Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ghost Adventures: Wolfe Manor, Clovis, CA

We’ve been talking about it and "Ghost Adventures" needs a serious rock song intro. Here’s the suggestions we’re knocking around. You tell me what you’d like to hear;
Muse “Absolution”
Beastie Boys “Fight For the Right to Party”
Twisted Sister “We’re Not Gonna Take It”
Corey Hart “Sunglasses at Night”

(As you can tell, the one shown above is my pick!)

Friday night is another crazy fun episode of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel. Zak and the gang are apparently going to use some new equipment not used before that allows them to see a wider spectrum of light and promises to be quite interesting. I’m always excited to see them go to places I haven’t seen and this is one of them.

In it's 70 years of operation Wolfe Manor became the final resting place for thousands of people. The originals owners lost the home in the great depression. After sitting vacant for years, Wolfe Manor was turned into the Clovis Sanitarium. Former employees tell numerous stories about poor conditions, mistreatment, and abuse of patients. Wolfe Manor housed 100-150 patients at a time until it was closed in 1997. Overcrowding was a constant problem, making it difficult for any patient to receive proper care. The rooms were so overcrowded that some patients slept in the hallways. With so many patients and a shortage of staff, there were a lot of deaths inside the mansion. Since there was no local coroner to come for the deceased the bodies had to be stored in the basement. They were sometimes there for days at a time.

As always, there’s a drink special for the night’s watching. In keeping with “Wolfe Manor,” we’re going to be making a “Wolf’s Paw” drink. Recipe: One part vodka/one part lingonberry juice (can replace with cranberry or pomegranate juice), shaken on ice and poured. Remember the protocol; one sip for every time they say “dude,” “bro,” and every time Aaron’s mouth hinges open in surprise. Have a good one—stay home and watch it and crash for the night where it’s warm, comfy, and safe.

Happy viewing!


  1. Keep track of your "dudes" and "bros".....I will be watching while I get my grocery list in order. Look out for my recap....

  2. Yeah, I love your recaps. They're always spot-on. There was one week there where I got pretty buzzed, I must admit!

  3. i'll be watching too. i have to say i enjoyed that episode where zak admits he didn't know the difference between an incubus and succubus and that the soup made fun of him. that was classic!
    my internet is finally up, so i'm trying to catch up.

  4. and no, no muse connected with this show. muse is too awesome!

  5. Sandra;
    I agree-Muse is just too serious. I think I'd want to put 80s rock with them.

  6. D and I will definitely be tuned in...I loved the incubus.succubus comment too...hilarious!!

  7. I hate it that I miss these shows so much-maybe I can get cable back soon with the benefit money if there is enough left over.
    I think that is hilarious that he didn't know the difference between an incubus/succubus.
    I take it there are a lot of "dudes" and "bros" in the show:-)
    thanks again for all of your hard work Autumnforest and I hope you have a great weekend!!

  8. Hey Dev;
    You might be able to find episodes online, probably at Travel Channel. You will really be entertained. They go to some places you don't see others going to and they just have an insane time there.

  9. Yep, they tweeted this! I checked it out. This was their Tweet "Great post from a big GA fan! Does GA need a serious rock intro?" But what I want to many "bors" and "dudes" were there this week? (Or should I ask, how many beers/drinks did you have left???)

  10. Courtney;
    I have to admit, I had 5 drinks, so I'm guessing that's all, although I think next week I'm adding the word "Man" because it seems to have replaced a lot of bro's and dude's.