Friday, December 4, 2009

Photographing Abandoned Places

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about tips for photographing abandoned places. I meant to follow it up with some photos I've taken. I have loads and loads of them, but I think these ones give good examples of some of the techniques that worked well.

Looking into the front window at this abandoned building in Hinton, WV, was interesting to me because my favorite element is when nature is reclaiming the building.

The vines and the aged sign on the building in Hinton, WV brought home for me just how long it had been sitting (I remember getting candy there in the early 70s!)

The ruins of a burned building in Globe with the sun's rays coming through it made for a beautiful spectacle.

This abandoned motel in Gila Bend had a TV outside. The juxtaposition of the TV being outdoors just made it too cool for the shot!

The crumbling house in Wellton, Az wouldn't have been so interesting if I just stood back and shot it. Instead, I used the crumbled ruins coming towards me to draw the eye into the picture.

Graffiti and chipped paint, texture, crumbled plaster, whitewashed wood...all great elements. The picture of the Domes in Casa Grande were greatly contrasting with the pretty sky. They seemed to corrupt the desert landscape like an escaped monster.


  1. Good pictures and very interesting explanations. You're both a good photographer and writer.

    My favourite photo is the one with the rays of sun making a spectacle among the ruins.

  2. Duta;
    Thank you. I love the forgotten and unloved the most. I can't pass up an abandoned site without stopping to take pictures and wander around, touching all the objects. The sun rays coming through when I took that picture at first frustrated me. I thought it would ruin the picture. Then, I put it on the computer and saw that it came out well. It was sunrise and it shed light on the destruction. I can find beauty in rusted metal and sites of disaster. I think it's like battle wounds, badges of life experiences.

  3. Like you, I like to snoop around ole' stuff like that. There is old ruins around here, but not all that much anymore.