Friday, December 18, 2009

Arizona Videographer/Producer Opportunity

You've probably heard me mention the Cemetery Crawl event we put on each springtime here in AZ. It's absolutely a riot! The places people see, the crazy rhyming clues I create, the creepy locations and silly tasks...It's just an amazingly fun event. This year, we're hoping to get it filmed for a Halloween Special, so we're looking for a reliable production team to film it. They probably need to be high energy because these teams when they hit the road--go running! You just never know what you're going to get. It truly is a blast and a history lesson for ghost hunters at the same time. Here's our request:

We are currently seeking a production team interested in filming Cemetery Crawl 5 in April 2010 for a Halloween reality special. The Amazing Cemetery Crawl, an annual event hosted by the MVD Ghostchasers, takes ghost hunters on a road trip through Arizona following rhyming clues, stopping at cemeteries, historic detours, and many tasks and duties to earn their way to winning prizes. Along the way, contestants learn about haunted sites, backroad cemeteries, famous gravesites, and enjoy an evening in a haunted location. This exhausting 36 hour road rally is unlike anything else in Arizona. The locations are amazing, the road trip hilarious, and the participants become seriously competitive. This is a great opportunity to capture something rarely seen--ghost hunters having playful fun in the backdrop of the picturesque Arizona desert and its quaint ghost towns.
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  1. Well, that's something new for me. I could never mention cemeteries and fun in the same breath.
    But in Arizona, things may be different.

    Good Luck with finding the right filming team!

  2. Duta;
    Yes, it probably does seem strange. We stop at the cemeteries with the famous outlaws and lawmen and find their graves, take a picture, leave some flowers. It's a mixture of learning about Arizona and its history, as well as the many old-time cemeteries with miners and prostitutes, lawmen, and outlaws. There's a lot of stops along the way at historic sites, memorials, and taking pictures of funny things like goofy roadside signs and planting a flag on a veteran's grave. It's quite the mix of fun and people are both exhilarated and exhausted after trying to decipher my rhyming clues and driving all over the state. I think the western part of the US just loves its famous cemetery residents--it's a sentimental thing, I guess.

  3. i love cemeteries. sister sheran's middle name is ruth.

  4. This sounds like a fantastic time-and also a fun way to actually learn history!!
    If history were taught like this it might not bore so many people to tears!!
    all the best to you my friend and I hope this is great fun for all of you!!!