Monday, January 25, 2010

Infrasound: Ghosts and Bigfoot and UFOs

I started off with a simple question that struck me one day when reading about infrasound (a frequency below human hearing’s ability to hear) and how ghosts supposedly communicate at this frequency range. Why, then, are we speaking to them at our Hertz level which is 800-1200 Hertz compared to their supposed 19 Hertz. If we’re having trouble hearing them, imagine what they must go through? Hmm… Well, if we’re going to believe ghosts speak at the level, then why aren’t we converting our voices to a level they can hear? For that matter, why aren’t we carrying meters to detect if that frequency is present? Yes, infrasound meters exist, like the Rion NA-18, but at a cost of 5K to 7K. Ouch!

In studying infrasound I was learned a lot. Volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even atomic bombs can create this frequency. Some animals use it, such as elephants, to communicate long distances because it creates great oscillations and can travel great distances easily. If you’ve ever felt a bass speaker from a car going by, you might have felt those vibrations through your chest. It can affect human bodies and even objects. Depending on the pitch, infrasound can cause anger and fear. It was said to be used by Hitler to incite crowds to a fevered pitch. It can cause depression, pressure in the ears, and many sensations felt in haunted locations.

What’s more, investigators of Bigfoot believe that they might communicate in this way and I think that’s a very realistic possibility. Why? If you are part of a group of creatures that are not all that common and live in giant forests, how in the world will you tell others you are available for mating over a long distance? Infrasound. It might be also feasible to believe that infrasound is the byproduct of alien spacecraft, causing us to feel strange upon seeing them as the frequencies resonate through our bodies.

What is the future for this knowledge in the field of ghost hunting? Lots. If we can measure such infrasound conditions in a location that is haunted, then we can begin to ask ourselves—what is causing this frequency. Could this be the tie in to geomagnetic storms mixed with geology and building construction and waterways (the very things in my haunted formula?) Could this be either facilitating and energizing a haunting or giving it a pathway to express itself or perhaps causing the sensations and mind tricks that make us think there is a haunting. Some experiments in infrasound would be in order to see just what it does to the human body in say a not-haunted location versus a haunted location. Ah, if only I had a university funding me!

p.s. A fascinating paper on the subject of infrasound and paranormal research applications as well as natural science.


  1. Very interesting. I would think that ghosts would be able to hear us in our normal range though; we just can't hear them because our ears don't pick it up. I have no way of knowing that for sure though, I'm just taking into consideration some of the NDE accounts I've read about where the experiencer reported being very aware of their surroundings and hearing everything going on.

    It is interesting how sound can effect us though, isn't it? You can really see the effects on TV or in a movie. Imagine a horror movie without creepy wouldn't be quite as creepy without the music.

  2. Hey Jeff; Those really low frequencies are very unsettling. We know the earth can create these sounds and I'm thinking a house atop of the right geology might produce this resonance often enough to be downright uncomfortable. I'd like to see what researchers find with a meter that can pick up infrasound. I know BF hunters have been pursuing that concept for communication amongst BFs. Sometimes, it feels like all these things are little bits of the same puzzle that will make sense further down the road...

  3. I always thought there was something more in that feeling in your chest! Wonderful information!
    Maybe one day your novel can come true, and we will be able to speak with the other side!

  4. Georgina;
    Do you know who you would first want to talk to and what you would want to ask when the machine is built? I thought about that the other day. I always wanted to hear my grandparents from Norway and Lapland. They died before I was born. I would love to hear their accents and ask them about their life in the old country.

  5. I got ghost radar on my touch and it say it can pick up abnormal infrasound waves and turn it in to speech. The hearing aid app works really well i can’t turn the volume up all the way cuz it will make that hi pitch noise so after seeing the sensitivity on my hearing aid app it a little more believable on my ghost radar app.