Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 upcoming movies to put on your calendar

(above: “Season of the Witch”)

(above: “The Wolfman”)

Okay, so I was at the theater seeing “Sherlock Holmes.” I won’t even go into what I thought about that movie—I think I put it right beside “Fantastic Four" on the worth-my-time scale. But, the bright part of the movie watching was the previews. Two movies caught my eye. I love mood and atmosphere, so I was taken by both of these.

I don’t expect “Season of the Witch” (March 19th) to be terribly amazing. It stars Nicholas Cage. I don’t know who keeps thinking this guy is a lead actor, but somehow he keeps getting hired for the position. His godawful voice ruins the whole effect, if not his nonexistent acting skills (and nonexistent sideburns). I will forgive the movie for the casting just to see the mood and atmosphere that the preview promises. I’m not certain it’s worthy of seeing in the theater for me. I admit that I reserve that for only the holiest of holies (I tend to chew people out around me who are talking--yeah, I'm one of those people who shame them). I know, so why was I seeing “Sherlock Holmes” tonight? Probably because hubby and I have completely divergent choices in movies and he had free passes. That being said, at least I saw these great previews.

Now, “The Wolfman” (February 12th) promises to my eyes to be probably my favorite movie ever. That says a lot, but it has every element I’ve ever wanted to see in a movie. I could watch the trailer nonstop. I hope they didn’t screw it up, but even the transformations to wolf were well thought out. I just want to jump into that movie. Of course, I felt that way with the previews of “Sleepy Hollow” too. I did end up buying the movie just because I love the atmosphere, though the plot and characters are abysmal. Still, “The Wolfman” at least looks to have a real plot and amazing tension and hair-raising moments which “Sleepy Hollow” never had.

Well, my horror lovers, keep those marked on your calendars.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Autumn. We rarely make it to the movies lately, but we love our netflix.

    You are right. I found myself wishing wishing it was someone else in the preview besides Nicholas Cage -- I don't mind him in some things. But there, he kind of ruined the mood. I'm sure the reviews will be telling.

    It will be fun to see Anthony Hopkins again. Hope it's a decent supporting part for him. They were re-running the old Wolf version with Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfifer (SP?) on cable around Halloween, I think. I remember sort of liking it back then, but, although mildly watchable, it didn't hold up to my recollection.


  2. I agree. I rarely think anything is worthy of the theater, but The Wolfman will be one of those ones. I have a big screen and surround sound and Netflix, so I really don't need the theater. So much more comfy and fun at home. Besides, things come out really fast. Look at "Paranormal Activity" it's already on Netflix. I bet Season of the Witch is out by May on Netflix. I did add "Wolf" to my collection but mainly for the streange otherworldly feel when he runs through the woods as the wolf and for the estate where the woman lived---made me homesick for Aspen Grove. :-)

  3. I haven't seen a trailer on "Season of the Witch" yet but it does look good. I have seen "The Wolfman" trailer a few times and that one also looks good. Here's hoping to be able to see one of them in the theater.
    BTW, I loved "Sherlock Holmes" and "Avatar". A couple of must see movies in my opinion.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! However, Autumn, the capabilty for clicking on them didn't play the trailers here, so, I went to YouTube's site itself to watch them. There's also a zombie movie from France, The Horde, due out in August. AUGUST?! Aaargh! Too bad I don't speak the language. Here's the trailer!

    Also, wowie wow wow, everyone, there's The Lovely bones, a murder mystery as seen from the perspective of a murdered girl who goes to the Afterlife but helps to "influence" events back in our mundane world to apprehend her killer. watch THAT trailer ….here! And sweet dreams, children! Thanks for starting this thread, Autumn.

    A lifelong "horror" fan,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-D

  5. I think you're right, i'll wait to see "season of the witch", but "the wolfman" looks pretty cool!
    And I'm definitely going to see "the lovely bones", it was a great book.

  6. Anadæ;
    Don't know what went wrong with it. It shows them when I click on them. Well, I'm glad you caught up on them. I think I'm going to more regularly show upcoming horror movies. I keep forgetting the new work because so much of it is abysmal. I'm glad to see some folks are taking advantage of creating worlds that are mysterious and exciting for us. I saw a bit of it in Blood and Chocolate which I adored and wished was a bit more hardcore than it was, but otherwise was very nice. I like to feel as if I'm taking into an alternate gothic world. Anyone who works on the movie really should be taphophiles (cemetery lovers) when they design these worlds and gothic/Victorian scenarios. I will definitely check out that movie you mentioned--exciting! By August I'm totally into the Halloween scary movie thing hardcore. I get the Halloween bug usually around July when we start getting monsoon storms here. It's my great escape from the muggy heat. I hadn't planned to see The Lovely Bones, but I probably will see it when it's out on video. I admit to the fact that I cry easily about separated by death movies and I prefer to watch those alone. Very therapeutic.

    Sandra; I definitely want to read the book. Of course, like usual, I try not to read ghostly fiction when I'm writing so I'm not influenced by others style, but I will have it on my shelf awaiting me when I come up for a breather.

  7. Oh the Wolfman looks promising! As far as Nicolas Cage goes I agree. I was glad he meet his end in the Wicker Man. Maybe the Witch will have her way with him! We can always hope! :)

  8. Becca;
    I hadn't thought of that. He has a certain thing with witch movies, huh? Oh why couldn't they hire someone like Adrian Paul (Highlander) to play the part--of course, I'd have to re-write the script to include some rolling around naked in bed with the witch scenes.