jeff;
    Yeah, I agree. I'd wait and see the effects a bit more. If they were testing with the weather, it would be pretty apparent. You can't hide that. When I saw that radar blip, I thought it was just that--a freaky problem with the radar system. When it kept happening, I thought they just hadn't fixed the glitch. Then, I started to think about HAARP and it seemed like Australia, though a dear friend of the US, would hardly be the recipient of needed rain. It would be the US and especially crop-growing areas. Of course, California did get rain--but that's El Nino. So, I'm not impressed. I even flipped through my mind to think what else is weird in the world and the only other thing I could think of was CERN--circular, by the way??? Hmm... Hee hee

  5. Great post. I certainly think that weather is controlled - @ least part of the time. Some years ago, there was a hurricane reported in the southern latitudes, like around Brazil, which doesn't get hurricanes. That's just one instance.

  6. Why, yes! Yes, we can! Hey little sister, hey! I jus' Gno that I'd given you this Trevor James Constable link last summer, although we were conversating about anomalous things that insinuate that there are "sky critters", oft times misconstrued for nuts & bolts spacecraft from afar. He's been commissioned to manipulate the weather solely utilizing Cloudbuster technology, 1st perfected by the maverick Austrian expatriate, Wilhelm Reich, who was harangued & harassed by TPTB for being an innovator, later thrown in jail, where he died, dissolute & destitute, in a federal prison in Oct. '57. It's a shame that worse, more harmful technologies have taken over, when Orgonomy actually heals the environment.

    Great piece as usual, Autumn,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro (•8-D

  7. Much of it is long since declassified. We (America) got in trouble (basically) for controlling the weather in the late 60's and early 70's. Part of the "war" effort.

    I think it was the UN that insisted we stop. We made a continuious monsoon over the delta... I can't remember details... it should google easy enough.

    Here's the rub... anything that is declassified is so far outdated a nerd could build it in his mothers basement.

    I'll go see what I can find.

    HAARP... oh yeah.

  8. Just google "weather control viet nam".

  9. Interesting stuff @eloh. The method of cloud seeding is different from HAARP, but it might lend credence to the speculation that HAARP is used for weather control. Maybe HAARP is just a newer method for doing so.

  10. Hey ya'all. I have no doubt that part of HAARP's intention is to control the weather, but like I said, I think we'd be in the 6-year-old trying to drive daddy's pickup truck stage. I'd like to see unusually built storms and strategic locations to be really impressed. What they're doing in the upper atmosphere, however, I really do believe is affecting our electromagnetic activity and thus it's been flatlined since 2008 whereas before it was ridiculously active. I think it's like someone hitting the tuning handle on the radio and geoing from white noise to stations and trying to define the tuning. We cranked it up and caused lots of geomagnetic activity and then pulled back. Now, we sit back and observe the difference in the world. We know the activity affects human bodies and even earth phenomena, but can this quiet period actually cause a quieting in dramatic events in the world? I guess that's the big question. Now, of course, Haiti's earthquake was due to happen, but had geomagnetic activity been up, we might have seen that much earlier, maybe even during hurricane season--yikes. But, are the humans on the planet less terroristic now? (is that a word?) It'll be interesting to look at.

  11. This has been a crazy weather year so far. With all the excess of snow and rain it makes you wonder what is going on...great post!

  12. I remember seeing a show (maybe on Discovery Channel) about contrail theories. I found this site http://artificialclouds.com/ about it, but you can google it and find lots more written on it.

  13. Sandra;
    You know, those fascinate me. I've seen a few shows on them and living here in the desert, we see a lot of strange things in the sky--since we almost never have clouds. I might do a post on that some time. It's a subject I haven't talked about before. Thanks for the link.

  14. Controlling the weather is something man has dreamed of for decades. And I have no doubt that capability is in place....albeit in its early (and possibly unstable) stages - probably more than one device is being tested.

    New and strange cloud formations are now being seen over North America and fast moving waves of air caused by thunderstorms are now being detected in Alaska by a new type of radar.

    AS technology develops, so does Man's desire to control and manipulate.

  15. Jeanne;
    I don't mind the control of weather so long as they bring Arizona much cooler and wetter weather :-)

  16. My husband, the paranoid conspiracy theorists, seems to think YES! I, on the hand, am rocking in a corner with my hands over my ears. I don't want to live in a world where they try to control Mother Nature. No good can come of it!