Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tremors: Monster Hunters!

One of my favorite cult films of all time is “Tremors,” a 1990 Kevin Bacon movie about remote desert folk preyed upon by a monster. Not the usual 2-legged, 4-legged type. This one tunnels underground and can get you, almost no matter where you hide! This rag-tag group has to come together to find a way to survive as more and more of them are being picked off.

The movie is just one of those that you can see on a Saturday afternoon when you’re in the mood for something fun and easy to watch, but tense and laced with that “apocalyptic” feel. It satisfies action, tongue-in-cheek, apocalypse, SciFi, and horror moods. The characters are all interested and a wide mix of locals.

One, in particular, stands out: Burt Gummer.

The character of Burt Gummer was played by Michael Gross as a survivalist type who is ready to go after the monster with all his stockpiles of arms, grenades, Malakoff cocktails, anything! The character (showcased in the clip above) is my second favorite after my very favorite of all time; the crusty sea captain “Quint” from “Jaws.”

Early on in my “blogging career,” I ran into a name that caught my attention, “Gummerfan’s MonsterHunter HQ.” This blogger is one of the most interesting characters I’ve come along in the blog-o-sphere. He is not only a huge fan of the character of Burt Gummer and the survivalist attitude, but he’s part of round table group that contemplates what to do in case of vampire or zombie attacks. As well, he writes wonderfully interesting posts about cryptids like Bigfoot, legendary monsters like chupacabra, and paranormal legends about UFOs and weird creatures showing up together. He doesn’t just wonder, he’s really a monster hunter, hitting the road to check it out!

I’m excited whenever I find folks who are into something and give it their all! I can’t tell you in the suburbs how many heartless drones I’ve run into. I ask them, “what kind of hobbies do you do?” “None.” “Any interests?” “Nope.” “What do you do in you spare time?” “I like Desperate Housewives.” Hmm…. How do people live without passions? Interests? Curiosity? Knowledge seeking? Crafts? Travel? Intrigue? Well, you won’t find a mindless un-opinionated drone on Gummerfan’s site.



  1. that's good! i was at a girl's house one nite & we were getting ready to go out...she was getting in the shower so i looked for a book to read...she had NONE!! i was horrified! i cant imagine a home with no books!

  2. Yeah, I have two huge bookcases, but I am grief stricken because I ran out of room and I hate having to get rid of any books. I find friends and donation sites for them, but some day, I hope to get a few more cases and have a whole library. My books are very precious to me and depending on my mood-there's one waiting for me.

  3. He does have a great way of putting things. I really like The Gummerfan Channel of ideas for new cable shows......very clever.

  4. I love that movie too, it's very entertaining. If I have a chance maybe I'll see it, it's been awhile.
    I like the Gummerfan too, I try to get over there when I get a chance.
    And books! Oh my God! I can't imagine life without books or music!

  5. Julie;
    His TV show pitches was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time--and yet amazingly plausible! Those are the shows I wanna see!

    Yup, my books are my babies. I grew up with a library in our manor home. You step through glass french doors and down a few steps into a room that was lined with books and tons of windows and sunlight. I used to play library in it as a kid. My mom got pretty mad because I taped envelopes inside the books with "Aspen Grove Library" on them and a checkout signature card inside each pouch. You remember the kind from childhood? Jeez, you might not be old enough--they used to pull the card out and stamp the due date on it and slip it back into the pocket inside the front cover. Our summer home had a sunporch library too. Books were hugely important to my family. When you read 100 books by 100 different people, you now have the wisdom of 100 people inside of you! To me, it's like the Native Americans who believed when you eat the flesh of an animal, you take on part of it (like flesh of Christ), I feel that way about books!

  6. That was a pretty cool movie Autumnforest!!
    Like you I am also "overbooked" and I frikkin hate taking some back-I never knew I would be this poor until the last years and could kick myself for some of my trade ins-but it is to the point I have had to make some choices about which to keep -always not fun at all!!
    I truly can't imagine a home without books!!!
    all the best to you my friend -really enjoyed the comments also -have a very happy thanksgiving if i am not back before then!!

  7. Dev;
    I hope you get to be with your family for you T-giving and have a cozy one.

  8. Hey Autumn! Thanks for the plug! And I like your tribute to The Man!
    My late aunt was a librarian, and she instilled in me a love of books at an early age. I inherited two of her huge custom built solid oak bokcases and their overflowing (along with practically every nook & cranny in the house! Even in the age of the internet, I still gotta have my books.
    And a day that passes without learning something new is a waste. When you stop learning, you start stagnating.

  9. I am always excited when i have missed a post of yours because i get to read two of them. This time they were three. Yeih! I love that you are a busy little bee!!
    I feel the same way about books you do. I consider them a man's only true heritage. They form our souls.
    About the perfumes, i am obsessed with fragrances and although i liked a lot of them in the past, i have never really found one that i can say it is mine. It sounds wonderful that you have found yours and i loved the description.
    As for your psychometry readings, although i did n't live in a haunted house it amazes me how alike we are. I went through a difficult time to accept my gift too. When i was 16-17 for a long time i saw only bad things. I felt cursed. It made me want to hide from that part of myself. Well, then i found out i can't!
    Brightest blessings!

  10. Georgina;
    I used to fight having brown eyes (wanted to be a beauty pageant contestant and model as a kid and not one single one had brown eyes). Eventually, I just went out there and did both. I quit fighting my talents and weaknesses. My characters in my stories always have a fatal flaw and ironically that flaw is their strength. I have that attitude about everything--I embrace all the bad things that happened to me because it made me develop skills I never would have had. I could have become a vapid Paris Hilton type, but instead, I'm a complex person and I'm proud of every "battle wound." I earned them! It sounds like you're embracing them too. From pain you learn compassion, from anger you learn forgiveness...

  11. of course i remember those library cards, we're the same age remember. I understand why your mom would be upset with you for taping inside the books. my eight year old just brought me one of my antique books i had out and i was mortified. these books are so fragile. i was like, please hand that to me right now. whoo!

  12. I always think you're younger than me. That's pretty good, even in the blog world you seem "younger than you stated age" (a doctor's term when describing a patient). Hee hee