Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ghost Lab: Testing Storms Theory

Tonight's episode of "Ghost Lab" on Discovery Channel will be an exciting one for me. I was thrilled when they did the episode in Tombstone relating silver mining and electrical storms, but tonight they're testing the theory that there's more activity during electrical storms. I have noted 100% of the time I've gotten impressive evidence was during electron flux or geomagnetic storms. If an electrical storm was occurring at the same time, it was like crazy magic. I'm curious to see how this turns out. I might just have to contact them about the geomagnetic activity theory because to me it's the one sure thing for getting activity.


  1. There's an episode of The Haunted on the Animal Planet channel too.

  2. Oh boy! I love having ghostie shows on--keeps me going until next Halloween. :-) p.s. How are the Tennessee things going?

  3. I haven't caught up on my reading yet., I went all over the net with your giant post.

    I kept want to get on and hollar at you about the new Sunday night "Haunting" on Animal Planet.

    I watched and it is well done, I am assuming all episodes will involve animals to some extent.

    I also came across something on the net that I am going to e-mail you. A Liar, in NO uncertain terms. I only hope the parents of the murdered children don't "do" the internet.

  4. @eloh;
    Glad you're getting caught up. I thought you'd get a hoot out of my post about the Ghost Lab ad with my name on it. That was one for a double-take! I missed the animal one, but I will catch it soon. They had sent out messages to a lot of ghost hunters looking for anyone with animal ghost stories. All I know is that dogs make damned good ghost hunters! I'm hoping to get a dog again soon and it will definitely hunt with me for ghosts. I used to have a few german shepherds and labradors, poodles, bedlington terrior, you name it...but only the german shepherds were extremely aware of activity. I hope to find a breed that works well for my needs (I want an indoor/outdoor dog here in the desert, so think doggy-door size), but also great instincts. I think herding dogs are really best, although hounds are good sniffers, they don't seem as attuned to the paranormal. A herding dog knows to cut before you and the entity...

  5. hey autumn, my husband is in TN right now getting surveys and building permits. hopefully the construction will start soon. my boys and i can't wait to go. i'll post some new photos when i get them.

  6. I'm soooo excited for you! I keep saying the second I sell my first novel, I'm going to my favorite place in WV and rent a haunted cabin for a month that has a graveyard nearby in the woods and write the second novel. When I do that--we'll be a hop and jump from each other! I can't wait to see the pic's. Your new life there will be so vastly different and I think you'll all blossom there with the very real sweet people around you and the pretty seasons.