Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ghost Adventures: Warshoe Club Return!

I’ve been waiting for this episode because Zak and his gang are going back to a location where they got some pretty cool evidence. If any of you watched the original 2-hour documentary that started the series, you’re really going to want to see this one.

The guys head back to where it all began at the Washoe Club in Virginia City Nevada. They are re-visiting the location where they got their first documented video evidence of a ghost. The reason for their return is that several investigators have recently caught voices inside the Washoe Club calling out Zak and Nick by name.

The voices don't have nice things to say. Fellow investigators Mark and Debbie Constantino show the guys some EVP's saying, "Nick Groff," "Hate Nick," and "Zak look out." It appears the these spirits have unfinished business with Zak, Nick, and Aaron.

The guys will also be locked down in a location they did not visit during their previous investigation: The Chollar Mine. It is said that there are spirits of miners still stuck inside the mine. Countless men have died inside the mine thanks to fires, falls, electrocution. Once locked down, the guys hear the sounds of people working inside the mine.

Friday night, we’re lighting a fire in the fireplace, curling up with some hot cocoa with Kahlua and enjoying the craziness erupt. Put a pillow across your lap, a blanket over your toes. It’s another interesting location with the most entertaining ghost hunters on TV. Take a slug of your drink for every “dude” and “bro,” and we’ve recently added—every time Aaron’s mouth drops open. (We're going to pay for it Saturday morning!) Enjoy!


  1. i'll be watching to see what they catch, but i'll tell you, i really don't like Zak. he so gets on my nerves. he's so pushing, obnoxious and condescending to his mates.
    he needs to chill big time!

  2. Hi,

    My theory on the ghost thing: As time does not exist as we know it the miners could still be working on another plane so to speak. Maybe that's why 'ghosts' (as distinct from spirits) don't interact in the same way as spirit.

    Perhaps they could interact if they were 'aware' of us watching them from the 'future'.

    I'm sure that all makes perfect sense. *smile*

    Perhaps they're also like a 'memory'... a holographic memory. If you think about it: what is a memory? If we remember something we can see it in our mind's eye. Perhaps the earth is retaining the memory of these souls?

    This would make sense if the earth has a soul. (That's a whole other area... hehehe.)

    It would be good if we were willing to allow new ideas to permeate our minds so that we could indeed experience growth of consciousness instead of leaving it all up to our leaders and scientists. We all have intuition.

  3. Sandra;
    Yeah, I have to admit that it's really a comedy show for me. I think for most people it is. They know it's entertainment. They're smart. They found their nook. Mostly, I like that they get into places we don't normally get to see and also I always enjoy when they become great big wusses.

    Very astute observations. I have a very strong belief in residual hauntings and the effects of geology and electromagnetic storms. I know from firsthand experience that places and things can retain memories that can be read by future people who touch it. I also believe that when we live today, we are also living in the future through our intentions. We go to bed tonight, already having tomorrow laid out in our minds as well as the next week and month. I believe that momentum doesn't just disappear when the body dies. I also believe it's entirely possible that we can appear to be ghosts to spirits. We pass each other and sense something, hear something, smell something, and they do too. We both stop for an instance and capture a brief glimpse into the other world. They think they see ghosts. We think we see ghosts. It's really quite a mind-blowing industry once you get past the old-fashioned spiritualist's observations on what ghosts are.

  4. On a different note - with regards to your poll.

    I'd choose a ex-morgue. Just imagine all that freezer space.

  5. Hey Juz;
    I like the way you think. Plenty of vodka storage, huh?

  6. I will be freezing my butt at the Zoo at an event from a supplier of my hubby's business. We'll probably check out the zoo lights too. Anyway, I probably won't see this eppy until tomorrow depending on when we get home. In other words, my recap will be late tomorrow. I am also looking forward to them returning and see what other ghosts they can stir up while there. I wonder if they are going to check out the miner's shack again. They caught some eerie EVP's in there.

  7. Hey Julie;
    It sounds like a real holiday feeling event. Wear gloves and scarf! I woke up this morning and it was 37 at my house! I rushed outside in my shorts and tank top and walked around the garden, making sure the citrus trees were covered and generally trying to be able to describe what cold feels like for my writing and also so in the summer I don't think it was just a delusion. Hee hee. Enjoy yourself--you should take pictures and post them--I love zoo lights!