Monday, January 11, 2010

This Week Paranormal TV Reminder

Monday: Nope


A&E Psychic “Kids: Children of the Parnormal:” One teen helps another teen who is haunted nightly. Followed by “Paranormal State:” Moundsville Prison in WV/


Discovery Channel “Solving History with Olly Steeds:” Premiere of a show I’m excited about. He looks for the arc of the covenant in Ethiopia.
TruTV “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura:” Is the government turning normal citizens into mind controllers?
SyFy: “Ghost Hunters International” hits Argentina and Australia.

Thursday: Nope.

<Travel channel “Ghost Adventures:” Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.


  1. Hi Autumn,

    I just saw an ad for Haunted Homes on Fine Living Network. It's on Mondays at 9 est. It's a British show ... I don't know if it's currently still in production or if these are just recycled shows that cash in on the fad for yet another channel.

    Also, did you ever catch Extreme Paranormal on ... A&E?

    It was ... um ... entertaining? Except that I think the way they practice will mislead a lot of people and possibly cause (serious?) problems for the naive ones (honestly I can't believe they haven't caused themselves serious problems behaving the way they do). If you think some of those other guys are are way out there ... these guys are/were maybe the most ... extreme (even more extreme than the Ghost Adventures guys you mentioned) ... of the bunch? They give a whole new meaning to provocation (see your recent musings about how certain temperaments attract and certain temperaments repel activity). And the ritual stuff they do ... just seems like a bad idea. They even attempted to do a floating circle of protection over some place with a lake ghost and had one of their members do a dive. Wow.


  2. Thanks. I did catch only a part of one episode of Extreme Paranormal and decided I better step away from it. It was a disaster waiting to happen. I have to laugh about the shows nowadays. Have you seen the supposed Learning Channel? It's people who overpopulate the earth, or have bone growth constraints. I'm waiting for the show about a dwarf couple with sextuplets. It's like "if a little is good, more is better" That's gotta be the American motto which got us so fat and so over extended financially. I've definitely reached my limit on the ghostie shows. The psychic intervention one I quit watching. I quit watching "Pararnoid State" because it just makes me disgusted. I watch Ghost Adventures because it's like those MTV reality dating shows that make you cringe and laugh. I still give Ghost Hunters my loyalty, although I seriously doubt with conditions the way they are that they'll be getting anything of significance for several years. I'm glad folks have a lot of variety to choose from. Some people really love the spookiness of "Paranormal State" and some love the theory testing on "Ghost Lab." I haven't heard of he Haunted Homes one but that's a cool idea. I wouldn't mind seeing that. You did make me giggle, though, with that comment about diving into the lake. hee hee

  3. " I'm waiting for the show about a dwarf couple with sextuplets."

    Seriously. I would not be surprised. I just saw a preview today for ~another~ show featuring little people. Huh? Not sure what channel it was ... whether it was TLC jumping the shark with little people concept #3 (?) or another channel trying to cash in by copying the "concept."

    If you catch Haunted Homes, I'll be interested to see what you think of it ... and the psychic who is really at the center of the show.

    My friend who was a "rescue" medium was English, so I always watch her and wonder what he would have thought of her. He wasn't big on celebrity mediums in general ... like the term was oxymoronic to him. He never accpeted pay for what he did ... except occasionally travel expenses.

    Speaking of rescue ... I thought to ask you about one more ... I've never actually seen it, but I am curious about a show called Rescue Mediums. Not even sure if it's still on.

    "You did make me giggle, though, with that comment about diving into the lake. hee hee"

    It was outrageous. In another episode, they buried one team member alive. They seem to know just enough to get themselves (and an one who copies them) into deep you-know-what.

  4. I liked the idea of the rescue medium show. I don't get that channel, but I'll see if I can find it somewhere online. That sounds kind of neat. It's a very hard dance between being a psychic and a ghost hunter. I had to set my goal early on. I didn't want proof I'm a psychic and I didn't want to develop mediumship skills. I wanted to find proof of hauntings and explanations for what they might truly be. That being said, I use my psychic skills basically like an EMF meter to find the right spot and the right timing and approach. I don't use it as proof of hauntings at all. I'm always interested in seeing lots of different approaches though, which is why I watch even some of the most proposterous ghost hunting shows. There's always some aspect of each way that's onto something. I try to pick apart those bits of lucidity to find the greater truth in the field of ghost hunting.