Sunday, December 13, 2009

Geomagnetic Coincidences With World Events?

I keep running across interesting correlations with geomagnetic storm activity and earth events from natural disasters to bombings to UFO sightings and ghostly appearances. What’s with that?

Let me explain. Geomagnetic activity occurs far above the earth, electrical activity in the upper atmosphere, protons, electrons, buzzing around. It is why we’re able to see the Northern Lights and travels along the Van Allen Belts (picture above).

When trying to find common similarities between nights where I have a successful ghost hunt and ones that are (pardon the pun) “dead,” I discovered no correlations with humidity, temperature, moon cycles, but I did find a 100% correlation with geomagnetic storm activity.

Then, I began to wonder, why is “Ghost Hunters” so lame this season and most of the last one? Hmm… I looked it up and in 2008 there was a serious decrease in activity, almost no storms at all or warnings, then this year almost none whatsoever. In the very great seasons of the show, we were at the peak of almost nonstop activity geomagnetically.

If you look at the charts above, you’ll see one from July 2004 filled with activity, warnings, and electron fluxes (very typical from back in the 1990s through to 2008). The one from November 2009—nothing, which is how the whole year has been. The site I use to archive is found here.

I started to wonder about events and how they correlate. Here’s what I found when I started looking up things…

Phoenix Lights/UFO mass sighting: March 13, 2007: during an electron event.

Terrorist attack 9/11/2001
: Magnetic K-index of 4, warnings and alerts.

Indonesian Tsunami: December 26, 2004: Alert and warnings.

Hurricane Katrina: August 29, 2005: K4 sudden impulse

London Bombing: July 7, 2005: Electron Flux

Iraq War
: March 20, 2003: Watches and alerts

Saddam executed
: December 30, 2006: Electron Flux

Anthrax events begin:
September 18, 2001: Radio Burst, flux, sudden impulse, K-index of 4.

These are only some that I randomly looked up. I wrote down events and looked them up and found zero that weren’t linked to activity geomagnetically. What are the chances of that?

Is it possible that such events and bursts can create electrical activity within the brain to make a person considering doing something—actually do it? Create tension within the earth to release weather/tectonic activity? Make an apparition suddenly visible?

Could it even be that with the right geologic location and burst of geomagnetic activity—an event is recorded as a residual haunting?

We’ve talked before about HAARP research in Alaska and its study of the ionosphere. What do you suppose those antennae do to the geomagnetic activity? If it’s been running a lot since 2008, I’d say it deadens it. Hmm… Do you suppose they know that? Could it even be the intention? Here’s another interesting tidbit I found out when I was studying electron flux—a condition that I’ve found has a really high incidence when the most paranormal activity is occurring: “The electron fluxes in the lower Van Allen Belt have changed markedly since the 1962 high-altitude nuclear explosions by the US and USSR, never returning to their former state. According to American scientists, it could take many hundreds of years for the Van Allen Belts to restabilize at their normal levels.” . What we can assume from this is that these factors in our upper atmosphere can really be affected by everything from solar activity to possibly man’s interference.

Hope this starts a discussion about the correlations. If you’re feeling ambitious, feel free to use the link above and see if you can find big events and their geomagnetic storm activity that day. I’d love to hear from ya’all.


  1. I find what you are saying about geomagnetic storms being a cause for setting ideas into actions interesting. You are wondering if this contributes to people putting what they are thinking into action but I am wondering if this could be harnessed to create positive changes. For instance if geomagnetic storms correspond with successful negative events like 9-11 then couldn't we use one of these charts to look up when these storms would be and use those dates to set positive events into action?

    I also wonder why are there more successful ghost hunts during these events? Do the storms effect the spirits or us humans so that we are more capable of perceiving paranormal phenomenon?

  2. After looking at the site with these geomagnetic charts I see they seem to only record these events and not predict them. I wonder if they could be predicted somewhat like weather.

  3. I find your post absolutely fascinating... just wish I understood and could follow along. But I think I understand the gist of what you are saying.

    Have a great day,

  4. Panademona;
    I wish more could be found out about the HAARP antenna array in Alaska in terms of when it's turned on and for how long. I've caught online that they do "experiments" with it maybe twice a day for a few weeks in a row. What interests me the most is--do they realize they might be stopping geomagnetic storms and, if so, does the gov't know that it might be making us "docile?" Hmm... It's funny because on the Conspiracy Theory show they thought the Tsunami and Katrina were caused by it. It's entirely possible that during the 2004-2006 time frame they were experimenting and they could have caused the amazing spikes we were seeing in activity. It might be that seeing the results, they went the other way and managed to create a quite spell. As far as predictions, they do see trends and mention (like meteorologists) that we'll be in a slow period for a long time now. It's predicted to rise again around 2012, which has everyone in an uproar of fear, but honestly the world is fairly quiet now and it was so intense in the 2004-2006 period that it's kind of nice to have it in a lull, but super bad for ghost hunting. I don't even make an effort to go out to hunt when there's no action on the scale. It's not worth it. The most amazing things happen during Electron flux and I have no idea why negatively charged particles might affect phenomenon. This is part of what I'm trying to get to the root of when I study geology and geomagnetic storms and waterways--looking for something that binds it together--a kind of paranormal broth...

    Thanks for reading it. I know it's a dry subject for most. I'm in a phase of my theories that I'm trying to pull things together so I put the information out and hopefully others respond and we find something that might link it all together. I'm sure you'll enjoy some of my other upcoming things like short stories and and movie reviews and my upcoming post on my family's Norwegian Christmases. Thanks so much for coming over to check my blog out.

  5. Ok, I am SO glad you visited my blog, I'm excited about this site! I have *no* time to read this right now, but when the kids go to school tomorrow (or if I can get them to sleep at a decent time tonight) I'm going to start pouring over your blog! I was with a paranormal research team, I'm not now and I'm so very hungry for stuff like this:) Looking forward to diving in!

  6. Hey soccer mom--glad you like it. I'll be curious to hear what you think. Don't forget to use the search tool (on the right side under my "about me" section) to look up subjects you're interested in. I've covered a lot about ghost hunting over the over a year I've been doing this.

  7. This is really fascinating -I could see it having an effect on ghosts/ufos/other paranormal events but world political and terrorist events???
    that is just strange -i dont know if you have ever blogged about the "Eggs" those things in different locations around the world-random number generators-and when a huge event is coming the randomness starts to deviate from being random significantly-and many think human consciousness causes this
    the most fascinating thing is that many times -as happened on 9/11 the random number generators started going "non random" hours before the first planes hit the buildings
    that got me to thinking -after a certain time that morning-i forgot how many hours before -but after a certain time--after all of the bad guys had boarded the flights -or were maybe even in traffic but were going to make it -did the event become 'set in stone' so to speak almost as if nothing could have turned it around?
    this is really fascinating -i am going to save it to faves and see what i can do when I am not so tired with it-already i am wondering what it would say for Aug 30-31 1997 -Princess Diana's death?
    this was another event that registered worldwide on the "eggs" or random number generators
    best to you as always and thanks again not only for your fascinating blog but for you being you!!!!
    I hope you are having a beautiful week and will have a beautiful Christmas with your family!!!

  8. Dev;
    I looked it up and I was suspecting I'd find something. So far, every time I look up an event--boom! Princess Di: Radio burst, Electron event and K-index 4--wow!