Sunday, November 29, 2009

Land of the Ancient Giants

On my research into the Grand Canyon finds, I kept running across a race of supposed giants whose remains have been found from Alaska to the Midwest. This one will give you the chills…

Apparently, these skeletons averaged 7’ tall and have been found in New York, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nevada, Kentucky, Utah, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Minnesota, and pretty much all over the world. Interestingly, these have been found in caves and burial mounds and sometimes even wrapped in Egyptian style. Those of you who’ve read Genesis, might have heard of the nephilims, giants who supposedly descended from fallen angels. I’m always excited about the way things can link together and the Bible references with the find of giant bodies is quite spine-tingling.

There are several reasons for what might have caused such a giant race of people found all over the world:

1. Since taller height is something found in warmer climes and shorter plumper figures are found in colder climates. It could have been a climate issue that such large humans were prevalent.
2. It also could have been a common pituitary problem causing gigantism and perhaps related to something environmental causing this issue.
3. It could be that tall people were bred together for the purpose of larger humans as special anointed ones.
4. Extremely tall people may have been buried with special care for their uniqueness.
5. Lastly, we can guess that perhaps these were aliens of some sort.

This is such a hugely prevalent find, that I’m going to direct you to this thorough article about the details.


  1. Very interesting! Is that photo of a giant baby. Poor mother! :)

  2. Hee hee. That artist does some pretty weird and terribly realistic stuff. Creeps me out!

  3. That stuff about the "Nephilim" always did creep me out a bit too Autumnforest-this is probably the only aspect of some of the aspects of your newest subject that I had heard a little about. that's the great thing about blogs and the net-as a diehard fortean I always think I have "heard it all" and it never ceases to amaze me -every time I turn around there is a ton of new things to learn about!! all the best in the world to you my friend and I will try to get caught up on any other articles you have before going to the link you gave-thanks again!!!

  4. Marked the article to read later. Keep up the good work.

  5. Well, that is just creepy. I remember when I was little and watched a show called "Land of the Giants". My brother and I alongs with the neighborhood kids would go out in the field across from our house and pretend we were the little people. I even got to see some of the props from the show at Universal Studios.....pretty cool. Interesting article. BTW, love your series on the Grand Canyon. Nice to learn more information on our fair state.

  6. Hey Julie;
    Glad you enjoyed it. I remember seeing those props at Universal too. I was thrilled because I adored that show and also loved "The Incredible Shrinking Man" (one of the best SciFi movies of all time, I think--top 10). It's funny how whenever I investigate one aspect of the paranormal, I stumbled onto a bunch more. Then, later with more knowledge in a variety of areas, I begin to see patterns. It's always exciting! Makes me want to poke around the North Rim, except my hiking abilities since Achilles tendon repair have been miserable. I wonder if someone could Google Earth the North Rim and see if there's areas blocked off or no activity. That'd make me suspicious. Cool stuff!

  7. I think it's absolutely true that there were once giants that roamed the earth. I don't how much of the information in that article is credible, but even if only one of the finds were credible, that alone would be enough to prove it's true. The fact that there are so many finds lends credence to the claim that there were indeed giants in ancient times.

    You mentioned that size varies in based on climate. I think that is right, although, I don't think I would limit the giant phenomenon to just being a climate issue. It seems that over time, animals have gotten smaller. Instead of large dinosaurs, we now have much smaller reptiles. I think even with mammals you can see a difference, I think mastodons were slightly larger than the elephants of today. This may be a climate issue...I don't know. However, as far as giant humans, they seemed to coexist with normal sized humans in areas where the climate was the same...the examples in the Bible are good examples of that. In addition to the Nephilim, the Bible also mentions the Anakites and Rephaim, which were giant peoples that lived in eastern the Mediterranean area.

    I noticed the article included a picture of what looks like a large human bone it borrowed from I used to visit that site occasionally...and if you like the topic of giants, ancient anomalies, and 'Ooparts' (out of place artifacts), you might want to check that site out. It has a plethora of information on ancient anomalies and lot of its articles are so long and detailed they're hard to read in one sitting. Even if you don't agree with the site's hypothesis, it has some pretty interesting information you can draw your own conclusions from.

  8. Hey Jeff;
    You are always a font of knowledge and logical thinking. I so appreciate your comments. Yes, I will definitely look into that site. I keep running across things that mix different cultures together where Egyptians had some thngs that appeared to be South American and vice versa. As someone who spent her childhood digging up relics from Native American times through revolutionary war, Civil War, and onward, I know what it's like to find a strange array of things in one area. Sometimes, they just don't make sense. I had a lot of theories tossed out about the tall people. I think the most logical one is that tall people were revered and perhaps even bred to encourage more of them. The fact that some sites get many large skeletons shows that there wasn't just one freakish person in a neighborhood. They were buried probably in a family plot and given some admiration for their unusual attributes. In a world where bigger and stronger is better, they should have been the ruling class. It's hard to tell if proportionally they had more tall people over 7' back then compared to today because it appears that when they did have them, they buried them with care. What I want to look into a big closer is some of the bones found and their characteristics. I'd like to know what their craniums were like and if gigantism might have been an issue and some environmental influence might have damaged the pituitary glands. I tell you, this series of the ancient worlds isn't over yet. I'm like a dog with a bone when I want to pursue something. I hope that with enough info, we can all draw some personal conclusions. I think the stories in the Bible of the nephilims might just be like the flood and other stories in which they reflected actual events passed down through generations and portrayed in the scrolls. I suspect that stories of only exceptional occurences would be passed down. Just think of your own family tales and you probably hear the story about your great uncle in WWI and how he captured a band of Germans or whatever. You don't often hear about Great Uncle Bill getting drunk and falling down his porch steps. I think stories get embellished but I believe there is always a seed of truth they emerged from.

  9. Thanks for the link to the article. I was familiar with some of the cases, but others were new to me.
    The adherants of the hypothesis that Bigfoot/Patty is a human rather than an ape often cite the cases of giant human skeletons as support for their theories.