Sunday, November 29, 2009

UFOs and the Grand Canyon

Want more weird Grand Canyon stuff? We’ve gone from skinwalkers to portals to other dimensions to mummies and ancient civilizations. Now, let’s do UFO’s.

This article caught my attention.



Flagstaff, Ariz. - A team of experts called in to examine strange debris at the bottom of the Grand Canyon discovered the wreckage of a UFO that crashed a mind boggling 4,000 years ago!

The scientists, members of a highly secret joint military task force on UFOs, inspected the spherical craft and found it to be in good condition despite its rough landing and incredible age.

The relic is made of an unknown metallic substance and emits low levels of radiation, according to leaks from highly placed sources. It was immediately removed from the site and is now in a secret location.

My contacts tell me this craft is definitely of extraterrestrial origin and without a doubt carried a crew of 12 to 20 individuals, said Dr. Henry Leaumont, a California based astronomer who contacted this reporter after he was shown secret air Force documents relating to the find.

Carbon dating shows it crash landed at the base of the canyon around 2,000 B.C.

Cabin features suggest that the crew members were much like humans, although significantly smaller. They apparently breathed oxygen, guided their atom powered craft with a magnetic steering system and carried supplies of food and water on board.

According to reports filed by the scientific team, the spacecraft was lodged in limestone rubble at the base of the canyon not far from an area called Comanche Point.

A thorough inspection of the landing site revealed that the spacecraft's occupants left their ship and lived near it for a number of years after it crashed.

The finding proves the existence of a space alien colony on this planet nearly 3,500 years before Columbus!

This impression is confirmed by Indian cave paintings made at the time, the Air Force secret documents attest. The paintings, found near the crash site, show strange humanoid creatures with bulbous heads. Experts believe these creatures were the same aliens who arrived in the ancient UFO.

The secret report said all traces of alien occupation disappeared within 50 years or so of the crash date. There is no indication of what might have happened to the extraterrestrials, the documents reveal.

The ship is made of an extremely light metallic fiber, Dr. Leaumont said.

It measurers about 50 feet across at its widest point and it is 102 feet long. It's an incredible find - the latest in a series of artifacts collected secretly and hidden away in government UFO study centers.

There's a lot of official concern about keeping this latest discovery a secret. They've been covering up the truth about alien contacts for 50 years and they're not going to stop now. They want to study this thing, but they want it only for themselves.

Who knows what scientists might learn if they'd share this priceless find with the rest of the world

Of course, being a skeptic at heart, I have to ask myself who the article referred to as the source of this find? It’s extremely vague, but then most military secret conspiracies are. I love supposition, however, and so I am thinking…if a race of giant people supposedly lived in the Grand Canyon (see my post on Grand Canyon Mummies) perhaps this was the vessel by which they arrived.

One of the things I love most about documentaries and conjecture is taking every side and deciding how they shore up their viewpoint with evidence or logic. I’d be curious to hear your take on this article.

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  1. My take from just a very brief skim through of the other information is that this is just a "tall-tale" no pun intended in regards to your other newer post:-)
    but I am like you in the way that many people -even if they believe some of the things we believe or at least believe should be investigated-want to throw out every damn thing that doesnt fit their precious world view!

    This is a large part of what is ruining modern ufology in many people's opinions-the arguments between the "nuts and bolts" folks and the "all ufos are like the fairies or BVM sightings" folks-
    I wonder-in a universe as huge and wondrous as ours-couldn't both be true depending on the particular sighting?
    and even beyond that-are some ufos-us? as in travel back in time? Marc Davenport did a great bit in his book about some sightings that are so much better explained by a "time distorting" effect than anything else-i.e. in some cases non-diesel engine vehicles would still be "dead" after a sighting-but i guess in many reports diesel engines which keep running in a different way would still come back on in mid-stride as it were-just like they had been "interrupted" briefly by some effect which slowed time!
    Investigation is the name of the game I think no matter what paranormal phenom one is talking about-and I never laugh at another's viewpoint or "wild theory" sometimes it is the wildest theories which are "truest"! I just get concerned when a ton of vagueness or a lot of unnamed sources are used-but who is to say in the end?
    best to you as always and this is a fascinating thing to think about whether true or not-as the way the different layers of the Grand Canyon are exposed could still lead to amazing finds from hundreds of millions of years ago!