Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chupacabra: Marsupial?

The above is film footage from a police officer’s dash cam of what was believed to be a chupacabra. For those who might not have heard of these supposed creatures, they’ve been reported in numerous places and a great deal in Puerto Rico and Texas. This creature has short front legs, long back legs, and a head that appears rather horse-like.

It’s been discussed that perhaps what is being seen is a combination of a wolf and coyote, but neither creature has a disproportionately large head or particularly short front legs.

When I see this dash cam film, I’m taken immediately to another creature that had a horse-like head, short front legs, and a marsupial-like tail…the thylacine, better known as the “Tasmanian Tiger” (the largest known marsupial carnivore) found on the island of Tasmania near Australia and believed to be completely instinct by the 1930s.

(Film above: The last known Tasmanian Tiger). No, I’m not suggesting somehow a Tasmania Tiger has made its way to America, but is there a possibility that this creature seen and sometimes found dead on ranch land in Texas is some form of carnivorous marsupial we didn’t know was here? Something along the same concept as Bigfoot is a family member who made it across the Alaskan land bridge and evolved in the Americas?


  1. The stories I've heard about the chupacabras and the videos and pictures of alleged chupacabras just don't match up to me. The bodies that people thought might have been chupacabras have turned out to be canines with the mange or something like that. So either we don't have a picture of a real chupacabra, or a lot of people have misidentified a known animal and grossly exaggerated what they saw.

    But before we jump to the conclusion that chupacabra sitings are all misidentifications, we should also consider that bizarre cattle (and goat) mutilations do occur. The pictures of alleged chupacabras we have seen thus far don't look like animals that could perform bizarre cattle mutilations that seemingly have surgical precision. So if chupacabras are responsible for cattle mutilations, then it must be some type of unknown animal.

    But then again, maybe whatever - or whoever - is performing the cattle mutilations is not a chupacabra.

    I'm not sure what they are, but it is an interesting mystery.

  2. Whatever that was, i thought it was cute! Is it supposed to be mean?

  3. Jeff;
    The Puerto Rico accounts are more like a little alien and yet the Texas version is more dog-like. I find the strangely horse-like and disproportionate head and shorter front legs really familiar. Made me think immediately of marsupials, especially thylacines. I think if we're talking about an actual creature and not an alien, the marsupial explanation might be a possibility.

    The chupacabra is a creature described by people in Puerto Rico and Texas mostly. The name translates to "goat sucker." They have been seen by locals attacking pets and livestock and sucking the blood right out of them. Some people in Texas claim to have seen dead ones and took pictures but they've been dismissed as dogs or dog hybrids with mange--therefore no hair. Many rural locals believe they are evil and maybe even alien. Others believe they're simply a hybrid dog.

  4. I enjoy reading about Chupacabra and other cryptids -in my comments of 4 November post Anadae has given a link to a thycacline i believe-i didnt get a chance to look at it yet as I was obsessed with another link he provided about the death at age of 34-paranormal investigator Mac Tonnies-i consider the link so important i am going to put it under a small post i hope to do today also -all the best to you my friend -will try to catch up soon-maybe not today-i was offline for two days and am behind on everything-but need to go over stuff for lawyers meeting tomorrow also-thanks again!!!

  5. They are a very odd looking cross between a dog, wolf and horse. People in Texas believe them to be real and are very scared of them. I saw a show about them.

  6. chupacabras are interesting...but what do you think of the 'montaik monster', and the island over that way that does the gov't testing on animals?

  7. Hey Dev; I'll definitely be sending positive energy your way tomorrow.

    I have to admit, I have to watch the shows whenever they cover chupies. I am intrigued. I think there's something there, but I hardly think it's alien. Some folks aren't used to having their livestock attacked by wild dogs, so they could just be freaked by it.

    Montauk monster was an interesting one. I admit that the first time I saw it, I was certain it was a dog. Later, more of these things have washed ashore and it seems very odd to me that so many hairless dogs are washing ashore??? I admit, the location makes it very interesting. Having done a remote viewing into Montauk's facility, I would not be surprised at all if it had been some variation experimented with interbreeding, perhaps. The only thing is, I'd be surprised they (government) didn't sweep in and clean it up and pretend to be local authorities just picking it up so that it's never seen or heard from again.

  8. autumnforest, i'm with you on that one...i feel like a 'conspiracy theorist' or something, but there is SO much going on "under the radar"...

  9. I feel like a kid in the corner... what, I don't see it. To me it's just a dog with a maybe square snout like a great dane.

    I played with the video trying to get it to stop just as it turned its' head. I still don't see it.

    I do think there has to be something to this chupacabra mess.
    But I'm not sure just what.

  10. My comment didn't quite express what I wanted to say.

    I think an odd looking dog like creature is an easy out.

    I don't think any of us are going to be very happy with what this all sounds like to me. Nor have another peaceful nights sleep.

  11. Yeah, I was pretty cool with the dog until it turned its head and I realized its run was kind of odd. Whether or not that was a "chupacabra" (whatever that is), it has me wondering by description what exactly people are running into. The Puerto Ricans describe something very alien with red eyes, wings, all kinds of sh$# that the Texan one doesn't have. How the two got melded together, I'm not sure. I'd go with a dog variation with mange in Texas as a likely culprit because: 1. If I had to live in Texas I'd have mange too. 2. All kidding aside, the real heart of chupacabra is Puerto Rico and to connect Texas with that is to say the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico were built by the same dudes...

  12. How disappointing that would be if that was what a chupacabra looked like...too cute! Not at all the wild scary beast I imagined.