Psychokinesis: The Ultimate Covert Manipulation

Psychokinesis is a broad term for the ability to affect objects with the mind. Telekinesis is under that umbrella as the ability to move and manipulate objects with the mind. Other forms of psychokinesis can include the ability to bend metals, teleporting objects from one location to another, creating images and words in another’s mind, changing matter, passing through matter, levitating, swapping bodies, and poltergeist phenomenon.

Interestingly, there is no actual irrefutable evidence of psychokinesis existing and yet it is perhaps one of the most studied psychic abilities in hopes of capturing mind control. As you can imagine, the military (especially former Soviet Union) found this concept worth pursuing extensively. There have been a great deal of “magician” types who’ve come forward to say they have these abilities. Their sleight of hand and breathing techniques can appear to make items move. One demonstration showed a debunking of a “psychic” who used techniques of letting out breath directionally to move a pencil across a table. It appears that those who claim the ability run into the same issues as ghost hunters trying to show film of phenomenon and having people dismiss it for shadows or objects in the room.

Sometimes, it feels as if we’ve been dinking around with the paranormal for way too long. It’s either been a purely entertainment issue as it is with people like Uri Geller or shows like "A Haunting" or it’s some kind of military secret Cold War obsession for weapon development.

What’s necessary is the interest of scientists, specifically quantum physicists, in this realm. Experienced testing engineers could help too in the development of controlled testing. What else is necessary is the public's access to the process. right now, testing is usually done in university labs, who publish their findings, but no one is going to believe in the paranormal because a professor said he saw a pencil move across the table. The public wants to believe, but they also want these studies to quit hiding and come out in the open where we can be equally impressed by the testing conditions and the results.

So far, the paranormal world has been like the world of religion, we're expected to believe without proof. You are either a believer or a nonbeliever. Religion (for its own self protective reasons) has said that we are not to question the miraculous and unseen, but the paranormal has not made such a statement, although it is commonly accepted. To whom does it benefit us believing in the paranormal without proof? No, this is a study that needs to be dragged into the world of physics and dealt with there.

Belief shouldn't be blind for the paranormal, it should be earned.

Admittedly, unless there are controlled studies, a lot of stories of psychics being able to do such things are purely anecdotal. As I would ideally love to be able to do a ghost study with purely controlled conditions, with shielding from radiowaves and other signals, as well as EMF protection, I’d love to see testing for psychokinesis done in the same manner. It really is very frustrating when any phenomenon can be explained by outside conditions, whether it is the psychic himself hoaxing or radio signals interfering with EVPs. It’s really time for us to sit down, create an ideal testing lab, and begin the process. Forget the concepts of psychokinesis being a wonderful military tool and start looking at it to simply prove it in the first place. Once proven, let’s use this knowledge to find out how our minds can be made to be more efficacious.

I’d be curious to hear if anyone has tried to manipulate an object or another person with their mind. I’ve had many strange things occur for me as far as affecting electronics and watches, but one day I had an incident that truly shocked me. I don’t know what the conditions were for the day (I wish I would have noted geomagnetic activity), but I was driving down the road and thought to myself “since I’m going by the convenience store on the way home, I should get some lottery tickets.” I’m not a usual lottery ticket person, but from time to time I think of it when I have a bunch of change building up in my car’s ashtray. So, as I was running my chores, I was thinking periodically “don’t forget 7 Powerball tickets.” I went to the grocery store, the post office, the Target store, thinking “don’t forget the 7 Powerball tickets.” I finally was on my last part of the trip and stopped at the convenience store. I dashed inside out of the rain and the woman behind the counter looked up at me and said, “7 Powerball tickets?” and turned to the machine and started entering it. I hadn’t even reached the desk or spoken. The other people nearby stopped and looked at me and then at her. My hand was trembling as I paid her the $7 I had in my pocket. I heard one of the people say to the other, “did you hear her say anything?” I will never be able to explain that one, but it’s as if I somehow either sent her the message or the message was so apparent mentally that she thought she heard me say it when I was only thinking it in my head.

Does psychokinesis exist? My own personal view is that, yes, it does. Anyone who knows how skeptical I am to believe in anything, would realize that is a big statement. The fact is, I’ve seen poltergeist activity including objects moving on their own. I know it happens. I’m not sure how it happens, but I tend to believe it has more to do with the people in the house than the spirits in the house. I also believe that it’s very possible to pass thoughts to others. I can’t deny astral projection, as I have quite clearly done it myself.

I believe that the powers of the mind do surpass the human body. To think it is contained within its defined borders is perhaps naïve.

I’ve decided it’s long since time I tried my hand at telekinesis. My hope is that I can move a pencil on a table. First, I’ll put a mark where the pencil is to see if it moves. I will also make an attempt to be certain my breath is not in some way going to affect movement by wearing a pollen mask. I believe by using my mind as if I want to move my leg or arm, seeing the pencil as part of my body and under my command, I can manage to send those signals to the pencil. I will also test it using my hands nearby to use my "aura" to push the pencil as if my fingers extend further than my body's limits. Strong visualization abilities will also be key. I need to believe it can move. I’ll be trying this experiment and I hope to keep you posted if I find a way to move anything with my mind and take note of the methods I used so I can find out what worked and what did not.

I encourage you to attempt it, as well.


  1. cool! keep us posted on your exercises. i don't know if i have the patience.
    my husband and i have a little thing going. we have the same thoughts and the same time. what i mean by this is, for example, i'll be somewhere thinking about something and he'll walk up to me or maybe call ask me about the thing i was thinking about. this happens a lot and the other way around too. he could be thinking about something and i approach him with the same topic.
    also, when the phone rings, i can feel when it's him calling. no caller id or special ring involved. maybe wev've been together too long, hee hee

  2. Sandra;
    You are perfectly describing the most common form of psychokinesis. You know how women living together synchronize their periods over time? Well, people who live together get their thought patterns in sync too. My son often times will break out into a song I was just thinking. If I'm thinking about my husband randomly through the day--the phone rings and it's him. I tell myself "I should send my best friend an email" and I hear the little sound that there's email and it's her. Yes, we can definitely get in the groove with our thought patterns. I believe there is something in the mind that makes it possible to pick up patterns from those around us, therefore giving us the "heebie jeebies" when we meet someone who seems perfectly normal, but makes our skin crawl. It also gives us that infamous sexual chemistry with people we don't even know. Eventually, you get a sense in your mind and body when you're receiving info. It's a strange deja vu. See if you can pinpoint how you were feeling the next time it happens to see what your mind state and body state were like. I bet you can eventually "check in" with your hubby-without using the phone.

  3. In regards to the powerball situation, there may be a good chance she 'heard' you say it mentally. I can recall a time that an old aquaintance of mine told me a similar story that had happened to her. I don't remember the details now, but she was working in a pizza restaurant and someone (a customer, I think) there either heard her say something that she had only thought in her mind, or it may have been the other way around, she heard them say something that they had only thought in the mind. I can't remember now which way she said it happened or what what was 'said', but it was basically the same type of situation you just described.

    It'd be cool if you could develop an ability to move objects with your mind - then maybe you can actually try to get an experiment going at a university somewhere with you as the subject. If you could develop it well enough to do it pretty much on command, you'd have an advantage over the typical psychic experiment which focuses on predictive accuracy. Psychic predictions may be wrong, but if you can move objects with your mind with relative ease, that would be harder for researchers to overlook. It may be difficult to learn to do it on command though. There might be good days and bad days for it...maybe something to do with geo-magnetic activity. :)

    Then again, you might not want to get too good at it...otherwise you might end up being a part of one those military weapon development experiments.

  4. Jeff;
    I think I must be a pretty good sender because I often times have people say the very thing I was about to say or they start singing an obscure song I have playing in my head. It freaks me out when that happens. Not at all comfortable. I find when I do online psychic testing, the test where I'm supposed to will the card to show, I do the very best at. Interesting. As soon as I get a little quiet time, I'll finally be able to try the pencil moving test. I've been busy entertaining. I did a little experiment tonight. I had some good friends over for Chinese takeout and a movie (MST 3000--Tormented) it was hilarious! So, my house is pretty standard Ikea meets celtic/garden hints. But, at the front door entry I have to decrepid steamer trunks (found at that abandoned trailer park) that are rusted and menacing and huge. I stood them up on end near the door and have a ventriloquist doll of WC Fields sitting atop of one of the trunks in his little preppie costume I got him with a sweater vest. It was my nod to the scary. Looks like he's getting ready to be packed and taken on the road. Long story short, they said, "how can you sleep knowing he's in the house?" What if he moves? I took a picture of him and told them I'd take another one tomorrow and see if he moved. Hee hee (I'm so demented, but you know that by now)

  5. Psychokinesis is something I have looked into in great detail. I saw a very convincing video of a woman being studied for these abilities by the former Soviet Union. I started taking an interest because when I am angry things have been known to move... papers mostly but also clothes hangers will jump off the bar in my closet and once a light turned itself on and off when I entered a room. (I managed to repeat this a second time. Unfortunately there were no witnesses present.)

    I would suggest with the type of experiment you are trying that you make sure the surface you are using is level. I have found that it is easier also to move objects when they are already in the air such as balls or frisbees. Also I have had people throw small crumpled pieces of paper at me and I would try to deflect them using my mind. I am afraid I don't have much conscious control over this ability. Often I will wake up though to thumping as books or items in my room sometimes will move when I'm asleep. Sometimes items have fallen off shelves when I was sleeping at a friend's house too.

  6. Panademona, you are definitely describing some true telekinetic abilities. I too have many of the same issues with no ability to control when or how. What I do find is that generally I have an "on" day where I'll set off alarms in stores, screw the hell out of my computer, kill watches, set off street lights--can't explain that one, and seem to have things falling down around me. One time, I was in the store and there was a shelf with boxes of cereal. I was standing there with no one along the shelves. I was looking at a box on the top shelf and it did a cartwheel off the shelf, landing at my feet. I thought maybe it was propped wrong, but it was lined up with the other boxes. I reached down for it and a second one fell on top of me, hitting me in the back. The lady behind me looking at the opposite shelf said, "Oh my, those boxes are attacking you, aren't they?" I asked her. "Seems they were propped up wrong." She said. "No" and shook her head admantly, "they just jumped off the shelf. I've never seen that before." She kind of looked spooked and walked away from me like I was a leper. It was one of those days. As I left the store to ring out, the register screwed up, had to go to another one. It screwed up. Went to a third one and finally they took me to the customer service to check out. I looked back and the people behind me in line had no problem getting rung up. I was paying cash. Nothing unusual about the order. I left there knowing it was one of "those" days. I would like to take note of it next time and see if it does line up with geomagnetic activity and I highly suspect it does because with the lack of activity for about the last 18 months has made me almost nonexistent in that strange "electrical" issue...

  7. Oh wow I have the same problem with watches and with street lights!

    I was thinking the same thing too. Nothing has happened for a long time. Over a year....

  8. Panademonia, yup! I'm hoping to accure more evidence that's true about geomagnetic storms and activity. The interesting thing that intrigues me is the start up of HAARP and how at first there was more activity than ever and now it's like there's no activity at all which makes me wonder if they're changing geomagnetic activity to see the effect on world events. That's kinda conspiracy-theory-ish, but I'm not at all surprise if that's it.


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