Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Riding the Paranormal Highway: Psychometry in Practice

In my last post, I told you about the elements of me, hoping perhaps we can find similarities in my abilities and how I go about gathering information through the “paranormal highway.” If anyone has commonalities and perhaps psychic moments or abilities, I’d love to hear about it so we can find traits/factors that might run in common.

Before I tell you how I read an object, I know there’s going to be some people wanting to know how. I’d like you to try it and see if this description helped you to tap into that same highway. We might actually find out how we do it, even when we’re vastly different people. It could be, as I suspect, something innately human and takes no special “equipment” internally.

To find out the hand you read with, the easiest way is this. Put both hands in front of you palms facing each other in front of your chest. Keep them about 3-4 inches apart (far enough apart that when you bend your fingers, they don’t touch the opposite palm, but as close as you can without touching). Now, tickle your right fingers towards the left palm and feel the sensation. Do the same now with the left hand towards the right palm. Which palm felt the tickling best? That is the palm you should read with, the receiving one. The opposite palm, by the way is the sending one, the one you give your energy to others with. If you need to dominate someone, put the sending hand on them. If you need to give them your love and healing energy also use the sending hand. If you want to know if they’re good or bad inside or read and object, use the receiving hand, the one that takes energy in.

Every psychic will give you a different explanation on how they read. Let me try and explain it as best I can. I don’t need to do any spiritual or magical rituals to prepare. I don’t need to meditate or imagine a white light or any of that woo-ha. I simply clear my mind. No words. No thoughts. Nothingness. I liken it to becoming an empty vessel. It’s critical to become blank which is probably why I prefer to read people I don’t know, my logical mind can’t interrupt the info I get and talk me out of what I see.

I put the object into my hand. For me, that’s my left hand. (You find a lot of right-handers read with their left hand and vice versa). Sometimes I will roll it round in both hands, but usually I just use my left hand. My eyes usually move around a bit until I lock into a feeling. That feeling can be melancholy, hurt, joy, or other. Once I sense that feeling, it’s as if I’m recalling it. I lock my eyes in that position. If you remain completely open with no expectations of what emotions might be attached to the object, it will come to you. Sometimes, it feels like a tension in your belly, a tightness in your throat, a looseness in you pelvis. You’ll recall that same sensation in your own life. In fact, it will likely remind you of a time you laid out on the beach in Hawaii without a care in the world, or perhaps a giddy party night out on the town, or a withdrawn pinched angry resentful sensation when you were jealous.

Now, once you have the feeling locked in and you eyes know your eye position (eyes closed or open, but I prefer open), you'll begin to get a sensation like when you're trying to recall someone's name. Ever have that celebrity who you can picture so clearly and yet their name for some reason escapes you? That’s a normal part of the process. At this point, it will be much like mediation in that your concentration is deep but your thoughts are fleeting. It’s like sifting through a Rolodex until something captures your attention.

Sometimes, I get a sense of someone on my right or left. I can nearly picture their personality, their mannerisms, their relationship to the person. I can feel how the person feels about the possession’s owner or the owner’s feeling about that person. If a person doesn’t show, a situation can sometimes show. It’s like when you recall the details of your high school prom. You remember little bits, like how bad the band was, how someone fell into the resort’s pool, and how you didn’t stay to see who got crowned. Often times, I get something crazy, like an old-fashioned kitchen counter but as I concentrate on it, I start to see more of the room as if it’s a room I personally know, even though I’ve never been there. Once in that place in my mind, I can understand where the people of the house are and what is going on there. It's critical to keep yourself open-minded in that even the absurd and fleeting can be applicable.

It's like seeing a movie you've never seen. You don't know what the plot will be yet, but right off the bat you think you understand the characters and setting. Once you've locked into something pertinent, more and more of the story unfolds for you. I'd suggest an easy way to do this is having someone give you an object but not tell you where it came from. You won't make any assumptions. Let the person take notes of what you got and find out your accuracy. When you have a bad read, you move on until you find how it is your mind and body read things. I've taught other people how to do this and it is teachable, but also something that needs practice to learn your mind's pathways.

I always say that psychometry is about 30% getting info and 70% interpreting it. With the amount of info and focus you get, it's real easy to read it wrong. Interpretation comes over time and you get a feeling in your body that tells you when it's right and when you're edging away from the right path.

Here’s what we can determined about the process of psychometry from my description:

Begins with physical contact
Moves on to clearing of the mind
Turns into emotion
Provides relationships/locations
Culminates in events/details
Lasting results; the memories become my own

I mentioned in the last post that there would be significance in my synesthesia. The reason I think this is very tied to my ability to read objects is because the method by which I “see/sense/recall” information is that it is seen in the exact same manner that I view time—projecting outside of my body into different planes. Does this mean that I’m able to project my mind outside of my body into different time periods/different places? I don’t have the sense of being outside of my body, but I do have a sense that time and information are stored and retrievable from the environment. As I say this, I realize that it sound to me a lot like residual hauntings. Perhaps as we travel the paranormal highway in this series, we might find a tie between paranormal activities that prove they ride the same roadway.

Ultimately, we’ll have the exciting task of trying to figure out what comprises the paranormal highway. I can hardly wait for that discussion!


  1. Wow...that thing with tickling the fingers...I actually felt a difference. In all the years I've studied these subjects, I don't think I've ever come across a test where I felt something and actually knew I felt something. I've tried creating an energy ball before by rubbing my hands together and then holding them a little apart, but I was never really sure I was feeling something. I've heard of people doing it and the first person that told me to try it was a good friend I used to know who I know had the ability. I just didn't notice anything significant from it though. But that hand tickling thing...I could tell a difference!

    Time and time again though, when I hear people describing how they read something/someone or trying to teach others to do it, clearing your mind seems to be a common part of the process. It has occurred to me that maybe this why I don't have - or don't notice - the ability myself. It's difficult for me to really clear my mind. I just think a lot. It's just what I do. One of these I've been thinking about lately is that not everyone thinks alike either - and I don't mean opinion wise, but people seem to think at varying levels and speeds. Presumably, this is why different people have different IQ levels.

    With that in mind, I think my mind may just be to busy to be able to read objects. I'm very laid back and not all that energetic physically, but my mind burns with energy. It's almost like I'm in constant thought, and quite frankly, it takes effort for me to clear my and suppress those thoughts. The effort required to suppress my thoughts to clear my mind is probably intense enough that I probably overlook any psychic ability may be occurring because I'm distracted by the effort to clear my mind. If a thought does get by and enter my mind, I don't really have a way to know if its from my own mind, or an outside image. And even if an outside image did break through, my own thoughts I had been holding back would begin to rush in behind it!

    Alas, maybe I was just meant to think about and analyze these things. But I'm still excited about that hand tickling thing!

  2. Hey Jeff;
    I'm thrilled it worked for you. That same sensation is what you're feeling when you create the energy ball. I've found that pressing your palms near each other you can usually feel that warm resistance and then can work your hands further and further apart to feel that energy grow. You might try it again.

    As for clearing your mind, I did meditation for years, so it's pretty easy for me, but also as someone with psychic skills it's sometimes important for me to shield myself from unwanted bits and pieces of those around me. I'm totally in my head like you--I'm also a spaz of energy physically too. But, even with an IQ of 145, I still manage to clear my head. The best way I can describe the process is to stop all internal dialogue. Look at things around you but don't "talk" about them in your head. Don't look at them as if you know them. It's kind of like being an alien. Lift your head up and look around your room right now and allow no words to enter your head. If you managed this, you just cleared your head. You can imagine my mind is constantly churning, but it is possible for me to stare at things around me without any internal dialogue. It takes practice, but once you learn it, it's like wakeful meditation. I'm from a family of people with exceptionally high IQs and in their own way it was their downfall. They couldn't cope with continually processing information, hungering for more information, and analyzing things. Because of that, they never learned to rest from the brain activity. They ended up looking to substances. You see this a lot in people who were brilliant scientists and writers. I'm very lucky because I'm a very playful silly kid inside, who's spastic with energy because everything to me is so exciting and so fun--like going to an amusement park every day of my life, giddy at the gates, waiting excitedly to burst in and do it all at once. It makes me a great multitasker and able to put out a lot of work in my line of work as a medical transcriptionist, but if I didn't have a potent sense of humor and child-like qualities, it would probably make me take to a bottle. I spent a lot of years running a group for people with anxiety disorders and doing lectures and workshops and one thing I know is that just because you thought it doesn't mean it's serious and doesn't mean it's the truth. It simply is your observation. I think in the worst of people's anxieties, they spend too much time taking themselves very seriously and anything that comes from their inner voice is like a guidance from an all-knowing god. Once we get over ourselves, our intelligence can actually help make breakthroughs in all the fields of study because we say "why can't it be this way?" instead of "it is this way, has always been this way." Does that make sense?

  3. I tried looking around and not talking about them in my head...and it did seem to work. I guess in that sense in can clear my mind. In the past I've tried to close my eyes and stop the dialogue, but also keep images away...sort of like just make a quiet nothingness. Maybe that is what I was doing wrong? Maybe in an attempt to clear my mind, I tried pushing everything away.

    It's still kind of hard for me to see my familiar surroundings as 'alien' though. Maybe that comes with time? Maybe I can try it again the next time I'm somewhere unfamiliar.

    I guess my next question would be how can you tell the difference between your own thought, and a received thought?

  4. Hey Jeff;
    The key in looking around you with an open mind is to no longer assess things or classify their importance. That isn't a lamp, it's lights and darks, textures, and dimension. You have to remove all personal feeling from the surroundings so it's not right, wrong, incomplete, simply is a grouping of objects.

    Knowing if it's from self or from without? Good question. When you get something unique to someone and not yourself, the more you focus on it, the more you learn, but none of it is familiar to your life or your experiences. You don't feel an emotional tie to it. It simply is. Sort of like the open-minded way you look around the room. Some things will seem familiar. I might see a horse but when I focus on the horse, I can sense the property its standing on and where buildings are located and other details. It's as if I were someone else for a short time and have their memories and visions in my head, but to me personally it's not familiar. I find with people who are logic-minded and not terribly tied to emotions or empathetic, that you might not get a whole picture that involves a lot of emotional aspects like relationships and feelings and grief, but you will get actual images of objects, places, and understand how they relate. You might see keys on a counter and understand that nearby there is a purse, but you may not tie into the woman's feelings who is leaving the house and gathering her purse and keys. Let me know how it works for you. You might try a family heirloom if you have one and then check with relatives about what you received.

  5. I've always dug people who could pick up sensations/do readings from touching objects or people. I think that's a neat gift.

    I have super strong senses, but not via my touch. I can read people but I don't touch. That cancels it out with me rather than intensify it.

    I can also read buildings...if I don't try. I guess it's akin to clearing your mind as you suggest. I just sort of zone out, then wait...and that's what I do with people too. But no touching. I don't know why, but it works as a blocker with me rather than a help.

    It's neat you have that.