Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ghost Adventures: Poveglia

Secure your seat belts, place your tray tables in the upright position, and turn off all electronic devices!

Yeah, it's time for another take off on the crazy flight called "Ghost Adventures." Friday night's episode is one I've been waiting for. I got to see a good portion of this special 90-minute episode ahead of time. It was riveting. What a location! You won't ever see this place on a ghost hunting show, so sit back and enjoy.

The location is the island of Poveglia in Italy. A gorgeous and tragic site. The island was used to send those with the plague away to basically die. The island is completely littered with bones of the dead. Later, it was used as an asylum. It's seen an enormous amount of human suffering and surrounded by water and a stone structure--you know where I'm going with this. It's a perfect storm. The building is gothic, spooky, vine-covered, abandoned, and positively a ghost hunters dream!


  1. I'm actually looking forward to recapping this one. This is a portion of the information emailed to me about the show: "At one point Zak is overcome with anger and hatred. He believes he was taken over by a demonic spirit, but he chose not to include all that happened in the episode because is it so personally disturbing. It is the first experience to ever force the team to pause an investigation out of fear for their safety."

  2. This does sound enormously cool!! all the ingredients for a great haunting -altho i am sorry about the horrific circumstances that led to it -I will look forward to Julie's recap also -best to you as always my friend!!

  3. Scariest Places did go here before these guys. But it wasn't an "official" investigation. It was one of their get a family together and send them to a haunted place to investigate show. Between it and Chillingham, they were my two faves of SP. They both were memorable because of just how creepy and active they seemed. (even without possible production shenanigans!) I've been hoping GHI would go here, but at least GA did. I thought it was a good episode...not sure I bought the possession thing. (Is it just me or do the GA guys get possessed more than the average bear?) But, like you pointed out on Julie's recap Autumnforest, the leaving the tape recorder with the taped Italian sayings...neat technique. At least GA shakes it up on that front!