Friday, December 18, 2009

Ghost Adventures - Execution Rocks

I have to admit to a positive fixation about lighthouses. They seem to be funnels for energy. Tonight’s “Ghost Adventures” is one you won’t be able to pry me away from. The story is just too bizarre to resist (and look at that picture—looks like a super cool island lighthouse!) Here’s the description:

Execution Rocks is given its name because British soldiers used the rocks around the island to carry out executions. They would chain the prisoners up at low tide and wait for the water to slowly rise until the prisoners were drowned. The prisoners were in the water for up to twelve hours before the water rose high enough for them to drown.

It is standard for a lighthouse keeper to commit to living in a lighthouse for a year. However, lighthouse keepers at Execution Rocks were allowed to cancel their contracts and leave at any point. Many keepers were frightened by strange phenomena and chose to leave early.

One of America's most notorious serial killers, Carl Panzram, was a big fan of the lighthouse. Carl Panzram once stated, "I have murdered 21 human beings. I have committed sodomy on at least 1000 male human beings. For all of these things, I am not in the least bit sorry." The lighthouse was his chosen place to dump the dead bodies of his victims.

With all of the dark history surrounding the island, is it a wonder that few paranormal investigators have paid a visit to the lighthouse? Apparently, the team is going to use all kinds of equipment for this one.

Tonight’s drink? I’m going to have my favorite—spumante. I know, I’m a cheap date! I just love that bubbly sweetness and sparkling wines make me…well, agreeable. One big swallow for every “dude,” “bro,” and every time Aaron’s mouth drops open. Curl up and enjoy—island lighthouses are outrageously awesome and with Zak and the gang knocking around inside—it’s going to be a giddy fun evening.


  1. This one sounds good. Hope I can catch it. I'm with some of my right-wing extremist family members this week and next. Not sure how or if they'll take to this or not. Shall see. Thanks for the post!

  2. I will have my typical mudslide with my computer ready to go for my recap.

  3. Grim; You poor thing--I have a bunch of West Virginia Fundamentalists for relatives--I can soooo relate! Please be sure to check your personality at the door before visiting with them. Heaven forbid you have a mind of your own. Hope you get to see it. I think online they usually show those episodes soon after, just in case.

    Mudslide--nice choice! I'll be catching your fantastic recap!

  4. I watched that episode last night, and was not too impressed. Even though it had a nasty History behind it, they really didn't find that much except a few noise's from somewhere. I have seen them in better places.

    Me? I like to have a few Jim Beam & Coke's here and there. Always good stuff. Rock & Rye, too. Always will warm your innards when it's cold!

    Have a few for me!

    Snowbound here!

  5. Les;
    I can't tell you how many times Aaron's mouth dropped open! Whoa! I like your drink choices. Sounds warming. I agree, that episode fell totally flat. They get great locations--just a horrible team. Ghost Lab gets great theories to test but, again, a horrible team. Paranormal State does all private homes which is cool, but horrible methods. Ghost Hunters gets lame-o places but a fairly decent team, if not a bit stale. Oh, if only they would put some real professionals on their teams!

  6. you can spent the night at Execution rocks lighthosue with your ghost radar next summer!

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