Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tambourine Pirate: Arrrrgh!

I thought you might enjoy this. It's just a tiny clip of my son's movies from the party, but he just had to film the pirate man trying his hand at an open mic jam. He said later on he'd like to add in the part of the movie "The Jerk" where Navin is trying to learn how to tap his foot to music. When he does that, I'll definitely post it. My hubby is on the drums in this video footage. A lot of people came in and out to pick up an instrument and try their hand. My son filmed some really good jams earlier in the evening (this was late in the party). When he gets the films from the party up, I'll post those too. He walked a tour of the place beforehand, as well. I worry it might have ended up looking too dark, but we'll see. p.s. The camera is shaking so much because my son couldn't control his laughter.


  1. Hey Mr Tambourine Man... I used to play tamborine church. It was a bit different.

    Found this blog through Katies site. Looks like fun,. I'll be droppin by from time to time.

    Certainly have interest in ghost hunting and spooks and all.

  2. Christina; Thanks. Hope you enjoy you visits here.