Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mid Week Laugh: The Dumbing of America

Here's your mid week laugh. I was out doing my chores on my day off and I overheard two trophy wives (yeah, I'm in one of those parts of town--infuriating finding intelligence here--probably why I go online to talk to ya'all) were discussing how the president was technically not necessarily "black" or "white." The little size zero with the newly frosted highlights and fake nails that looked like weapons announced, "you're right. He's a milano."

Wow! No one told me this. President Obama is apparently a crispy light Pepperidge Farm cookie with a thin sliver of chocolate within two vanilla wafers. Hmm...

Mulatto: ( person whose ancestry is a mixture of Negro and Caucasian.


  1. mmmmmm tasty. Explains how all the "crookies" get into office.

  2. Probably explains how he makes "snap" decisions. Do you think he melts in milk???

  3. Maybe his family did a short stint in Milan before moving to Hawaii while growing up. :)

    Three times an alien lol

  4. lol. It's funny, yet it's sad the population has become so dumbed down.

    I guess at least she was almost

  5. Eileen;
    I wish that's what she meant so her parents could be proud.
    We'll give her points for having the right first letter. Yeah, it is a sad statement, but remember we're on the roads with these types and, yeah, we are dumbing up.

  6. I've heard of cappuccino, but Mulatto is new one to me.
    Hee hee.

  7. Justin;
    I've never heard your term. That's fun--learning country's ways of terming things. The milano cookie is a favorite here, but definitely the wrong word. :-)

  8. Interestingly enough, Autumn, in much of the Bam's Black American constituency, he hasn't earned their respect as a "true" Black, being defered to as an "Oreo cookie", you know, black on the outside, white on the inside (edit-in sound byte of high hat drum & cymbal crash here). Such are the vicissitudes of being a "Halfrican", having only partial African ancestry, & the racism implicit in this country, no matter from which "camp". I s'pose he'd be a chocolate-mint Milano if his heritage was, in part, Irish? Dayem, I've got the munchies for Pepperidge Farm™ cookies now ~ (•8-D}

  9. Anadæ;
    I can always count on you to know the in's and out's. Yeah, I agree, definitely a mint milano. Oh yum! I think it's crazy that in this day and time we even have to categorize him. In our culture, you mention someone's sex and race right away and then follow it usually with their career. "This is Mrs. Huxtable, a Black lawyer..." Besides, he's half white,why can't we call him that? It's pretty hilarious when you think of a country that prides itself on mixing up the folks from Irish with Italians to Jews with Catholics that we can't seem to get past commenting on a person's physical appearance. Argh! Suffice to say, he was blessed to be mixed up and not inbred like the British Monarchy. Yahoo! I wrote a children's book I'd like to get published about that very subject. It's about critters on their first day of school and everyone lines up on the playground, flamingoes in one spot, frogs in another, etc. Three kids arrive who are half frog/half lizard, half flamingo/half owl, and half goat/half sheep. They have no one who will let them in. It isn't until they do games of skill and win awards that everyone realizes that by being half and half, they got the traits from both sides and are twice a special. I truly believe that's what I love most about America--we're a little of everything and that genetically makes us supreme.

  10. Autumn, I am SO looking forward to that magnificent children's story of yours seeing print & the appropriate illustrator. Mayhap THEE Tony DiTerlizzi of Spiderwick fame!? (•8-D}

  11. Anadæ;
    I could see his work with my book. That would be cool! I actually have a best friend who's an exceptional animal artist, but her life is total chaos and getting her to illustrate is impossible, so I'll probably give that over to the publisher. I admit, I could illustrate it, but I'm really a portrait person and not a critter one. I really need to send that manuscript off. I sent it to one publisher, but as she received it, her company went under. Yikes! I think it's a message that kids would really be comforted by so I will pursue it, although how I explain I write children's books and erotic horror, I don't know. But, then, again, I'm a medical transcriptionist and ghost hunter, so I'm used to juxtapositions.

  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha:-)
    Oh I truly needed this one Autumnforest!!! Hey I just had an idea if you encounter the walking "void" again haha say he is a "Murano" (i think it is a make of Lexus car?) all the best to you my friend and I know what you mean the dumbing down of America is really something-how much lower can we go? i wonder sometimes-i also feel like if I didn't have a puter it would be like losing a limb or worse at this point!!

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm approaching the end of the posts of yours I needed to catch up on, and as they say the best for last.

    This is HYSTERICAL. As good as the time I was in Blockbuster. A husband said to his wife, "What about this one?" She answered with a super thick Southern drawl, "No, Bo. I don't like that Jean Claude Van Damme. I can't understand a thing he says with that accent of his."

    Or the time my husband's dad was drunk as a skunk and complaining about his ex's family. He slammed his beer down and said vehemently, "You can't trust them damn Cesarean Degoes!"

    He just got madder when we all busted up laughing at him instead of showing him any sympathy!!!!!! I love these kinds of stories. Thanks for the chuckle!!!