Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ghost Adventures: Live Rewind!

Last time I showed my contender for the rock intro, “Sunglasses at Night.” I’m giving you another appropriate one to consider (above). “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” by Culture Club.

Zak and the gang are doing something a little different Friday night on Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.” It’s a “Live Rewind” episode, a second look back at evidence they got during their first Halloween Live episode at my favorite haunted spot, “Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.” This will give us a great chance to hear what they have to say about the many hours of footage they obtained.

The drink for this episode? Corona with lime (a taste of summer in the winter). Since we’re not dealing with a lot of “bro’s” and “dudes” and Aaron’s mouth coming unhinged tonight--the usual reasons to take a swig, I say we take a swig every time Zak waves his arm to emphasize what he's saying and every time they say "man."

I love these guys. I hope they pick up lots more seasons. They take me to fun places I didn’t know about and they just have a kid-like attitude that gets me laughing when I should be scared. Plus, I’m always wondering what new gadget they’ll pull out of their Scooby Doo bag.

Happy, warm and safe watching!


  1. I'll be watching, but I don't think I'll like Zak anytime soon, unless he changes his bossy ways. :)

  2. Sandra;
    It is always a fun episode with those 3. Probably because I make it my one night a week I have a drink. I'm such a lightweight that by the end of the "dudes" and "bro's" and such, I'm pretty buzzed. I kind of like the roles they have. It just makes it more fun when Zak jumps and startles. I have to admit, last week when he went into the crawlspace--it brought back a lot of memories for me. When I was a kid we had an absolutely identical crawlspace in our basement underneath the kitchen which was the newer addition to the house. I dug up the best Civil War relics there ever--and a few bones while I dodged black snakes that were wintering in there. Now, that's fun! Oh those lucky boys!

  3. Boy George? Noooooooooo!!!

    But yeah, looking forward to Zak and the gang later on as well. Seems like it took a while for them to get the evidence looked over though. Awe, well. And you're right, I absolutely love watching these guys guys just because they act like dumb teenagers in a funhouse. My sister absolutely hates their show but I don't think she gets it. She never did run around with me and my cousins growing up as we jumped fences, romped through the woods at night or into condemned homes and abandoned buildings while security chased us down (but we never got caught!). Ahhh, what fuzzy childhood memories.

  4. Grim,
    It tells me you're a very bright guy that you get the show. A lot of folks get snobby with me and say "but you're a ghost hunter, how can you like that show?" How can I not like the show? I mean, it's got it all. I know people would cringe, but I don't take ghost hunting that seriously. Keeping it light seems to attract more phenomenon. That's why on my next ghost hunt next weekend, I'm taking Dale the ventriloquist doll. The others will definitely cringe, but honestly it'll be fun. I'll pose him with the instruments and let him hunt and take photos of him with the team and use it for my post about how the hunt went. Besides, he's already prove he can be moved on his own, so maybe he'll be a little barometer for us. I was a tomboy myself and hung with a gang of neighborhood boys who were exactly the same characters. Miss the hell out of those guys. We got into lots of mischief too. I think that's their universal appeal--they're real guys we can relate to and they're not all stuffy and professional.

  5. I'm glad we are finally go to see what kind of evidence they caught on their live show. I was only able to watch a couple hours of it. I have to admit that I love watching Scrappy and the gang too.

  6. Julie;
    Yeah, it is a guilty pleasure. I admit a new respect for the gang when the dude with the big fancy ghostie machine was acting hinky and they admitted that the device flying from his hand was kind of questionable. Kudos!

  7. black snakes! yikes, no way.