Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feng Shui the Ghosts Away: Crystals and Rocks

I’ve talked about the fantastic book “Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster” by Anna Maria Prezio before and I thought this time I’d cover some of her advice about crystals and rocks and their place in keeping your home a happy and spirit-free place.

Since I don’t like to close the door on any options in the ghost hunting world and I highly advocate theories, I think covering the use of crystals and rocks might sound a bit new-age to some, but when considering the most haunted places are also in the most geologically rich areas, I’m willing to consider the use of crystals and rocks. I’ve experimented with them a great deal and have ended up incorporated them into my home with great satisfaction.

I have a boat-shaped basket and it’s filled with crystals, geods, stones, seashells, pinecones, and feathers. I love things from nature and it never occurred to me that it might change the feel of my dining room with this enormous amount of amethyst, quartz, and other powerful stones like turquoise and metals like copper in one place, but I will admit that some folks refer to it as "the healing spot." If you wave your hands over top of it, you feel strangely tingly and renewed. When I sit near it to eat my supper, I feel very peaceful and happy. I cannot seem to feel negative emotions in that room, even when I’m having a cranky day. I find myself finding reasons to sit there. It took me some time to realize that having such a positive mood might have something to do with the environment.

Much like feeling tingles and uneasy feelings in a haunted spot, positive emotions can be evoked by the right environmental conditions, as well.

Here’s some tips from her book:

Cleansings crystals: Place in rock salt and water solution. Some say an hour is enough, others overnight. Then, let it them dry in the sun.

A large obelisk shaped natural crystal in the center of the house helps to dissolve tensions from quarreling. Keep a light on it and it will help spread its power.

Crystals in areas where you tend to leave clutter helps to negate its negative force.

If you want your partner to stay at home more often, take a natural crystal or rock and tie it by a red string from the foot of your side of the bed (attraction?).

Yellow citrine spheres attract wealth. Place one on your office desk at work.

The most unique gift I ever received was in a little box with a cottony cushion inside. No, not jewelry (I’m not the type of gal who’s impressed by jewelry, I honestly love having someone give me something simple and yet says “I totally get you.”). Inside the simple box was a precious gift, one beautiful raw stone; prehnite. It came with a little card telling me its attributes and the powers it could instill in me; “greater vision with your third eye for use during meditation.” What my dear friend was saying was, “I know you started meditating and exploring your psychic side, and I’m all for it! Here’s a power booster.” For others, the stone might be a protective one, one that attracts love or money. Such a simple and beautiful way to empower a loved one.

Later, I began to collect more and more beloved stones and crystals to my collection. I even got a drawstring little bag and put the proper mix in before a ghost hunt to attract spirits and communication (just in case), or put a mix for vivid dreams and visions when I sleeping by placing it under my pillow. When I went on a job interview, I had a stone in my pocket to attract money. My fingers caressed it before I went in. I have stones for different ailments, ones for different personality traits I desire. I later purchased necklaces with tiger’s eye and a quartz wand, turquoise, and amethyst, and they all seemed to perform some sort of soul-satisfying need for empowerment and peace.

This Christmas you might consider giving the gift of stone magic. I followed a wonderful blog by Hibiscus Moon. She often times talks about the healing properties of stones and crystals. And, she has a wonderful shop on Etsy where she sells these. This is a good place to start as you begin a journey to give and receive the power from the earth.

Look at it this way, it's always more appreciated and vital to give a live plant than to give cut flowers, and it is equally as exciting for a person to receive a single powerful stone than chips set into a piece of jewelry with no living element to it.


  1. Thank you for the mention here. I find it so interesting to see how others use their stones. TY for the insite.

  2. I am like you as far as the gift receiving goes Autumnforest-these are definitely a great idea for Christmas gifts -I think they do have the potential for great power if the person who has them believes in their magic -thanks for the interesting and insightful post -I will try to check out Hibiscus Moon's blog very soon!! all the best to you!!

  3. Wonderful post about healing stones. I have considered getting some for my home to relief some of the stress around here. With me not working the tension is much higher. We can use some peace and haromny especially with a baby living with us. I have not checked out Hibiscus Moon's shop yet even though I enjoy reading her blog. I should quit talking about it and just do it.

  4. Do i have to mention i loved that post?

  5. I just read your previous post. Yoou are so romantic. This picture was great. Is it one of yours? It seems professional.
    I love abandoned places. They have a melancholic beauty that overwhelms you!

  6. Hey Julie;
    I keep a rose quartz in the center of my house and I think it must work because there's never been fighting in that area and the further you get away from it, the more able to quarrel. I like taking them on the plane with me because I hate flying. I've had security people laugh and say "you wouldn't believe how many people carry these."

    Thank you. The photo was not one of mine, but I used it to try and express how one stark item can make a picture really amazing and moody. I hope to put up a post in a day or two showcasing some of my favorite abandoned shots I've taken.

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  8. I believe in the power of crystals and rocks. I will check out Hibiscus Moon's shop too; I don't think of seen her shop, but I have looked at her blog.