Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hopi Legend: The Portal Between Worlds

Consider this part 3 of the Grand Canyon Series. Who knows, from what I'm finding, how many this will take to explain the phenomenon associated with this amazing natural wonder.

You recently read my post on the potential Shapeshifter encounter at the Grand Canyon and then my post about the Grand Canyon mummies. Now, we got a step further into territory that should give you chills, like it does me. I hope we can start an excited conversation about these correlations.

Hopi legend tells that the current earth is the Fourth World to be inhabited by Tawa's creations. The story essentially states that in each previous world, the people, though originally happy, became disobedient and lived contrary to Tawa's plan; they engaged in sexual promiscuity, fought one another and would not live in harmony. Thus, the most obedient were led (usually by Spider Woman) to the next higher world, with physical changes occurring both in the people in the course of their journey, and in the environment of the next world. In some stories, these former worlds were then destroyed along with their wicked inhabitants, whereas in others the good people were simply led away from the chaos which had been created by their actions. (strangely like the theme of Saddam and Gomorrah)

Two main versions exist as to the Hopi's emergence into the present Fourth World. The more prevalent is that Spider Grandmother caused a hollow reed (or bamboo) to grow into the sky, and it emerged in the Fourth World at the sipapu. The people then climbed up the reed into this world, emerging from the sipapu. The location of the sipapu is given as in the Grand Canyon. (take note of that highlighted portion for later)The Hopi believed that they came into this world through a hole in the sky of the world below. That hole lies deep within the depths of the Grand Canyon.

In the chilling book, “Hunt For the Skinwalker” by Colm A. Kelleher, PhD., and George Knapp, researchers studied a ranch in Northeastern Utah that had a huge slew of weird phenomenon going on, everything from strange creatures, weird lights, UFOs, poltergeist activity, dead animals, and some kind of light in which a tunnel opened, allowing creatures to come and go. This ranch, referred to as “Skinwalker” ranch was interestingly in Native American country where skinwalkers were often reported (shape-shifting creatures). On page 145 while two men were doing reconnaissance on the ranch at night, they saw a small yellowish light growing larger and larger. “The dirty yellow expanding light seemed to be positioned just above the ground…`It’s a tunnel, not just a light.’ Mike whispered (as he looked through binoculars). `Jesus Christ.’ Mike said hoarsely. `Something is in the tunnel!’…`Oh my God,’ Mike said suddenly, thoroughly frightened. `There is a black creature climbing out. I see his head.’” At that point, he witnessed a Bigfoot-like creature emerge.

I’m always excited when I find strange similarities in folklore and storytelling that ties things together. We have the Hopi believing man entered from other worlds in a hole in the Grand Canyon. We have a race of tall people supposedly found within caves in the Grand Canyon, and we have the Skinwalker Ranch incident with creatures entering and exiting another dimensional portal described as Bigfoot-looking(like the Hopi highlighted portion above), as well as sightings of Bigfoot (another tall creature like the mummies supposedly found in the Grand Canyon).

If you want a theory that ties this together, my guess would be that creatures from another world have lived here before and come and go still through portals. They were not only found in the caves in the Grand Canyon as the interestingly advanced civilization, but also still come and go, as in the Skinwalker Ranch incident, and Bigfoot sightings. Is the reason Bigfoot is so hard to find that he simply is highly intelligent, for all his rough and gruff exterior? And does he know he can come and go as he wishes through these portals? Did the Hopi see the same portals that were seen on Skinwalker Ranch and possibly create a legend to explain this phenomenon?

I admit that I’m a highly skeptical person, and though I do believe in Bigfoot, I’ve always rolled my eyes at people’s associations of Bigfoot with UFOs and portals and dimensional travel, but I now see how this could seam together into a story that seems quite explainable.

As always, I anxiously await your own theories and connections


  1. This is a really fascinating subject Autumnforest-I can't wait to read more!! all the best to you and yours !!

  2. Ah, I finally found a way to comment. Was trying for awhile. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this blog; great reading. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Mary;
    Glad you like it! I love meeting more curious people who like reading about interesting stuff. :-)

  4. Very interesting stuff you've uncovered here. I've never heard of most of these stories before. I'm really enjoying this too.

  5. I thought one time I remembered reading a story that compared aspects to the Hopi culture to Egyptian culture, including a claim that the Hopi people came from a civilization under the earth, possibly traveling in a long tunnel system from the East to the West. I've had difficulty finding that story though, and the most similar thing I could find when I was doing research for a post I wrote a while back was a story comparing similarities between the Hopi and Sumerians. It may be that the original story I read was a comparison of the Hopi and Sumerians, and I was just confused about who the Hopi were being compared with.

    However, I also found a story that said there were similarities between the Atakapa tribe and the Egyptians.

    It's also amazing to me how similar old legends can be, even between peoples that lived so far apart. There are certainly differences, but there dang sure are some similarities too. The idea that the earth has gone through more than one 'age', certainly isn't limited to the Hopi. Greeks and Egyptians had similar thoughts (such as the age of Atlantis), and the Great Flood can be interpreted as the end of an age and beginning of a new one too. Even into the modern era, Tolkien adapted the theme different 'ages' for his Lord of the Rings trilogy. There's also a minority of Christians that think the story of Adam is the story of new age that followed an older, forgotten age of history.

    I think this is part of what the excitement about 2012 is. There are many people that want to escape this world of war, taxes, debt, and hate, and start over in a new world where the remaining survivors of the catastrophe can learn to get along and live in harmony. A world of happiness and community. The beginning of a new age, hopefully one that doesn't turn out like all the rest of them did.

  6. Hey Jeff;
    Yes. The Hopi did have that legend of the hole in the Grand Canyon from which they emerged from another world. It's interesting that they are genetically related to Asians which says the land bridge theory is the most probable. It might also explain the Inuits and Mongoloids and Sami of Lapland. Asians certainly were big explorers. They may have tied us all together, including the Egyptian influences that they might have picked up and influenced other cultures with.

    It would be amazing if 2012 was one of those moments when we were turning a corner. When we elected Obama, I felt like I was watching us come from a dark age to a bright age. The reaction from Europe and the world to his being elected seemed to reunite us finally once again and I really hoped he would set a tone of logic and reason and commonsense ruling instead of emotion, fear, greed, and religiosity. I still hold out hope, but I think that major turns in the world take place because of technology and social upheaval such as the French Revolution, the founding of a democratic government in America, computer age, the combustion engine... To turn the course, we really have to create a world in which there is zero population growth or even negative growth. You can't have nirvana with a burgeoning Asia and Africa. No matter what we do at this point, unless we cut our world population, we're screwed, so I generally have a negative future view on the world until religions (i.e. men) allow women to control population and make choices in marriage. That wasn't supposed to be a ride on a high horse, but the subject of the world turning to the next level of evolution frustrates me so much because of those basic reasons.

  7. As a follow up to this -I do think it is incredible how the "portals" are seen in so many different cases-the "skinwalker" portals sound truly scary -I would definitely like to get that book in the future!
    In regards to 2012, Obama and everything-it does seem like humanity is being given a choice now-(kind of talking about yours and Jeff's comments here) there won't be any more "chances" I don't think anyway-if we mess up.
    the way the Bush admin seemed determined to go after Iran -it almost makes me believe some "higher power" or something -and people can laugh at me for this if they want-but "Iran" was close I think-a lot closer than we realize now because it didn't happen.
    I wonder if some type of greater power stopped that war as my "wild theory" for the day. I think if Iran did happen-and lets say the US nuked an Iranian enrichment plant with a bunch of Russian scientists in it-I could have seen that lead to world war three very quick!!
    thanks again for your fantastic blog and investigations!!!

  8. how can i get this portal as a screensaver as it fly's through the portal something like on the game bejeweled without the jewels lol