Friday, November 13, 2009

Ghost Hunters Academy: Back to School

SyFy channel 11 pm Wednesday nights

I swore I wasn’t going to watch it since “GH” has been soooo horribly dull this season and everyone seems to be going through the motions, but I admittedly was curious about how Steve and Tango could manage a team of reality-show wannabe’s.

Steve did an exceptional job of taking it seriously and making them have to mature. It could have been more boot-campish for my tastes. They should have been made to climb high places, stay in a tight morgue tray, plunged into darkness for long periods of time… I’d have gone all commando on the them, but Steve made me proud. I love how he tripped them up with the “rolled cigarette” comment. That was hilarious! In fact, I’d really like to see them take the kids into a site that’s been rigged with fake haunting stuff and see if they can figure out they’re being duped. That’d be a really good test of debunking skills.

The only one worthy of staying is the nerd-boy (far right in picture above). He seems like he’s not there to become famous or be seen on TV. He just wants to learn from the masters. He reminds me a lot of Tango when he started with the team. He doesn’t seem scared and definitely picks up info fast and applies it. The others seemed to be posturing, whiny, immature, and generally too lame for other reality shows and their motivations are questionable.

I see the dynamics they tried to set up by picking the team, but I’d really rather see real potential ghost hunters. I really wish it had taken GH's time spot and have GH on later because I'm likely to fall asleep during GH and not be wake for GHA, so I might or might not see it.


  1. I hate to say it but the "medium" and the "sensitive" girls are really on my nerves. They give people who really are "sensitive" a bad name. They fail already in my book, especially the whiny dark haired one. I am intrigued by the show though...

  2. Moxie;
    I'm totally with ya. I admit that as a person who does read buildings, not going on the tour to "not corrupt" what she finds was not being part of the team. She was basically saying "I'm here to prove I'm psychic." The dark-haired one was just an emotional train wreck. Did you see how she put on her little girl voice and squirmed around all flirtaciously at Steve to try and answer his pop quiz about what he just said? Talk about immaturity. Wow! She has a long long way to make it to womanhood. And "I want to make ghost hunting my career" comment? Who makes a career out of ghost hunting??? Hello? Okay, so she has to go. I'd chop off medium chick next. I'd chop off the bland blonde guy next--suspicious about his motives, kick of Mr. Handsome no-brains next, then leave the geek behind. I like him. He's a little Tango in the making--but smarter.

  3. I have to agree with what you said. I thought Steve did a good job of teaching. I liked it when he tested them and knew that the dark haired chick was lying. She tried to weasel her way out of it and ended up with the taping job. I think her time with the team will be short lived.

  4. BTW Autumn, we have Direct TV and the show comes on at 8:00 pm. It's cool because lots of the cable shows will be on east coast time.

  5. Julie
    That's wickedly cool! I hate when it's daylight savings--the shows come on at like 11! I end up having to tape them.

  6. I didn't like the dark-haired chick either. She needs to go. And I thought it was convenient she all of a sudden disclosed she's an empath. I seriously doubt it. I think her crying act was just act influenced by what she knew of what had been reported in the officer's quarters.

    I was SOOOO with you on your comment about the cigs. That was hysterical. Now I'm curious what you wrote on my post. (I've once again fallen behind on my blog reading. I made my mind up tonight to do my catch-up before I monitor mine!)

    I agree with your assessments of everyone except Heather, the medium. (Wow. That good-looking guy was REALLY dumb wasn't he? Not to mention gullible. Where'd they find him?) But back to Heather... I liked her and found myself rooting for her to get evidence and prove her talents. However, I have to give you credit that perhaps she's there more to prove she does have talents rather than to become a bonafied GH member...I didn't pick up on that until I read your post. (I picked up on her being disappointed in evidence review that she hadn't collected anything, but it didn't click until your assessment that part of that disappointment might be motivated by her wanting to prove herself more than prove she's a team ghost hunter player...)

    Fun to review your thoughts on the episode!

  7. Well I didnt see the show -but I will hope the "nerd" makes it haha -in honor of all us in "nerd-dom" hopefully if I win my case I can get cable back and watch some of these great shows i am missing-best to you as always!!

  8. Dev;
    See it online on SyFy

    Hey Court;
    Yeah. I had that moment with myself when I started hunting. As a psychic, the idea of finding proof to verify how accurate my skills were was a big priority. I wanted to know nothing about the site so if I had an accurate read, I could prove my skills, mostly to myself. I realized eventually that the reason I had entered the field was really to try and capture phenomenon, not mine, but the haunting variety. I would never lead a hunt with my skills and I would never want someone else to lead the group with theirs. It becomes the "Derek show" instead of "Most Haunted"where everyone sits around waiting for the one with insight to tell them about the haunting instead of looking for the haunting..