Conspiracy Theory--Tonight--Tune in!

Tonight on TruTv they’re showing a new show at 10 pm. I can’t wait! I admit, I’d rather not have Jesse Ventura hosting it, but I am excited about “Conspiracy Theory.” He’s probably just the right person to do it, but I’d really rather have had someone a bit more nerdish and paranoid instead of testosterone and paranoid. I don’t care, though, I’m going to watch this show with delight. Look at the episodes below and see if you don’t end up marking you calendars.

Tonight’s episode is “HAARP.” You might have heard me talk about this before. Is it a communications research project or a doomsday weapon that can change the weather, shoot satellites out of orbit- and trigger mind control across the globe? Jesse Ventura and his team head north to a remote region of Alaska to confront the military installation called HAARP.

Dec 19: “9/11.” Jesse Ventura steps into America's most controversial conspiracy by challenging the 9/11 Commission Report and searching for evidence that the September 11th attacks were an inside job. At the urging of victims' families, he finds witnesses who claim the towers were brought down by explosives, the missing black box flight recorders were actually recovered and ground control knew the hijackers were in the cockpits before the jets took off.

Dec 16: “Global Warming.” Whether global warming is real or not, it's believed some people are using the issue to make billions of dollars, start a one-world government and control our lives, from the cars we drive to the foods we eat. Jesse Ventura starts with Al Gore and goes far beyond as he uncovers the evidence that leads to one man behind the global warming conspiracy.

Dec 23: “Big Brother.” Big Brother is watching and it's not who you think. Jesse Ventura's investigation of government surveillance on its citizens tears the lid off a nationwide program that is thought to turn local businessmen and office workers into spies, snooping on their neighbors and ratting on their friends in exchange for information and special privileges from the FBI- including, some charge, a "license to kill."

Dec 30: “Secret Societies.” They're thought to be a group of the world's elite who meet once a year at a luxury hotel and decide how they will run the world. Their latest plan? To thin out the population through disease-and vaccines. Jesse Ventura infiltrates the Bilderberg Group, exposes its well-known members and tries to stop their latest "soft kill" plan-- before it's too late.

Jan 6: “Manchurian Candidate.” Authors and experts warn that forces within the government have revived a program that uses mind control techniques to turn ordinary citizens into programmed assassins. This real-life Manchurian Candidate seems outlandish-until Jesse Ventura searches for the evidence of how it's being done-and goes face-to-face with a man who claims he's one of the killers.

Jan 13:
“Apocalypse 2010.” It's believed that the world is heading for disaster in 2012 and the government is preparing to save and protect the elite- while leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. Jesse Ventura uncovers the evidence, and the Top Secret underground bunkers being built in places ranging from the Nevada desert to the White House, including the largest, now under construction beneath a major metropolitan airport.


  1. Thanks so much Autumnforest-I am with you on Ventura-mom and dad are going to record a few episodes for me just to see if they are worth it -all the best ot you my friend!!

  2. There was a very interesting covert video on the net for less than 24 hours a few months back.

    It was even gone from the computer of the guy who found it and posted it.

    I've found that:
    1. No one believes the truth.
    2. People are afraid to hear the truth why bother.

  3. @eloh;
    Yeah, it's kinda freaky, huh? You just never know. There is a gov't within the gov't. It always amazes me how conspiracy theories work both sides politically. Uptight, religious, right-wing, war-gung-ho types really believe we tuck a lot of secret info away and they like that (very Cold War-like). At the same time, the liberal, left-wing, agnostic, PETA types also believe that we're hiding a whole gov't within the gov't. I find it intriguing that it crosses all boundaries. Universal truths usually do...

  4. Some of the topics sound really interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing how"The Body" comes across as the host.
    (and just what's wrong with testosterone and paranoia?) :)

  5. Testosterone and paranoia is good in the battle, but contemplating the battle--I'd rather it be made by the guys who have hypogonadism. :-)

  6. Sounds like it might be a great show! I'm flipping between it and Mysteryquest now. Conspiracy theory is one of my favorite topics.

    I think Ventura might be good...I've heard him on the Alex Jones show before...and I thought he made some good points in the episode I heard.

  7. Hey Jeff;
    Yeah, I've heard a few say that the evidence they use is flimsy and I'm not real thrilled with his global warming and 9/11 shows, but I'll try and keep an open mind. I've waited forever for someone to do a "Mythbusters" version of conspiracy theories that run the gamut on the Internet. No one ever tries to address them, so I'm glad someone is. I'm watching the Bigfoot Monsterquest right now while I edit my novel--yeah, I'm a multitasking idiot! The next episode is the chimps episode--sounds lame-o. Gonna turn the channel for that one.

  8. I saw the preview for this. I want to see the one on global warming. just curious to see what it will show.

  9. You know something funny...I was flipping between Mysteryquest and this...the Mysteryquest episode was talking about how drums played at Stonehenge could induce a trancelike state, the Conspiracy Theory episode was talking about how HAARP might be used as a tool for mind essentially, both shows were talking about mind control at the same time...yet one was ancient, and the other modern.

    I couldn't help but think what a coincidence it was.

  10. Sandra;
    Yeah. I get frustrated with the "there's no global warming" folks. Oh brother!

    That is interesting. The HAARP episode is on at 11 pm and I have to get up at 6 to do my workout before work, so I'm taping it. Can't wait! When you go onto their website for HAARP, it's really weird and eerie. You feel like you're being manipulated and kept from some bigger truth. All I have to say is, if this thing is supposed to somehow make us all drones--it's totally not working. Except for some dumb asses with cell phones on the road, everyone is not being very cooperative with some bigger controlling purpose and as far as I know they didn't suddenly turn me into a gun-toting Republican. hee hee

  11. It's actually not that people say there is no global warming, what they say is there is no anthropogenic global warming (meaning it is not caused by man). The subject is actually a cross between legitimate scientific data and conspiracy theory. The scientific part analyzes the history of climate of the earth over thousands of years and analyzes the fact that the whole solar system is warming now, not just earth.

    The conspiracy theory aspect adapts the science into a subject of elitists using environmentalism as a tool for pushing a scam that people are causing global warming and that people are a threat to the earth and themselves...and unless everyone is taxed for their energy usage and ultimately have their energy consumption monitored (you know, to make sure they aren't using an 'illegal' amount of energy), then the whole world is going to end. In other words, they disguise their plan with environmentalism to make the monitoring and taxation of energy consumption seem like a good idea and necessity.

    So...considering I'm one of those people that says theres 'no global warming',I just wanted to clarify that it's not that we say there is no global warming (well, SOME people might say that), but that we say there is no anthropogenic global warming.


  12. I totally get ya, Jeff. I know that climates change all the time and we really can't know a lot about our influence, but it is possible to see dramatic changes with fossil fuels and definitely in our ozone layer. Yeah, I don't doubt at all that we do influence it a great deal. China is going to be the tipping point I'm sure. Now that more and more of them are driving and they have no controls on their factories, we're really seeing blight in certain areas. I don't doubt for one bit that we do affect it, but I also believe there are cyclic changes that account for some of what we're seeing. I just hate to see the polar caps melt before people own up to their responsibilities. It's kind of like the cardiac patient realizing as they get a bypass that they should have lost that 100 pounds...

  13. I heard Ventura discussing his 9/11 conspiracy theory last winter on Howard Stern. I never heard of this show, but I should check it out.


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