Thursday, December 10, 2009

Residual Hauntings - How Do They Record?

I have a few obsessions in the ghost hunting realm including shadowpeople, poltergeists, proof of intelligence, and residual hauntings. Having basically grown up in a residual haunting lab, I did get to observe some of the patterns of residual hauntings and I can say that they really had no clock at all. The footsteps up the stairs every night did occur in the evening anywhere from 9 pm to midnight and sometimes onward, but then I also had stayed home alone and heard them in the daytime. The voices and shuffling in the master suite was very sporadic, sometimes not being hard for months or even years before it happened again and then, when it did happen, it tended to be a burst of activity for a short-lived time. The shadowy figure, as well, was a rare appearance, but when it did occur, it happened a few times that day or night.

What I find interesting about that is that geomagnetic storms are much like that—a 24-hour burst of activity. Sometimes, it lasts a few days in a row, but the spike is usually within a few hours or a day.

Here’s the next question, it’s been found that geomagnetic storms can affect the human brain and make psychiatric patients worse and people’s dreams quite vivid and unsettling, so we know they affect the human mind. With this in mind, does geomagnetic activity affect the environment, releasing past events? Or, does it affect the humans perceiving the events to make them more psychically sensitive to appreciating a haunting’s features? ( I could make the connection that the geomagnetic activity makes people imagine things, but when you have multiple witnesses of a haunting event reporting the same encounter, that’s not a bunch of people losing their minds, that’s a bunch of people perceiving the same event with perhaps more keen senses).

Out of curiosity, I looked up major bombings and terrorist attacks and could not find even one in 10 events that wasn’t on a geomagnetic storm day. Considering that we’re in a period of relative quiet for electron flux and geomagnetic activity, I think that’s interesting. I don’t think anyone goes out bombing because there’s a storm, but I do believe it might give them the shot of courage to actually act on such an idea. We’ll never know how many events were intervened upon by the simple fact that it was a quiet calm geomagnetic activity day.

I know that in my own note taking on ghost hunts, the nights with the most activity and the most evidence 100% of the time occurred on geomagnetic storm days, especially electron flux days.

There is a wonderful archive for past geomagnetic storms. If you feel ambitious and curious, try looking up major events and their date to see if there is a storm on the graph here. You might even try a date when something horrendous happened to you.

NOTE: Here’s something you’ll find very interesting. Go back to 2005 on their charts and pick any date. Look at how many storms! Now, go up to 2009 and look up the summertime—any date. See a huge difference? We are in an extremely quiet period. Ironically, did you notice that this season of “Ghost Hunters” has been totally lame beyond belief? Hmm… Did you notice they had a fantastic season in 2005??? Hmm

Now, back to residual hauntings. Here’s some thoughts of possible avenues for an event to be laid down in an environment:

Emotional/traumatic event—brain chemical reaction affecting environment?
Repetitive events—Patterns embedded in the environment?
Geomagnetic activity—bursts causing moment to be captured?
Geology—creating ideal locations for recording events?

I’m just knocking around ideas at this point, but I’d be thrilled to hear from you and your opinions on possibly other influences. We’ll only get answers if we ask lots of great pointed questions and share knowledge, insight, and creativity.


  1. This is an interesting theory. I would love to hear more about it.

  2. Thanks. I actually just wrote "Ghost Lab" show hoping they'd test the theory for me. I know from my own experience it's an amazingly strong one. I often tell people, if you have a bizarre night of sleep and crazy dreams, check the geomagnetic activity. It's amazing the effect it has on human minds. I've seen the effect it has on haunted places. I'm absolutely convinced. Now, I just need more people checking it out and noticing the correlations too. Once we know why some times are better for ghost hunting, we can figure out what is necessary to help it facilitate.

  3. great theory, it makes sense that it could all be related to physics.
    i wish scientist would treat this as a serious subject to study and try to answer all the questions that exist. wouldn't that be nice, i'm just sayin'

  4. Hey Sandra;
    Yeah, I totally agree. I think the right conditions make it possible for things like hauntings to be enacted. It's like the Ghost Lab the other night trying to prove EVP happens when EMF spikes occur. They did show a correlation that shows there's a transfer of energy to make something happen. I say--find the source and you might be able to get a stronger signal. Imagine if we found out geomagnetic activity made it possible for a spirit world to express itself? We could boost that signal and get legitimate messages. This is the concept behind my SciFi novel I'm writing called "MetaNet." I think that's how we'll eventually be able to continue communication after death and people won't die, they'll just transition. At least, I think that would be very amazing!

  5. Definately an interesting theory. I have noticed that right before the rains came and we had overcast, I felt crappy and had some strange dreams. I have also heard a man's voice whisper my name at night while I was sleeping and woke me up. It sounded like my Dad. One more thing, my grand daughter Kennedy has a tummy virus since this past weekend. Around 3:00 am the past couple of nights, I would awake from sleep and heard my daughter call out to me. I would wake up, look towards the door and it would be silent. I waited a few minutes and still nothing. Could it be our crazy weather and that strong Mother/Daughter and now grand daughter bond causing this? Kennedy is still not feeling well but is getting better. BTW, she is teething too.

  6. Poor lambie. Give her a kiss from Auntie Autumn. I will say that there is nothing in the world like a mother's instincts. On any given day, I can be sitting at my desktop doing my work and I suddenly think about my son like mad and wonder where he is and how his day is going and that very second--literally, he calls. It happens constantly. The three of you work in concert together to get unknown needs met. The change in the weather actually does seem to make more things happen psychically. I have to admit that my winter ghost hunts--hugely better than most summer ones, with the exception of monsoon nights. Here's what I liken it to (and I'm no scientist)... I live about 1/4 mile from the I-10, so it's fairly noisy. In fact, my hubby and I single-handedly made such a huge public stink, we got a 20-foot sound wall out of DPS--no easy feat. But, the wall usually helps the sound a lot, but on humid and cold nights--it's extremely loud. That's how sound travels when there's cloud cover and when there's cold air that doesn't rise. So, my thought is that whatever medium psychic energy uses, if it can't dissipate, it builds up in the atmosphere. I'm totally shooting in the dark, but that's a theory. You might also notice that you sleep like the dead in the wintertime--that's because it's cold enough in the house to get your body temp to the right lower temperature to seriously hibernate. The only exception is nights of geomagnetic activity and then you're just going to have a bizarre night. What you thought was your daughter calling out was more than likely her subconscious semi-awake mother inside wondering about Kennedy and you picked up on your daughter's focus. Mothers can do this quite often.

  7. I've got a question for you that this post piqued. Something I've noticed (and which others may have too). But I'm curious what you make of it. Why is April such a big month for disasters? Titanic, the Columbine shootings, Oklahoma City bombing, the California earthquake of 1906, some could even argue Hitler's birth (April 20) and death (April 30) could be disasters. There were some other disasters I'd once noted (but couldn't find my notes, these were the ones that immediately came to mind). What's up with April? It seems that month sees it's share of tragedy. Not that others don't, but it's definitely weighted. Do you think it could be the stars? The season? Or maybe something geomagnetical like you've noticed with hauntings? Just curious what you make of this...

  8. Hey Courtney;
    Yeah, it's one of those things. We always cringe around March/April because every bad thing that ever happened--pretty much those months. Of course, without putting down all the major bad things into lists and months, we might not know. But, my guess is that more people take note of something traumatic happening in a month that is so happy and sunny and spring-like. It's the contrast that probably sinks in. It's like the full moon. People note the full moon when weird stuff happens because they're looking for why it happened and if they note it's a full moon, they blame it. I think in such a promising and hopeful month to have tragedy is just awful. Had 9-11 occurred on a rainy horrible day instead of an Indian Summer warm and sunny day, it wouldn't have been quite as poignant. Hope that answers it.

  9. I am writing this during a period of geomagnetic storms in 2012. This year is a very active one in the solar cycle. Solar Maximus in fact. Combine this with Cosmic Cross astrologically and it is bound to be a specially eventful year. I am currently staying with my friend on what is a ley line and in ancient times a meeting place.
    We both feel sensitive to fluctuations quite strongly in terms of dreams, sleep patterns, health and mood. I have not made the connection that you have to past/future lives. This is utterly fascinating. I will be noting any events of this kind from now on.