Monday, January 11, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Ideas For Your Blog

Writer’s block. Probably the two most used words by writers of fiction, but also for bloggers. Coming up with new and interesting things to share with others doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Every day, you are assaulted by hundreds, maybe thousands, of possibilities.

It begins when you wake up and had a strange dream you vaguely remember. Idea. You take a shower and the radio in the bathroom plays a song from childhood that reminds you of the house you moved into across town and the first friend you made that summer when the song was playing in the background. Idea. Then, you turn on the TV to listen to the news as you have your breakfast and are presented with global warming, a kidnapping, a 15-car pileup on the interstate. Idea. Idea. Idea.

Surfing the Web, you have endless possibilities to write about; a funny video on YouTube, news of a new ancient pyramid found in China, a medical breakthrough, a message from someone with an attachment that makes you laugh.

You love to collect lawn gnomes and want to do a post about it? You could take pictures of them and talk about how you fell in love with gnomes and where you got the pretty one with the red apron, but why not try a new approach to a straightforward subject? What if you boxed up your lawn gnomes and take them on the road with you, shooting them in different stopping locations like a scenic overlook, a bar standing next to your mug of frothy beer, next to the height sign at the waterpark slide. Then, tell about their travels and the mischief they got into.

Another great possibility is the sharing of knowledge. You’ve accrued in your lifetime either amazing wisdom from tough times, talents for dealing with angry customers, and hobby and work knowledge. Did you have a bad day? Did you have a funny day? Did you notice something about humanity that you need to share?

Ultimately, remember your original premise for your blog. When I started “Ghost Hunting Theories,” my goal was to see if anyone else out there had the same questions about what ghosts are and how the phenomenon works. I had no idea there would actually be people who had some of the same questions I had. I hoped I might get one person to say, “yeah, I always wondered that too.” I found instead a huge network of people who not only have a lot of the same wonderings, but have some interesting concepts.

What it comes down to is this; if you find interest in it, thousands more people do too. We’re not as unique as we like to think. But, in the blog world, that’s to our advantage.

Make an observation. Then, report it.

Happy blogging!


  1. Excellent post!
    The suggestions given here could be very helpful for the blogger looking for ideas.

  2. Hi Duta;
    I suspect you never run out of ideas. I love your blog. It's like seeing pictures of dreams I've had. I enjoy seeing the world through your artistic eyes.

  3. Very good Post! I have that problem more than what I should. I never really know what to Post about that my Followers will enjoy. Guess that's the chance I take. Something interesting to me, might not be to someone else.

  4. Les, I totally know you by now. You're a history buff and a photographer. You like nostalgia too. All those things are huge favorites. Just keep bringing it to your blog. I'd like to see you cover some other baby boomer nostalgia. Remember that post I did on the emergency broadcast system and the drills as kids ducking under our desks in school? Yeah, that kinda stuff. Since the majority of Americans are born from like 1947-1964, then you're totally on your mark. Anything you find interesting, I'll guarantee there's a huge audience that finds it so too. I love your blog! I feel like I'm visiting with my big brother and having conversations about "remember when?"

  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm actually looking at other peoples blogs to get ideas at this moment and it is good to know I'm not alone.

  6. Hey Jessica;
    Definitely let me know when you get your blog going--I wanna join! I've found some wonderfully charming ones that are just about middle-aged women's blues or people who adore the 1950s or a couple living on a farm, you name it, there's a blog for it.

  7. I like your ideas. I do wonder what to post that fits our blog title and realize that can be just about anything. Some of my ideas came from Twitter, my local news stories or accidently stumbling across it while searching the web. I realized that it doesn't always have to be about ghosts because the paranormal subject matter is wide open. I also like to throw some humor in now and then as well.

  8. As for my Random Mind blog, Kennedy is a great subject but I like sharing my other interests too. I like the photos and history people share on their blogs, so I am going to try to show more photos of whatever I find interesting and hope others will too.

  9. Julie;
    I love both your blogs. I know when I go to Above the Norm I'm going to find something that so jives with me I'll shake my head. It's uncanny how you seem to always pick things I'm totally interested in. It's intelligent and sane and a bit creepy and really cool! As for your Random mind... I admit to being one of Miss Kennedy's biggest fans. I do so adore watching her grow. Perhaps you should write from her point of view with accompanying pictures. Sort of like the Dale story I just put up. Hee hee

  10. That's a good idea. I did that same thing but wrote a couple of blogs from my dog Lucy's point of view. I'm always putting words in Kennedy's mouth, and a picture says a thousand words, so I just might take your advice.

  11. Thanks for the response! I actually have my blog up and going it's ghost stories. It's I'm just running out of ideas at the moment and I told myself I would write every night.

  12. Running out of ideas...yeah. Not a problem. I have a list 3 pages long of all the story ideas I come up with. Or, rather, that pop in my head at the most inconvenient times. (In the shower, when I'm dead asleep, when I've got my hands full lugging in groceries...) My problem is not having your 3,000 WPM fingers to knock out all the story ideas I get! You're so lucky you can type as fast as you can. (I type pretty fast, but not as fast as all the thoughts I have!)