Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ghost Content

What are ghosts made up of? There are lots of explanations. In the Victorian era, ghosts were proclaimed to be made of ectoplasm, a nasty substance that looked a bit like vomited cheesecloth (perhaps because most times it was—by the deceptive medium during a séance).

AGH, (my now favorite term for “After Ghost Hunters”), investigators proclaim they are made of energy and they manifest by drawing energy from human bodies, batteries, the heat in the air, and anything else they can steal from. Apparently, these gypsies from the netherworld didn’t get the memo that modern office buildings with all their EMF producing devices make manifestations much quicker and easier and instead take the route of old home with no electricity in place.

So, what are ghosts made of?

If you watched the wonderful clip above from "American Paranormal," (National Geographic Channel) the answer will be similar to the one I proposed quite some time ago on my blog—neutrinos.

As discussed in the short above, if that were so, it would not emit light, sound, or visual. You would not see it in any form or hear it, yet ghosts seem to make plenty of sounds and make themselves shown. I discussed the possibility of neutrinos being the way in which psychics pick up information, such as I do when holding an object. Could it be that a spirit form is actually made up of neutrinos but has the ability in the right environment to charge itself in a way that makes it momentarily heard or seen? Is this why ghosts are so intermittent? Neutrinos are electrically neutral and are the result of solar/radiation decay. Could this explain why Chernobyl is believed to be so haunted? Might it also explain why there is more activity on solar storm active days and geomagnetically active days?

I appreciate theories (no duh), so let's put down some possible explanations for ghosts and what they're made of:

1. Ghosts are psychologically induced by people and perhaps their visual cortex, pineal gland, or telekinetic means. Pros/cons: Ghosts are often times witnessed by people who do believe in their existence and by groups of people seeing the same thing at the same time. However, many sightings are reported by people in times of stress.

2. Ghosts are actually a life form from another dimension with the capability of entering and exiting ours. Pros/cons: This would explain the fleeting nature of ghosts and the sometimes nonsensical sounds and words emitted. It does not explain, however, why they concentrate in areas of death and trauma.

3. Ghosts are made of neutrinos and hence able to go anywhere at any time, even through people, but for reasons unknown to us can somehow interact with the environment to let themselves be known. Pros/cons: This covers how they can move anywhere and go through objects and people. This does not explain how we are able to see them and hear them.

4. Ghosts are made up of a content we do not understand and may never discover because it's not part of our physical world, but another world that allows for occasional random filtration through our world, giving us momentary "contact." In other words, the spiritual realm. Pros/cons: Still, if we can sometimes see and hear them--they are able to manipulate in our physical realm so there should be a time when they can be "trapped" for observation. This, today, seems to be a preferable explanation.

5. Ghosts are pure energy and therefore able to affect people and objects around them. Pros/cons: Then that energy should be measured. It might also explain why they drain other forms of energy.

I'd love to hear your input. What are ghosts made of?


  1. i think ghosts are made of energy. but why they appear to some and not to others has always made me wonder. i love your idea of movie themed baskets. i never thought of that but there are so many possibilities!!!

  2. Hey Joyce;
    Energy makes sense. It's just finding the right tool to measure whatever type of energy they have. My guess would be something along the lines of radiation; however, Geiger counters don't seem to capture much of anything.

    Theme gifts are a blast! Sometimes, I'll get one of those popcorn buckets that go in the microwave that they sell in video stores, fill it with candy and a couple sodas and a movie and they're ready to have a night in with their honey.

  3. I'm amazed at your vast knowledge on the ghost subject.
    To me, just a common reader, all five theories seem plausible and interesting.

  4. Duta;
    I stick with what I know and I have a rather logic-minded way of attacking things, so theories are the obvious way to plug along and figure out what phenomenon is. I admittedly leave the travel, photography, and beautifully written human interest pieces for you to do, because no one does them better. Just to escape the ghost hunting for a time, I'm working on a painting, but it's based on a ghost hunt. I hope to do a series showing the viewpoint and mood and atmosphere a ghost hunter experiences in dark old places. I haven't painted in so long--it's a mess, but I hope to finish it and show it on the blog when it's done. I've named it "Long Hall: Many Doors." In fact, your beautiful photography on your blog had me thinking about how I've been writing, but neglecting the artist side of me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. "My rest-mass is zero
    My charge is the same
    You are my hero
    Neutrino's my name."
    --Wolfgang Pauli
    who predicted its existence

  6. I have a question: Do you believe items hold memories of past emotions? Enough that someone can feel these emotions just by touching the object.

    My post tomorrow is about emotion in old places.

  7. Gail;
    It's rather amazing you asked this particular question because I can tell by the question that you've never read one of my posts about my ability. It's called psychometry--the ability to read an object. I use it a great deal on ghost hunts. Here's one of the many posts I've done on it. Hope it answers your questions. If you have more questions, please let me know.

  8. You: "I have a rather logic-minded way of attacking things."

    Superstitious me: "Don't I know." *rolls eyes, laughs*

    Great post. This is REALLY cool. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that no one else has or is considering the geomagnetic theory you've got going here but the neutrino theory ranks as a worthy equal. They just make sense and I mean that in a no-ass-kissing, down-to-earth sort of way. Have you ever considered submitting the geomagnetic idea to other science-based ghost research teams to see what they have to say? I'm not as well-versed in this subject so I'm not aware if this is a theory that's already been circulating or not. But if not, it'd definitely be worth looking into.

    The only difficult part in all of this is, like the scientist on the clip was saying, neutrinos are neutral particles so they would be unable to emit light and one of the common elements in hauntings are strange light phenomenon. Could this light given off not actually be "true" light but instead a sort of phantom "wavelength" our eyes are only able to pick up on in random or under just-right conditions? I'm just shooting random speculation here. If you have any ideas on the light thing or simply think what I'm spewing is BS, I'd love to hear it.

    I really do have to catch an episode of "American Paranormal" as it is definitely my kind of ghost show but I don't have the NatGeo channel. Maybe I can dig up some full episodes on You Tube.

    Also, Courtney sent me a link to a werewolf story you penned and I have to say, it was damn good.

  9. Hey Grim;
    Thanks. I've considered gathering more evidence that correlates events with geomagnetic activity. With the world being at a standstill now for geomagnetic activity, I don't expect ghost shows to have much evidence any time soon. I have to admit, as a psychic, there's been a lot of times where I wish I could call someone and tell them about a criminal they're looking for or an upcoming plane crash, but who's going to listen? I sometimes feel that way about ghost theories. I hope on my own I can do enough work to make someone take notice when I present it. So far as neutrino's are concerned, I believe that's how I'm able to get information from objects, the passing of neutrinos through objects and people. If ghosts were the method by which they travel, there is the possibility that by passing particles through us, we might actually be seeing and hearing glimmers that aren't actually in the environment but in our heads, or the possibility that like I can read objects by coming in contact with neutrinos, perhaps people can be affected to see the content of a spirit by its neutrinos... The possiilities are endless. Oh, I did find on YouTube an episode of American Paranormal. When the series goes to DVD, I'm absolutely buying it. I have to admit, if I were to do a documentary show on the paranormal--that's the one I'd do! I really love it. Thanks so much for the compliment on the story. Courtney from Haunt Jaunts told me about it and it had a deadline, so I got inspired by a "Guido" looking dude in a mercedes convertible with lots of gold jewelry on. Made me think of Jersey Mafia, so I suddenly had a guy. Then, I thought of a place where werewolves would exist and I remembered a remote resort I'd been to in the woods. Well, it wrote itself in about an hour. I wish I had polished it up more before sending it, but I was strapped for time. It was fun. I adore werewolf stories. Since it was a flash (super short) short story, I'd love to try my hand again at a longer one. I'm writing a werewolf novella now--erotic horror. It's pretty wickedly awesome. I love writing it just to be in the story for a while. It involves magic, mountains, a wolf release program, and geology. Sounds wild, huh? I love incorporating my theories into the stories. I mean it, if you want to get some feedback on your writing, send me a sample. I admit that I love taking fellow writers under my wing. I feel like a proud mommy when they get published.

  10. If objects are made of atoms, are you suggesting they hold a neutrino "charge" in order for you to read them? And if that's so, do you have a theory on how neutrinos adhere to objects made of atoms?

    Also, I don't know if you seen or not but Courtney was queried for answers to questions posed by the makers of "Phasma Ex Machina", a pretty interesting independent ghost film and her answers were pretty cool. Check it out if you get the chance. You should query for chance to answer some questions too as they have a good list of others in the ghost field posted there with their feedback and I though they might appreciate your unique take on geomagnetic activity and ghostly phenomenon. If you don't, I'll ask them for you! LOL

    And I couldn't even tell your story wasn't as polished as you would've liked. It read like a spring breeze to me. When you get your novella finished, I'd really like to read it. Are you gonna publish it or serial-series it on your blog? Either way let me know when you're done! I'd love to do a post on it!!!

    And I have no problem with you reading my work. I kinda feel like a dick for not getting back to you on that but I actually just need some time. But I promise, promise, PROMISE I'll get you some samples as soon as I get the time to pen some that are worthy of a read. Other obligations put a stifle on my creative writing life sometimes. Please understand. I'm not snubbing you. Just need some time.

  11. Hey Grim;
    You know, when she turned me onto that movie, I freaked out! If I wrote a movie about ghost hunting--that would be it! In fact, I think they used my quote on their site. I haven't talked to them about my theory. I figured they were just moviemakers, but apparently they're also chasing ghosts--good for them! I sent my theory to Ghost Lab, but no response. Honestly, I'm not sure I'd want to deal with those dicks anyways. I can barely take watching them on TV! I'd love to do a nonfiction book on it--if I had like 8 arms. The problem is, I want to be known for my fiction more. If I were to do a nonfiction on the theory--it would set me into having to talk about and go around conversing about the theory rather than working on my fiction. It would become a job. But, I hope to integrate it in my romantic series I'm working on. My ultimate goal is to get into Harlequin doing romantic horror with a paranormal series I've written that I think would be wickedly awesome--and guarantee me about 6 books to sell! But I want to get started with my erotic horror novellas. I found a publisher I think I'd like to work with on that and those are easy for me to pump out (no pun intended). The one I'm finishing right now is called "Spectral Delight" but I think I'll be changing that. I had to have something to call it when I'm storing it. A working title. If you want, I can give you a tidbit to check out if you email me. The fact is, I'm very good at erotic and I'm pretty good at horror, so the combo works great. I hope to dabble in both. I think erotic horror would be the best match for me, but I'd love the big-time appeal of a romantic horror series just for the ability to tell my sweatshop medical transcription job to kiss my ass. I know we all have daytimes lives, so don't worry about sending me work, but if you ever get something going with your writing and you think you've found your writer's voice, I can probably help you discover just what your strengths are and how to make your voice consistent so when people read it, they're like "that's totally (fill in your name)!" I've met some very promising writers while blogging and honestly, I'd love to stand shoulder-to-shoulder at a book signing some day!

  12. You reminded me of something here. I sure would like to see you do something with the objects theory.

    Years ago, there was a fairly famous christian writer, husband and wife team, if I recall correctly. I had watched them do a television segment and I was very hep up on getting their new book (years ago) but our christian store didn't have it and life got in the way.

    I was NOT agreeing with their premise but was very interested in seeing what it was they had to say.

    In brief, they wanted people to purge their homes of ALL ...Aunt Helen's shawl, Grandma's rocker etc etc as these things held spirits.

    Sorry to bungle up your post here..but I have been going to e-mail you a dozen times about topics or this and that and then forget what I'm doing.

  13. I think it's probably spiritual. As for the energy, it may not be that they are made of energy; they may just have energy. But who knows, maybe they are pure energy.

  14. @eloh; That's wild! I've been working on a feng shui/psychometry type post that has to do with the subject of whether or not to keep objects. People think I'm not sentimental, but I have very few items I keep of sentiment except from those I've known who had "healthy" minds and souls. Some objects have a very positive feel to them and that tells you a lot about the person who had it. My mother gave me a very ridiculously huge diamond ring upon her passing. It was handed down through the family as an heirloom. I put it in the safety deposit box and want nothing to do with it. Not only did a fussy nasty old great aunt wear it who was bitter and nasty, but my mother had enormous anguish and great physical pain most of her life and it's embedded in it. I've thought of cleansing it, so just to see if it would work, I stored it in a box of salt in the safety deposit box after running it under water for a few minutes. Sounds crazy. I hope to pull it out some day and find it cleansed. We'll see.

    You're right. I was watching a show tonight about "act of god" which was basically a documentary about lightning but the connection between lightning and the way it sparks life with the way neurons and synapses in the brain work made me think of life and intelligence and how more than likely spirit energy is something along the lines of electrical connections so perhaps intermittent.

  15. Ah, yes. I have all kinds of ideas for novellas and also have a series in the works! But my stuff's a mix of horror, urban fantasy and mystery. Then real life beckons and time becomes an issue so I get you on the whole "fiction vs non-fiction" thing. I write a bit of everything: stories, my blog articles, any report writing done for "real life". So yeah, it can be a bit overwhelming.

    I've actually got a lot of creative writing projects going, am pretty sure on my writer's voice (I've been at it since high school), and have taken two creative writing workshops and numerous other writing classes in years past but it's always nice to be able to team up with someone willing to read your stuff.

    That's a good idea to integrate your theories in your fictions. Kind of like multi-tasking, I guess.

    If you want, you can email me a (this address is also up on my blogger profile) but since you asked, I'll shoot you an email first if I can find your address here....

  16. I'm not sure what I believe. Most likely that ghosts are energy. However I'd like to share something my science teacher told us in grade 8. My friend and I asked him: "If ghosts can go through people (or people can go through ghosts), can ghosts go through other ghosts?" After a moment's thought the teacher took two pieces of ordinary printer paper and folded them in half. Then he cut a round hole in the center of each fold. Then he took the two pieces of paper in his hands and tried to stick one hole through another. Then he said "You can stick a hole inside a hole so ghosts can't walk through each other." So if my Grade 8 science teacher was correct then ghosts are the absence of matter, like a vacuum of or something.

  17. Hey Grim;
    It sounds like you're truly a writer. I totally get it. I tried several times to get critique groups going locally but there are no horror writers in my area--of course! It's so freakin conservative.

    I think that's where neutrinos could explain it--because they lack the charge that objects have that make it impossible to pass through each other and they can freely travel the universe going through everything else, it possibly could be an avenue that deja vu, spirit activity, and psychic abilities could be instigated, yet at the same time--neutrinos don't necessarily group together, so would one neutrino carry all that information? Hmm... As a psychic, I've thought that it's possibly that neutrinos passing through humans and objects could carry passed on information. It might also explain why sometimes an object will give me information from an owner of long ago rather than the current one. The experiments going on at CERN are certainly making us realize a few things. I read recently of an experiment in which they got a particle to be in two places at once--truly a level of physics we hadn't reached yet in our research. I've always felt that while information is inside of someone it can also be inside of me and thus be in two places at once. Intriguing subject, I must admit. Energy is probably the best explanation for being able to get around and being able to perhaps hold memory and information (like our brains which are giant electrical powerhouses).

  18. I always thought they were made out of white bed sheets. Just not sure of what the thread count is..... ;)

  19. D;
    I'd have to say a 400-count for high quality and luxuriousness, but I believe the nasty ones use a 666-thread count. :-)