Sunday, November 8, 2009

Freemasons & Death Row: 33rd Parallel & Air Force Bases

Jeez, like I don’t already run into weird info all the time, but I was looking up the other day what was along the 33rd parallel. I’ve written about this before, but it’s believed that the #33 is important to freemasons and the 33rd parallel seems to be tied to some of the most trouble and death-prone and violent places in the world such as Iraq, South Africa, Monocco, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Israel, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Beirut, Syria, Jordan,(and death row chambers as well—more on that later). Well, while looking them up, I found some other interesting information. When I see patterns, I always wonder why…
The Freemasons for some bizarre reason seem to have Masonic temples within a couple miles of a great many of the death rows in our country. Not that it’s that unusual, mind you, except when you consider most death rows are put off the beaten path so locals don’t get too insulted. I’m sure there’s probably Starbucks within a few miles of most death rows, but Masonic temples aren’t exactly on every corner. You wonder just how many there are? Here’s only a few of them:

Oregon State Penn: Masonic Temple 1.69 miles away
Florence Prison, AZ: Masonic Temple 1.2 miles away
Huntsville, TX: Masonic Temple 0.9 miles away
Raleigh NC: Masonic Temple 3.3 miles away
Carson City, NV: Masonic Temple 2.26 miles away

As well, I noticed the amount of Air Force Bases along the 33rd parallel is strangely high:

Roswell NM
Riverside CA
Sherman TX
Greenville Mississippi
Columbus Mississippi
Biloxi Mississippi
Sumpter SC
Myrtle Beach, SC
Fukuoka Japan (was the site of an afb)
Atlanta GA
Augusta, GA
Baghdad, Iraq

And, guess what? Considering how few death row chambers we have, there appears to be a strangely high ratio on just one parallel latitude; 33rd:

Florence AZ
Jackson, GA
Parchman Mississippi
Columbia, SC

Of course, what all this means is up to you, but I’ve given some puzzle pieces. I’d be curious to hear what your theories are on it…


  1. I LOVE this kind of stuff. I know the number 33 has long been associated with the Freemasons and esoterica in general, but I don't know why the 33rd parallel would have anything to do death and violence. I suppose if I wanted to play debunker I would point out that not every along the 33rd parallel has a problem of being overly death prone and violent. Additionally, there are other violent areas in the world that aren't along the 33rd parallel. There are are also a lot of Air Force bases that are in locations not along the 33rd parallel (and the Myrtle Beach base is actually closed now). As for why the Freemason's build near Death Rows...I don't know. Anything I would speculate would just be a guess. To keep playing debunker, I would point out that they build a lot of lodges in places that aren't near death rows also.

    Debunking aside though, I know the numbers 3 and 33 has long been thought to be some kind of special number. The number 3 comes up a lot in the Bible, and its commonly thought that Jesus was 33 when he was crucified. Why there would be a pattern of violence connected with the number 33, I don't know. Math wasn't my best subject in school. :)

    But I'm anxious to hear what other theories people might come up with about this.

  2. Yeah, the base in Japan and the one in Myrtle Beach are both closed, but there has been a preponderance of them along that parallel compared to other ones. I read somewhere too that they have a 33rd parallel no fly zone in Iraq too. Hmm... I thought it was interesting as Iraq is in the 33rd parallel and Bush Senior is or was a freemason... hmm... I love this stuff. I have to admit that the first time I stopped a the masonic temple in Florence, it acually faced in the direction of the prison. I wonder if there's something about countering the death at death row spots by placing a masonic lodge nearby? I never got through all the death row chamber locations and masonic lodges, but the first several ones I checked had them. You can go through whole cities and never see a lodge and then see one in a place that's kind of odd... I would say that basically the most violence is in the southern hemisphere of the world in general, Hispanic countries, Africa, and Middle East. But, that might have more to do with climate. They say people in hotter climates have worse tempers. I totally understand. I'm a bitch on wheels in an AZ summer. The air force base ratio was ridiculously high. I would say---does our government and freemasons hope to counter the bad "chi" from death row by having a lodge nearby and the fighting hot spots along the parallel with air force bases-- a kind of magical protection? How very Stonehenge!

  3. I agree with Jeff-I love this kind of stuff and thank you so very much for it Autumnforest!! one of the things i so often forget is how easy it is to look up stuff like this on the puter-this really interests me -as do much of the things you do here!!
    I appreciate both yours and Jeff's attitude into looking into these subjects-you would be amazed at the number of people out there who jump to conclusions -and then come up with their own unverifiable-and of course unchallengeable theory in conspiracyland -OH-before i go there is a blog you might want to (or not haha just pointing it out) put on your list or links -I found out about it from Anadae here is the address
    by paranormal investigator Loren Coleman-all the best in the world to you my friend!!!

  4. haha -look at the minute timing on my previous comment-it woulda been perfect if it was 3:33-which of course it actually is here in AZ since we dont do daylight savings time-apparently we don't do cold or crisp weather anymore either -shoudlnt say anything-i am just so ready for it to get out of the eighties even much less the nineties!! all the best!!

  5. autumnforest...i live right around the corner from a masonic temple! & the best used car i ever had was one with a mason's symbol attached to the back~! i never knew anything about that then!

  6. Dev;
    Thanks so much. I followed cryptomundo by Loren, but I didn't realize he had a blog. I'll definitely add that one. I have several of his books. He's always been constant in the field and one thing I appreciate about him is that he doesn't mind talking about cryptids but he doesn't preach like some of the hunter types do. Your timing was crazy--the 33--hope that's a lucky sign???

  7. Hey Libby;
    It's funny, but I admit when I go by masonic temples, I feel a strange peace. It's very weird. Perhaps it's because I'm Scottish and my family had a lot of freemasons in it. They have a strangely solid, firm, and protective feel about them. I know folks have a lot of theories about them, but I think if their locations are near such places of death, it's to counter it.

  8. I have done some research on the Masonic Temples in my area (there are three:East Liverpool, Lisbon,and Salem Ohio)which are all in these big gothic stone carved buildings. Of course these buildings are no longer in use as they cost too much to maintain and enrollment for the Masons is at an all time low, at least here. Still I am thrilled to find their logo stamped on an old building or canal in the area, though just by looking you can tell when they had a hand in it's making. There was also a time when that Masonic logo was put on headstones as well. There is one for the wives for their head stone too. Honestly, it is very difficult to find any one around here who will even talk about the Masons in this area. Very secretive they are indeed.

  9. Kimberly;
    They always seem to have the most interesting and historic buildings in town--usually made of stone (wonder why? hee hee). I have to admit that, although even within my family it's never spoken about, I'm amazed how they've managed to keep themselves so secretive for so many years--quite an accomplishment. My attitude when growing up was that I felt safer when there was a temple nearby. Don't know why, just an intuitive sense that them being here has helped the country immensely, but then their members have been quite prestigious in American government, so maybe that's why. Being a Scot, too, I understand how practical, thrifty, and forthright no-nonsense they can be. Out west here, most cemeteries have an enormous ratio of masonic symbols on them. Makes me wonder how much of settling the west they had their hand in. It's so odd how so many people can be members yet you never see or hear anything about them. I don't recall ever seeing them, like shriners, in parades... (insert Twilight Zone music here).