Friday, November 20, 2009

Ghost Adventures: Next Stop Ohio State Reformatory

TONIGHT: Travel Channel at 9 pm (for us in the SW, it’s on at 10 pm).

Are you feeling it in the air? Hair standing on end? Prickly goosebumps? A chill cold spot? It’s Friday. Time for another episode of “Ghost Adventures.” So, pull your Snuggies around you, ease back into your sofa, tuck your toes up under you for protection, and enjoy a really prime location this week: Ohio State Reformatory.

The prison has a long history of violent attacks. There have been over 155,00 inmates to pass through the prison in the last century. One prisoner set himself on fire. Lots of unmarked graves on the grounds. In a state with ideal geology. Basically, we’re talking prime ghost broth.

Enjoy Zak and the Boyz on their newest adventure and don’t forget your bottle of beer or shot glasses. One hit for every “bro” and “dude.” I hope your Saturday morning isn’t too terminal and your weekend is fantastically relaxing.


  1. I was watching that episode last night and found it interesting, as always. However, there are things done on that program that I'm just not too sure of. The "noise's" that they hear from empty space? Could it be that it is one of them doing that? How could you know that it is not and it's a real noise from something. One thing that I will agree on is that all of the places they have gone and filmed, do arouse your interest and make you really wonder if all this truly does happen just as they film it. I'm hoping that it's all not a bunch of tricks.


  2. Yeah, I admit those guys run willy nilly around their places and often times capture their own shadows from IR on the walls and think they're chasing something ominous. Sound sources are a very difficult thing to narrow down. Their EVPs are atrocious most of the time and barely discernible as language (class c--sounds but not necessarily language; class b-words but sound different to each listener, class A clearly said and understood by all). So far, they're class C pretty much every time. I think their approach being loud, aggressive, and unapproachable is completely wrong, but I do admit they're entertaining to watch and those moments when I get to see the inside of places I haven't been to before, I appreciate experiencing them. Getting controlled EVP in there, they'd have to sit their butts down for a while and be completely accountable for every sound they make, calling out "Zak scratched his butt" and "Nick's stomach is grumbling" so when reviewed they can know what the sounds were. There's a lot unkosher about the way they gather evidence. Still, they make me laugh!