Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Was That? Take a Vote

Many of you have probably seen this amazing photo being shown all over the Internet and TV. It was seen over Norway.

Some of the explanations people are tossing around include:

A failed Russian rocket launch
HAARP (facility in Alaska that probes the ionosphere)
Hadron collider (creating a black hole)
Alien contact

This was seen in Northern Norway and apparently not associated with the Northern Lights. It was said to be a blue light starting from the ground behind the mountains and heading up and about halfway up, beginning to spiral and then left spiralling rings in the sky. This sounds a bit more like a failed test rocket to me, but the effect on the sky was really quite remarkable. We've seen failed test rockets before, but never with something like this...

I'd like to hear your feedback on what you think.


  1. It's beautiful and it looks like a snail.
    I would say it's one of the first two possibilities. The third one doesn't seem to me plausible.

  2. Thanks Duta. I think some people might be frightened to step outside their door and see that, but I would look it and be in total awe. It's like seeing our universe in a way we don't often get to see (like the Hubble Telescope shots). It's always had the possibility to look like this, just not the right conditions. Whoever did it, so long as it's not radiactive--I'm happy to see something so pretty. Maybe this is the future of fireworks? I'd like that!

  3. i saw this yesterday and i have never seen anything like it. it was spectacular.
    but it was probably not something other-worldly

  4. Hey Sandra;
    I would so love to see that live--wow! Is it just me or do the blue corkscrews appear to go counterclockwise but the white circles in the sky go clockwise??? Hmm...

  5. I think 1 or 2 also. It was really beautiful. I'd like think it could be otherworldly it was amazing! :)

  6. I think a rocket launch sounds like the most likely explanation. I'm not sure, but I think that particular photo may have been taken with a slow shutter, making the event appear to be more grandiose than it did in real time. I watched a video of the footage, and I thought it seemed less spectacular in the video. Though, it was still nonetheless unusual.

    I suppose it's also possible that it was both a rocket launch and HAARP. HAARP may have been what caused the rocket to fail.

    Of course, it could have also been active wormhole opened in a supergate by Stargate Command. :)

  7. Jeff;
    I so hope it's a Stargate portal! :-)

  8. here's one video to look at.
    i guess it was a failed russian missile that caused it.
    it was still quite a unique light show

  9. I wondered when I first saw the photo if perhaps the icy air there actually worked to their advantage in creating an amazing effect. Of course, you never know how much HAARP might have screwed with the ionosphere to make it even cooler!