Friday, January 1, 2010

Ghost Adventures: Prospect Place Mansion

Hey, don’t let the New Year’s Eve festivities keep you from more party pleasure. Tonight’s episode of “Ghost Adventures” promises to be a wonderful location and surely lots of crazy ghost razing.

Zak and the boys are heading to Prospect Place Mansion in Ohio. This location dates back to 1856. Prospect Place Mansion is said to be infested with paranormal activity. It was a major stop for runaway slaves in the underground railroad, many of whom are said to have died in the basement. The owner, George Adams, was a pillar of the community. His wealth and influence afforded him the ability to help slaves escape to freedom. He was willing to do anything to protect the slaves traveling through the underground railroad. There are many sad stories about the mansion. It is said that a little girl once fell from the balcony. It was in the dead of winter and the family had to wait until spring before they could properly bury her. They kept her body in the cold storage in the basement and during this time the girl's mother came to visit her every day.

What is on your drink docket for tonight’s episode? We’ve got some port wine. We have high pollution alerts, so no fire in the fireplace, but we do have a nice grouping of candles to light up the dark room. Don’t forget—a sip for every time they say “bro,” “dude” and every time Aaron’s mouth comes unhinged. It’s going to be a delightful start to the new year!

Happy watching!


  1. I shall try one more time. Z is too easily impressed for me.

  2. Yeah, I look at GA as purely entertainment. It's like watching the frat house boys dare each other to go into a scary house for the night.

  3. HAHAHAHAHHAHA! A GA drinking game!!! Only you would come up with something like that. CLASSIC!

  4. Hey Courtney;
    Every week, a different drink.