Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Riding the Paranormal Highway: Psychometry

I’m beginning another study. For lack of a really good name like “Haunted Formula,” I’m calling it “Riding the Paranormal Highway.”

This time, I want to concentrate on (what I call) the “paranormal highway.” I want to focus on things such as near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, psychic readings, and ghostly events to try and figure out how these things manifest from what might be a spiritual realm or alternate realm into the physical realm. It’s that transference from good geology/good construction/historic events in haunted places to the actual hauntings that has me curious. It’s the ability to hold an object and somehow gather a stored history from it that has me baffled. It’s the stories of leaving one’s body and traveling or perhaps studying one’s body from above that have me intrigued.

In this post, I’d like to begin this series with the subject of psychometry since I can explain this from my firsthand ability. Psychometry is the ability to read the history of an object by holding it. I want to break this down to as many clues as I can to try and discern what we’re dealing with.

Genetics: I can only confirm that one of my aunts was most definitely psychic and perhaps a grandmother. So, we can check off genetics for me.

Exposure: I grew up digging up Civil War and Revolutionary War relics and handling them. When I was a small child, I began to tell stories about the people who had last used these items. These stories were in great detail and extremely real to me as if I carried their memories.

Physicality: Near-Death: I was born showing no signs of life and it took about 4 minutes to revive me and produce a pulse and breathing. Near death is associated many times with development of psychic abilities. Electrical: I also have had a strange issue with wearing and killing watches within a week’s time, sometimes within a day’s time. I also tend to set off store alarms and on particularly vexing days, I make the TV and computer and lights freak out repeatedly until I leave the area. Synesthesia: Another physicality is that I have synesthesia. It’s a condition by which people’s senses can be “mixed up.” A person can smell color or see music. In my case, this takes the form in the spatial realm of calendars, weeks, days, and time. I see it in a 3-D form outside of my body, projecting from me in a series of tiers and twists. (see sketch above for a glimpse into my head--horror of horrors!). This ability, by the way, is identical in my mind to my psychic abilities. When I read something, I am seeing it in the same format I see the calendar, projected outward to pick up and read in different tiers. This, I believe, is significant.

Emotional: I underwent a great deal of upheaval and trauma as a child in a dysfunctional family. I was the youngest child who witnessed mature issues when I couldn’t comprehend. My family tried to shield me, but I became overly sensitive about reading cues and understanding people’s needs. I just wanted to make my parents happy, so I would try hard to understand what they needed without their saying it, as well as sensing when things were in chaos and people were lying to me. This could have given me an empath’s abilities to read.

Objects: Thus far, I have noticed that some things are easier to read, i.e. metal and other “hard” objects. Cloth and paper are more difficult, but they aren’t impossible. I’ve read objects that someone else borrowed and read the person who borrowed it and was baffled because I knew what I was reading didn’t match the person I knew who owned it. I’ve read things that have been buried for 100 years and more. I’ve touched walls in a building, furnishings, other people…it doesn’t matter. They all have information to give.

Now, I will try and cut this post short so it isn’t ridiculously long. I wanted to put in all the elements of me in relation to psychometry out there. In the next post, I hope to discuss the actual process of reading an object. Between this post and that one, perhaps we can make some conclusions to narrowing down just how that paranormal highway rolls. I really want participation from everyone who reads it and something strikes them. I'm looking for correlations and theories.

Thanks in advance!


  1. Autumn! I love you all the more for doing this! (near to tears in joy) I, too, came fr. a long line of "Sensitives". I, too, had a childhood of neglect, born to 'rents who wanted desperately to fulfill the Baby Boom era ideal of cookie cutter families with white picket fences, a summer house in the Hamptons, a Dad who fought in the 5th Air Force in WW II, but were sadly uniquely unqualified to raise a family! LOL! Add to that my being-left-alone syndrome to enhance my already innately overstimulated visual cortex & voila! Ya get ME! LOL!

    Altho' not a psychometrist by any stretch of the imagination, I've a keen intuition & sometimes ….sometimes.… an active 2nd Sight, lavish dream life (nearly indistinguishable fr. my waking life) & deep interest in the Paranormal fr. an unusually early age.

    I'm linking this article to my fb page! Always nearby ~ Anadæ Effro (•8-D}

  2. Were we separated at birth? Yeah, we had the mansion, the summer home on the Chesapeake, dad fought in WWII and Korean War in the Asiatic Fleet. Mom was in the Navy--that's how they met. They had 5 kids. My father saved us all from being horribly neglected, but he wasn't home much. When he was, he was boisterous, expressive, outgoing--yeah, I get my huggy/demonstrative parts from him. Mom was uptight, self conscious, rigid, and didn't like children and noise. They were kind of like Ricky Ricardo and Joan Crawford. Hmm... Well, I'm glad you enjoyed my strangely introspective information because it's going to be necessary for us to put the puzzle of how psychic abilities develop, how they're captured and interpreted by psychics. I'm hoping others who've had sensitivities divulge their own backgrounds that might match up with mine. By putting my parts out there on the table, hopefully we can sift and find out what might be most common amongst us... Thanks for the article.

  3. Hahahaha:-) Ricky Ricardo and Joan Crawford-boy does that bring some odd images to mind!! -more seriously I am very sorry for any pain you went through growing up-and to Anadae and of course anyone else!! The "separated at birth" comment -altho I think not meant to be taken too seriously is one that interests me greatly.
    The only people (and one in particular who also has a blog) who I meet anymore besides my family which is of course close-thank god for me!! but other than that it is only online that I find anyone with even any halfway similar interests as me -and the "separated at birth" thing is one I've thought sometimes about my blog friend-and sometimes only half-jokingly,I wonder sometimes? could the internet be part of what is "saving" humanity from itself as the 21st century begins? by bringing people together who would have no way of knowing of each others existence any other way-my friend who seems more like a sister is 20 time zones away so it's quite unlikely we would have met any other way:-)
    sorry to go so off-topic !! this looks like a very fascinating series and i can't wait to read it!! I have so often wished for even a glimmer of being psychic/sensitive-but I wonder sometimes if it is a gift that I am not? I am just now learning at 44 to be a stronger person -maybe had I been born psychic it would have completely destroyed me by now-I kind of think of that very last scene of "stir of echoes" i think thats the movie anyway-where that poor kid cringes in the backseat as the family is driving away because he can sense all of the viciousness going on behind close doors-all the best to you my friend!!! i enjoyed yours and Anadae's comments too!!

  4. Interesting how you listed the different aspects that relate to you, a blogger on another blog I read with the 'gift' was listing aspects related to her the other day, and wondering if psychic ability is like a 'point' system (for lack of a better term, I think). She didn't suggest how many 'points' each aspect was worth or how many 'points' were needed, but that perhaps people with more points have a closer connection to the psychic realm. She mentioned that prior to meeting her, her husband was not psychic. But after meeting her, he developed the ability. She thought maybe being marring to a psychic gave him some more 'points' and turned on his ability.

    I've heard about people that have an electrical effect on objects, I've heard it referred as SLI (Street Lamp Interference). The name apparently comes from people who seem to have an effect on street lights when they get near them, however, they often have an effect on other electrical objects too (I don't know why it became associated with street lights specifically. I haven't heard the term in a while though, maybe it's outdated now.) I don't recall SLI being specifically connected to psychic ability, but I think it would probably make sense if it did.

    Another question I have is why some people seem to have a particular psychic skill, but not another. Like being able to do psychometry, but maybe not being able to remote view. Is it sort of like a natural gift? Such as how one person may be a good painter, but another person is a good musician? Are people with multiple psychic skills just multi-talented?

    Oh...and if you can remember any of the Civil War and Revolutionary War stories from your childhood, I'd love to hear those too. It'd be nice to hear some of history's stories that didn't get recorded. :)

  5. Hey Dev;
    I wouldn't honestly take back anything I went through. The one thing I've always known is that for some reason, I've always been the one NOT in trouble and the sane safe place for the people around me, so somehow I've been exposed to truly troubled people growing up so that I could perhaps be the safe harbor or perhaps learn from their mistakes. Watching my older siblings really taught me what not to do, so I thank them profusely. I guess that's why I started the novel about my life called "Watching a Train Wreck." The problem was the stories of my upbringing were so ludicrous, I realized no one would believe it and I really didn't want to relive it, so I put it away. If you ever saw the movie "Prince of Tides," I truly believe the writer of that novel knew my life and family. It's absolutely shockingly close to my childhood. An idyllic setting a lot of people in denial and repression. Yes, I agree about the Internet. I think the Internet is a curse and a blessing. You never truly know the people you meet. There's a few nut jobs out there and they come out like cockroaches every now and then. I've been awfully lucky on this fairly controversial blog. A lot of us are honest and upfront, others could be posing. So, it's good and bad. What I like is that where I live is the yuppie dual-working couple upper middle income area and I have absolutely nothing in common with the women, so I make friends in the more artsy parts of town. I feel like I've spent my whole life looking for my people. Here in the blog world, I found people who are both kind and gentle, highly intelligent, and have a good sense of humor. You--most definitely included.

    I think it's probably pretty common to wonder why you have a very strange skill. I wondered why I was more tapped into it than my sisters, but they had the ability to some degree, but they had substance abuse issues, so masked it, as did one of my brothers. The other brother found religion and went kind of mental-illness with it, so really I was the only one who was in touch with it. Even though I focus on psychometry because it comes so easily for me, I do also have premonition dreams about disasters, tsunamis, plane crashes, earthquakes. I also can watch news about criminals and tell a great deal about them and the details which I write down and later verify once they catch the guy. As well, I've shown ability to heal with my hands. So, psychic abilities don't seem to have exclusivity, they're across the board. It's just a matter of what talent you focus on. Since I started as a child holding objects and reading them, I simply got better at it. It's kind of like an athlete. Once you're in great physical shape, you can play any sport, but you're usually best at the one you focus on. It's all in the practice. I admit my son was born with the same sense that I have but he wasn't exposed to objects for reading, but instead he's an exceptional sender. We used to sit in the waiting room at the doc's office or wherever and he'd read a magazine across from me and I'd tell him to stop on a page and look at the picture, then I'd tell him in detail what he was looking at. Sometimes, I'd tell him to think of an animal or a place he'd been before. I could pick up info from him easily. It could be the relationship thing, but of all the people I've read, his inner vision was really clear. He's an extremely focused artist with a literal and figurative innervision, so maybe that's it. As for the Civil War and Revolutionary War stories...you mean the readings from the objects? That might actually be a good idea for a post. I hadn't thought of that. Once I do a reading it's stuck in my head. I could release those once I focus on the person again. Hmm....