Ghost Adventures - Linda Vista Hospital - LA

Tonight—Discovery Channel—“Ghost Adventures”

This episode is interesting to me. Most ghost shows hit the typical historic spots, but the Ghost Adventures gang is hitting an urban hospital with lots of traumatic deaths. As someone who’s worked in ERs, I know just how strangely residual hospitals can be. I’m curious to see what they get on hauntings that will be “fresh.”

Here’s the Discovery team’s description:

Hospitals are for the sick and dying. For many, Linda Vista was their last stop before heading to the morgue. Linda Vista, located in the heart of east LA, is said to be one of the most haunted locations in Los Angeles. When you consider the rough neighborhood surrounding the hospital, it is no surprise that the hospital had a high death toll.

Before the investigation, Zak visits the incineration room, where the bodies of the dead were burned. While examining the room he comes across what looks like a bone fragment or a tooth from one of the hospital's patients.

Most the hospital looks the same way it did when it was closed down because it was abandoned so quickly after being shut down. The guys believe that when a place is left so quickly, and looks so similar to the way it did when people died, they location is more likely to be haunted.

The guys do not leave disappointed. They capture voices in the middle of the day, and later in the investigation Nick gets one of the worst scares in his life!

It’s going to be a frosty night. Curl up in front of the fire, tuck your toes under you so the monster under the sofa won’t get you, and enjoy another episode of the wackiest ghost team around. Tonight’s drink? Kahlua and hot cocoa. Be sure and take a hit for every “dude,” “bro,” and every time Aaron’s mouth hinges open.

Happy watching!


  1. I will catch this episode tomorrow. Going to a company Christmas party tonight.

  2. Oh boy--have fun for me! Since I work from home--no parties (company is in NJ--ick!) Hubby's company, Fender Musical Instruments, just does a company party for employees--they're a bunch of middle-aged bachelors over there, so they don't miss having spouses along. Hee hee

  3. Thanks for the reminder....Have a Great Weekend!!

    SpOOky Dreams


  4. I feel like Autumn -Julie- have fun for me too!:-)
    I forgot how good Kahlua is mmmm it has been a "King's Age" since I had that -for 2009 i might break my "no drink" rule at least for "auld lang syne" -after not touching it for so long and no temptations i dont think I will become a raging alcoholic overnight
    that was funny about taking a drink whenever the guy's mouth hinges open:-)
    wasn't there a drinking game where you had to drink every time George Dubya Bush effed up a sentence during a long speech like UN or state of the union?
    god i am glad he is outta there-whatever else may happen to us the "faux" cowboy who is scared of horsies by the way is history
    now I just hope we don't "get stupid" and elect "Jeb"
    that is one nightmare i dont think i can take!!
    Thanks for these shout outs -mom and dad dont mind recording stuff for me at all if i remember -and they even like some of the "ghost" things which really surprises me -altho it shouldn't with mom and her few experiences with haunted "real estate" and the like
    all the best to you and sorry to get so off topic
    I do this when I am tired-better go check in with other blog friends before i am totally uncompetent:-)

  5. Thanks adele. Dev, I don't think I could stay sober for Bush's flubs, and if Jeb gets in, I'm giving up citizenship and leaving...maybe Iceland will take me.

  6. You guys are so awsome i wish i could do what you do with ya.


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