Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Evolution of Ghost Hunting: Paul Bradford

The market is crazy saturated with way too many “hunters” these days and not enough intelligent beings to make heads or tails of the evidence they accrue. Without diligence, debunking, and extremely “hygienic” methods, a lot of proof of hauntings is nothing more than anecdotal.

That's why I'm so thankful when I come across a hunter who to me stands out from the crowd. When I saw Paul Bradford join the team of "Ghost Hunters International" last season, I felt like I could finally exhale. Guys like Paul promote the evolutionary process by strengthening the ghost hunting gene pool, so to speak. He's the “gadget guy" who joined GHI's ranks. He's earnest, clear-thinking, not distracted by his surroundings or the ambiance, and ever focused on helping the field advance to the next level. If Jason and Grant came up with a basketball, Paul brought the hoop and net to the game. He's helping to focus the research and refine it by beta-testing tools for ghost hunting.

His site clearly explains his goal to be sure that other teams have access to technology that’s being created and to test it in the field. He needs the feedback. He desires everyone to come together to find commonalities and consistencies and see what's working and what's not. It is precisely the attitude I’ve always taken towards the ghost hunting field. Whatever we find, we share, we spread information and tools, and we have hundreds, even thousands of eyes on phenomenon. This is how we get closer to finding out just how to “weigh” and “measure” phenomenon and perhaps get closer to understanding why it’s here and not there, why it happened today and not yesterday. It's the very reason I have this blog at all. To share.

Imagine carrying one tool instead of a bunch of them? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wrestled around with my photography fanny pack, trying to recall which compartment has the EMF meter, which has the KII meter, which has the thermometer, which one has the flashlight, et cetera. Well, Paul's site carries a device called the Mel 8704R - Hybrid. Genius! It makes it possible to have all these devices in one! He’s experimented with a wide variety of fun new things including an E-Pod. When you’re on a hunt and having signs of electrostatic issues such as hair standing on end, this device makes it possible to measure the electrostatic current present. The LED goes off when a charge gets near it with no need to hold it or to have a noise go off that could interfere with EVPs. For too many years, hunters have had to rely on equipment meant for electricians. No more! We finally have someone presenting us new options!

I admit to being a huge fan of finding ways to detect and decide what possible avenue ghost phenomenon is traveling. I think if I were to add something to the bin, I’d love to have a way to know if geomagnetic activity and electron fluxes are occurring. So far, every time I’ve gotten impressive evidence and a lot of phenomenon, 100% of the time it was on a night of electron flux or geomagnetic occurrences. That could be a marriage of the electrical and geologic/magnetic issues are common in hauntings as I've explained in my haunted formula.

I have to admit, with the revolving door on GHI (lots of people jettisoning), when they get good solid folks on there, I root for them big-time. I think Robb has really developed as a leader and a steady head and I admire Barry's eagerness. But, I definitely look forward to seeing Paul stay with GHI and be the Willy Wonka of ghost hunting gadgetry, testing all the new and fun toys!


  1. Good to know. I guess I must have missed the episodes with him in it. I'll check out his site.
    There's a show on the Discovery channel called "Ghost Lab". I just found out about it, so I haven't watched it. Have you?

  2. Hey Sandra;
    Yeah, I've been watching Ghost Lab. I recently did a review of it on the blog this month. I like the approach very much, but I also find it countered by their personalities which are really hard to take, but I try to get past their good ole boys takin' pot shots at deer with a rifle mentality and try to focus on what they're doing which is finding ways to test theories--that always makes me happy.

  3. Paul was only on a couple of eppys but I was impressed with him too. I hope he sticks around. I also agree that Robb is getting much better in the leadership role. Looking forward to GHI and DT returning.

  4. Hey Autumnforest thanks for this post and I will check out the site -the ghost hunting type shows are really the only reason I wish I did get cable sometimes-but I am still grateful that you and Julie talk about these shows on your blogs -all the best in the world to you my friend!!

  5. Dev;
    SyFy online has episodes of a lot of the shows, so feel free to see what they're like. Hulu probably has them too, I'd guess. I hope you have a nice weekend. If you catch any of them, I'd love to hear your opinion. "Ghost Lab" is on Discovery, "Paranormal State" is on A&E. "Ghost Adventures" is on Travel Channel and "Ghost Hunters" "Ghost Hunters International" and "Ghost Hunters Academy" are on SyFy.

  6. Have you read "A History of Ghosts" by Peter Aykroyd, Dan the actor's father?
    It's stories of Peter's grandfather, Dr. Samuel Augustus Aykroyd,research.

  7. I have worked with Paul Bradford on a few ghost investigations in recent years, and I must say he knows his tech equipement...he is lots of fun and has a good sense of humor. He will be a gret asset to the GHI team!

    Debe Branning
    Director of the MVD Ghostchasers of Mesa/Bisbee