Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Riding the Paranormal Highway: Neutrinos?

One thing leads to another with me. I start down one path and end up finding a branch in the road that’s too tempting to follow. In my desire to learn more about conditions that might “feed” paranormal activity in this series “Riding the Paranormal Highway,” I came across an interesting particle that seemed like it might be applicable: the neutrino.

Facts about Neutrinos from Wikipedia “Neutrinos in Italian means “small neutral one.” They are elementary particles that often travel close to the speed of light, are electrically neutral, are able to pass through ordinary matter almost undisturbed and are thus extremely difficult to detect. Neutrinos have a minuscule, but nonzero mass. Neutrinos are created as a result of certain types of radioactive decay or nuclear reactions such as those that take place in the Sun, in nuclear reactors, or when cosmic rays hit atom.

More than 50 trillion solar electron neutrinos pass through the human body every second.

The existence of a neutrino mass strongly suggests the existence of a tiny neutrino magnetic moment of the order of 10−19 μB, allowing the possibility that neutrinos may interact electromagnetically as well.” They can be produced from background radiation decay produced by geologic features.

I think this is significant. If you’ve been following my theories on ghostly phenomenon, I’ve discovered a strong correlation between sites with the right geology, i.e. quartz, granite, and limestone to be especially active with paranormal events from strange lights, ghostly phenomenon, and even crop circles. The “haunted belt” of America includes Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania; the very location of a concentration of ghostly activity and other strange phenomenon. I also recently correlated high Radon levels there associated with the geology, wondering if Radon gas might have a tie into how paranormal activity is passed from geologic conditions to actual manifestation. It wasn’t a good fit, but I knew if I kept pursuing it, I might find the culprit.

Upon learning of neutrinos, I looked up a study being done on radioactive decay in a limestone mine in Virginia and the consequence on neutrino production. Interestingly, Geiger counters can pick up the background radioactivity of these geologically rich sites. This means, where there is breakdown of radioactive material, there is the production of neutrinos in higher levels. If, as above, neutrinos may interact electromagnetically, this might also explain why EMF meters have been found to be helpful in paranormal investigations.

To take it just a bit further, any fans of “Destination Truth” probably recall the bizarre Cheronbyl visit and the excessive amount of reports about paranormal activity there. Could the breakdown of radioactive material have fed this process by producing a burst of neutrino creation?

If you ask any psychic about how they perceive the interaction of psychic and object or psychic and person, they will tell you that it’s like radio waves. They are everywhere and we have no idea unless we have a radio receiver to discern them. Could neutrinos be the instigators of paranormal phenomenon? Could they be the means by which information from an object in the hand is taken in by the body and mind of the reader to perform psychometry? If they are electrically neutral, any place, any object would not affect its ability to penetrate and move on through other objects, other places, around the world and space. Is its neutral state one which can absorb and rub off things as it passes through things? Is this the "stuff" that unites us all?

I hope I’ve left you scratching your head, as I have been. Feel free to do some research on your own. I really want my blog to be a place we can kick around theories together and come to conclusions that seem to fit. I need a lot more minds than just my spastic one working on these puzzles.

p.s. If you’re interested more in neutrinos, here’s a simple article that is fascinating.


  1. Oh no, neutrinos, never heard of them. I just wish there was a simple answer to the mystery, my pea brain can't handle it, lol :0

  2. It sounds plausible that there may be a connection, although I wouldn't know how exactly they may be connected. But the idea that billions of little unseen particles are passing through us and everything thing else seems to fit with the idea of psychic and ghost phenomena.

    It also kind of reminded me of Yoda's description of the Force. :)

  3. Jeff;
    You made me laugh. Yeah, it does.

  4. It's been a very, very long time but there is a great National Geographic show on trapping neutrinos. I imagine it's outdated now considering all of the new info we've acquired over the years on neutrinos but in this show it was our first attempt of trapping them, which they did successfully in this big tank of water. I'll check around and see if I can find an old video on it.

    Neutrinos would never be able to stand still long enough for an EVP so as far as a ghostly nature goes, I can't find it likely. I'm stickin with the geomagnetic field as our ghosts.

    Currently, man is attempting to map the interior of our earth by measuring the time it takes neutrinos to enter and exit earth giving us a map based on the neutrinos drag as it enters areas that are thicker or harder than others.

    That's what I'm anxious for.

  5. Here is a video but it's not the one I'm talked about.


  6. The girls has got to start proof reading her sentences. . .

    "not the one I talked about."

    lol, I'm bad. Gosh I hope I don't do that in my daily blog posts. If I do you guys better tell me so I can fix it. How embarrassing. Just today I went into my Oct 30 blog post and the title at the top said Oct 5. Nobody told me either, I just found it accidentally. Me silly, I know.

  7. Eileen;
    Thanks. Yeah, that research using water was a brilliant way to find it. I think in terms of its possible role in the paranormal world it would go like geologic areas with breakdown of radiation would create more neutrinos. Neutrinos would be able to interact with the seen and unseen, affecting EMF and creating the ability for manifestations and allowing psychic information to pass between objects. It would be more a carrier and the more of them around, the better. It also might explain why on nights of geomagnetic storms and solar flares, people have strange and premonition dreams, ill mental effects, and ghost hunting is highly effective. BTW, I'm one of those girls who tells a girlfriend if her panties are showing or there's lettuce in her teeth, but when it comes to typos--I leave those alone. Everyone slips a key and their mind gets ahead of them--especially when they're quick-minded like you.

  8. Very interesting stuff. This paranormal highway of yours is WILD, man. I LOVE IT!!!! (And I love the other comments. That's one of the benefits of doing blog reading catch up...I get to see everyone else's responses in addition to your posts. ;)

  9. star trek next gen and voyager both had episodes regarding this phenomenon. Any trekkie knows that the consultants on the show know their stuff, so thanks for reminding me of this very interesting "frontier".

  10. Late to the party, I know. NatGeo had a great, one time show called "American Paranormal" that discussed neutrinos. It got me thinking about the constant bombardment we experience from celestial objects, but also the earthborn neutrinos produced by reactors and through natural decay. Is there a possibility that the two particles exhibit differences that, when they collide with each other, produce effects that either allow an observer to witness or experience what we consider to be ghosts? Think of it being like the lines on an old CRT television. When you layer them fast enough, you get a picture. Perhaps, when the number of neutrinos is higher than normal from one source, there is a reaction when they meet the second source going the opposite direction, and a picture comes together.

    Just an idea, I can't afford a particle

    Great article, great ideas.