Sunday, January 3, 2010

Geomagnetic Activity Continued...

I thought I would expand on the earlier post I wrote correlating geomagnetic activity and strange world occurrences by continuing this post:

I keep running across interesting correlations with geomagnetic storm activity and earth events from natural disasters to bombings to UFO sightings and ghostly appearances. What’s with that?

Let me explain. Geomagnetic activity occurs far above the earth, electrical activity in the upper atmosphere, protons, electrons, buzzing around. It is why we’re able to see the Northern Lights and travels along the Van Allen Belts (picture above).

When trying to find common similarities between nights where I have a successful ghost hunt and ones that are (pardon the pun) “dead,” I discovered no correlations with humidity, temperature, moon cycles, but I did find a 100% correlation with geomagnetic storm activity.

Then, I began to wonder, why is “Ghost Hunters” so lame this season and most of the last one? Hmm… I looked it up and in 2008 there was a serious decrease in activity, almost no storms at all or warnings, then this year almost none whatsoever.

If you look at the charts above, you’ll see one from July 2004 filled with activity, warnings, and electron fluxes (very typical from back in the 1990s through to 2008). The one from November 2009—nothing, which is how the whole year has been. The site I use to archive is found here.

I started to wonder about events and how they correlate. Here’s what I found when I started looking up things…

Phoenix Lights/UFO mass sighting: March 13, 2007: during an electron event.

Terrorist attack 9/11/2001: Magnetic K-index of 4, warnings and alerts.

Indonesian Tsunami: December 26, 2004: Alert and warnings.

Hurricane Katrina: August 29, 2005: K4 sudden impulse

London Bombing: July 7, 2005: Electron Flux

Iraq War
: March 20, 2003: Watches and alerts

Saddam executed: December 30, 2006: Electron Flux

Anthrax events begin
: September 18, 2001: Radio Burst, flux, sudden impulse, K-index of 4.

These are only some that I randomly looked up. I wrote down events and looked them up and found zero that weren’t linked to activity geomagnetically. What are the chances of that?

Is it possible that such events and bursts can create electrical activity within the brain to make a person considering doing something—actually do it? Create tension within the earth to release weather/tectonic activity? Make an apparition suddenly visible?

Could it even be that with the right geologic location and burst of geomagnetic activity—an event is recorded as a residual haunting?

We’ve talked before about HAARP research in Alaska and its study of the ionosphere. What do you suppose those antennae do to the geomagnetic activity? If it’s been running a lot since 2008, I’d say it deadens it. Hmm…. Here’s another interesting tidbit I found out when I was studying electron flux—a condition that I’ve found has a really high incidence when the most paranormal activity is occurring:
“The electron fluxes in the lower Van Allen Belt have changed markedly since the 1962 high-altitude nuclear explosions by the US and USSR, never returning to their former state. According to American scientists, it could take many hundreds of years for the Van Allen Belts to restabilize at their normal levels.” What we can assume from this is that these factors in our upper atmosphere can really be affected by everything from solar activity to possibly man’s interference.

Continuing this discussion today, I found more events that lined up:

Dec 13 2003 Saddam caught: K5 storm, persistent warnings and watches.

Dec 23, 2003 Iran earthquake kills at least 15,000: K4 warning, stratwarm alert, electron flux alert

Feb 1, 2003 Columbia shuttle breakup: Startwarm warning alert, geomagnetic sudden impulse alert, electron flux alert

January 26, 2001 Gujarat earthquake India
: 26,000 die. Radio emission, K4. Stratwarm warning.

May 12, 2008 China earthquake: Electron flux alerts.

October 12, 2002 Bali bombings: K4 warning, K5 alert

June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson’s death
: K4 alert and K4 sudden impulse.

March 20, 2003 Invasion of Iraq: A-index geomagnetic warning, geomagnetic sudden impulse, electron flux alert.

September 1, 2004 Beslan School Hostage crisis/chechan rebels attack
: K4 alert and warning, K5 warning.

March 11, 2004 Madrid bombings: A-20 watch, K5 alert, K4 warnings, electron flux alerts.

June 5, 2004 Ronald Reagan dies
: Electron flux alerts.

I have to admit that I randomly thought of events over the past several years and each one I looked up—had geomagnetic events. I did not find one that did not have them. In fact, eventually, I just expected to see activity and I always did. If you randomly check up any dates the past year to year and a half you will find either nothing or one or two things occurring in a month. During the period from the 90s through 2008, there was almost constant activity. Do you recall the Bush administration time in a poor light? (Infamous November 7, 2000 election day: K6 warning, A-index warning, K4 warning). Can we predict the future using this? Obama's election? (November 4, 2008: Electron flux alert) Yikes! Of course, he also entered when things were just starting to spiral. This is sort of like having the flu. You can recover from the flu, but you can also get a secondary infection like pneumonia or bronchitis or sinus infection from the weakened immune system. I guess we can consider America has a weakened immune system upon Obama’s inauguration. So issues of the economy and real estate could be the secondary infection of the Bush administration/geomagnetic activity time. So, being free of a geomagnetic activity simply means a stasis more than "good" things necessarily occurring. It just means that perhaps no new "incidents" will be marring the down trend more.

Now, let’s talk HAARP: On the HAARP website they list their purpose as; claims; “Facility for the study of ionospheric physics and radioscience” This site also interestingly carries a warning.

The problem with finding out if the increased geomagnetic activity that burst in the 90s and into the 2000s was related to HAARP activity or not is impossible to correlate for the obvious “top secret” reasons. Is HAARP tweaking their settings now to create a super calming of activity in the ionosphere and therefore calming earth events? Could this even be what they’re experimenting with? Hmm…. I find the correlation with the start-up with HAARP and these things (9-11, Katrina, Tsunami, etc) just a bit too coincidental. Plus, they are studying the very things that comprise the geomagnetic activity. Hmm…

Late April 2009 shows an enormous turn-around in activity to almost nonexistent. If I had my guess, that was a time something happened at HAARP if we are to believe the two are tied together. Still, with the privacy surrounding it, we can’t know just when and what occurred. If anyone is ambitious, I’d be curious if changes in solar winds and aurora borealis coincided with the sudden slowdown starting in April 2009 of geomagnetic activity. What happened in April 2009? According to the spaceweather site, “As April begins, the sun has been spotless for 24 consecutive days. How long can the blank spell continue? The longest stretch of blank suns in the past 100 years was 92 days in April, May and June of 1913. To match that streak, today's sun must remain spotless until early June 2009. That's a lot of quiet; stay tuned. An international panel of experts says Solar Cycle 24 will peak in May 2013 with a below-average number of sunspots.”

Panademona asked a fantastic question I hope to address; does geomagnetic activity make someone consider doing something (terrorist/criminal) or does it make them act on something they already plotted?

So far, looking at these incidents of terrorist attacks, none of them were spur-of-the-moment. They had to be planned for some time. These incidents had a life of their own before a K4 warning or electron flux event, but the day they are actually performed could very well be affected by the extra boost of mental disruption caused by the geomagnetic events. The events of 9-11 occurred as planned on those flights at those times. When they set that date, no one knows, but we can conclude that it’s entirely possible that activity occurring gave them the courage to follow through and the conviction of their insane notions. Had it been a quiet day, something may have gone awry from the ability to perform it, causing them to be caught or intercepted. One could say that “fate” as we conceive of it might be tied to geomagnetic forces. Interesting thing to ponder, huh?

Dean Radin is a thoughtful researcher in the world of ESP who wrote this fantastic post on his blog dealing with ESP and geomagnetic activity. I’m so thrilled to hear someone else has noticed the correlations. Admittedly, I have been going onto the gotpsi site to do psychic testing nearly daily for many years and have noticed a super drop in my abilities compared to the amazing spikes of high scores I got before. I also noticed that on days when I have a spike, others seem to have a spike, as well. His post on his blog mentioned this; “ESP was found to succeed only during periods of enhanced pulsation activity within the 0.2-0.5 Hz band, but ESP effect was absent during the most disturbed periods of activity in the 0.025-0.1 Hz band.” Could this some day make it possible to apply the proper pulsation at the proper band range and create enhanced capabilities? Certainly.

We can tie this into ghostly activity, as well. The International Journal of Neuroscience reported increased geomagnetic activity correlates with increased feelings of a sensed presence. It’s also been found that bizarre dreams most often occur during periods of geomagnetic activity. It is also believed to affect the pineal gland which is involved in the sleep process, therefore creating bizarre dreams. As well, geomagnetic activity has been associated with bouts of psychosis and anxiety. If you’re having a day of feeling “out of sorts,” it could be hormonal, but it also could be geomagnetic.

I hope to gather more information along the way and come to more conclusions. Right now, I’m building up more and more incidents that might begin to piece it all together. If any of you are curious about any aspect of this and want to dig around, I’d be thrilled to have you join me in this search and perhaps we can talk about the possibility of doing something with the research in the future.


  1. Very interesting series you have going on here with the geomagnetic activity posts!

  2. Thanks Jeff. It's very frustrating getting info on HAARP, but I'll just pursue the geomagnetic aspect and see if I can find things that might line up with potential experiments coming from there...I've always been a terribly curious person, like a dog with a bone when my instincts tell me something is afoot.

  3. Haha!When i read after all the catastrophies Michael Jackson i laughed so hard that my stomach hurt. I love that theory about MJ 's death!
    Have a blessed 2010.

  4. Georgina; I had to throw MJ in there--some people think that was a disaster.

  5. I'm very impressed by your vast knowledge in geomagnetic activity and how you relate it to various major events.

    I smiled when reading the passage on Obama and Bush. Since I'm pessimistic about your country in the following years, it will be interesting to see what's going to replace "Bush infection" in your theory.

  6. Hi Duta;
    I'm not pessimistic at all by nature, cynical sometimes, but I know the way the world works--it peaks and then drops. We reached a peak in America and then a reality-enlightening drop. Everything has patterns as do good and bad cycles. I think that when all is said and done, Obama will likely be looked back at like Lincoln--someone who created something that caught fire and went wild. No one will remember the awful first years of recovery, but they will look at what happened as a result of his tenure. Right now, he just needs some serious antibiotics and a lot of bed rest. Unfortunately, with all his new changes, he's been much too active for someone trying to recover. I hope he just focues on us leading the world in green economy and let the eventual socialization of medicine happen in drips and drabs. It won't be a fast switch here. It's a big country with a lot of different classes and social parties. I kind of compare America to a pimply teenager. Not so pretty, a little lacking in self-esteem yet, but testing its adult skills. Eventually, it will be a gorgeous brilliant adult and those awkward years will be forgotten, but awkward years are necessary for all of us--pimples and all.

  7. I find this whole theory very interesting. Is there a way to predict any of this geomagnetic activity to happen? If so then perhaps anyone wanting to do a good ghost hunt (TAPS), should wait for those days. I am finding myself quite interested in hearing more on this subject. I do know that the crazy weather does effect me physically and cause me to have crazy dreams.

  8. Hey Julie;
    I actually posted a message on Ghost Lab's message board, but I don't know if they'd listen. I really want someone to test it out on a bigger scale. I'm working on a post now about the previous hunts I've been on and the conditions and results as well as my own personal tragedy days geomagnetically. There's lots of storms in the upper atmosphere and can be directed by solar winds and solar activity. Our sun is in a very slow active level right now and it's like a domino effect. The other question is--does HAARP play a role in it? Did they give us some time of high activity to compare it to low activity to see if world events changed? That one haunts me. The reason this was all so interesting to me was the effect geomagnetic activity had on ghost hunts. I no longer like to go on a hunt if there's no activity. Unless it's a place I can't get access to any other time, I'd rather wait until there is activity. It can come in spurts and the spaceweather site is pretty good at telling trends. In general, we're supposed to be in a slump until 2013 which might mean the end of ghost hunting shows... If I had a show, I'd leave my schedule open enough to tell a place "Look, we might be there any time this month" and then wait and watch until that one active day we might get and rush over there. You just aren't seeing the evidence you used to see on GH and I feel very confident that's completely a geomagnetic issue. The question now is why does geomagnetic activity affect these things--we know it affects the pineal gland in humans, but what can it do to the earth to create disasters? Hmm.... I wish I were a scientist or just knew an open-minded one. I think with enough research, this could be a very interesting book and theory, but I'd have to find someone willing to help me do all the footwork and research. It's very overwhelming on top of working and writing novels and short stories and ghost hunting and organic gardening and crafting and painting and get the picture... hee hee

  9. Very, very, VERY interesting conclusions you draw here, Autumn. I must again raise the spectre of THEE dowser's Bible, Tom Graves's "Needles of Stone" & how he himself similarly drew conclusions as to anomalous 'ghost' phenomena & geomagnetic activity, if not upheavals in world affairs.

    I'll never forget how, in the summer of '72, nineteen seventy-two, not any of the other ones (hah, hah, hah) that when I was in The Loft Film & Theatre Centre, Inc. & us kids were filming "Krapton", a Super 8mm monster movie spoof in Roxbury, Connecticut, that there were Aurora hanging right over our heads nightly while we did the shoot. They were exactly like humongous celestial curtains whose edges were tinged in rose, pastel green, & baby blue, even moving as though wafting in a cosmic breeze.

    Also, I was my most "psychic" that summer, being able to "read" people, get uncanny hunches about stuff, as well as experiencing premonitious dreams. Then again, I was also practicing Pranayama then, a form of yoga relying on rhythmic breatheing & visualisation techniques. Great blogticle, Autumn. It's always an intellectual delight to stop over my little sister ghost-hunter's cerebrally stimulating site. An auspicious 2010 to you & yours again.

    Always on the optimistic cynical tip, too,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-D

  10. Anadæ;
    Good to hear from you big brother! (maybe not a good nickname, actually--hee hee). I will call you "wise one" instead, how's that? I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I do have that book on my list of must-reads. It's actually #2 on my Amazon wish list right now, so I will be getting around to it. I'm glad there are others who notice these strange connections. I usually am not one for coincidences, but when I see patterns, I jump on them. I am extremely gifted in the spatial realm so I tend to fixate in that arena. That's how my psychic abilities work for me--completely in a spatial layout. Everyone is a savant in something, I just managed to find mine at a fairly young enough age to appreciate developing it. I do hope to pursue this even more, especially the human body and the earth's ties to geomagnetic activity and looking for patterns and repeatability. I'm ever inquisitive, as you know by now. It's funny you mention the summer of 72. It was quite a summer for me as I recall. I was about to turn 10, but it was that summer that I recall pissing a lot of people off with predictions and then just shutting my mouth up. On my 10th birthday at September, I shut up completely about it. In fact, the overwhelming dreams and information were quieting down then. I wish the archives went back that far, I'd love to see what was happening geomagnetically then. Very exciting stuff!

  11. That is WILD, Autumn. It does turn out that it was a big time for extra-coronal mass expulsions, formerly simply known as solar flairs. Thanks for that additional input, Autumn. Oh! Synchronicity alert! My word verification is beguisc, clearly for beguiling science. LOL! Here's good ol' Tom's link, unbroken, at the Isle of Avalon! Psych!

    One of the Wise Ones,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-D