Friday, October 16, 2009

Sunday October 25th: History Channel Rocks!

Mark your calendars!

History Channel is stepping up (where TLC totally dropped the ball long ago with multiple-baby family, true crime, and fishermen shows). I used to check TLC around Halloween time for great speculation/conjecture documentaries, but now History Channel has my unconditional adoration. Why?

Let’s look at Sunday October 25th’s schedule (Eastern standard time, NOTE: It looks like Phoenix will have the same times for it too)

7am: Ancient Treasures of the World:
Stonehenge: Great documentary on what it is, what it was…
(unannounced from 8 am to 5 pm—guessing it’ll be good because of the theme going here)
5 pm: Primal Fear: A look at human’s most primal fears.
7 pm: The Haunted History of Halloween: From Celtic Samhain origins to America’s influence, the history of Halloween.
8 pm: Mysteryquest Alien Coverup: Do governments around the world coverup the reality of UFOs?
9 pm: Monsterquest Abominable Snowman (2 hrs): Looking at the history of sightings and evidence, as well as launching a very dangerous trek to find him.
11 pm: Monsterquest Snowbeast Slaughter: Colorado Rocky Mountains reportedly angry ski resort visiting beast. This was what they featured in the 70s awesome movie “Snowbeast.”

I have to admit, I’m tickled pink about this schedule and since abdominal snowman is one of my favorite subjects, this evening looks fantastic!


  1. I'm really old....turns out I'm fairly easily entertained, but very very hard to impress.

    The History Channel has had my undivided attention this season and I have been impressed several times already.

  2. @eloh;
    I think they're probably not on the right course technically for a history channel, but discovery doesn't seem to want to fill the title for us who are curious. Jeez, just look at travel channel--Andrew Zimmer eating testicles and penises? SyFy showing "Ghost Whisperer?" (in what universe is that SciFi?--oh wait, it's in the universe that's SyFy--now I get it). (wink)

  3. Thanks for the heads up Autumnforest-will see if my folks can record -hope you are having a great weekend-well about to anway;-)

  4. Dev;
    I'm on the 2-week countdown for the party. It's fun. Tonight? I have the place to myself and I'm playing 80s dance music and working on the object that the Modi Mannequin dude will hold when he greets the guests. I'm thinking of a crazy tall staff with lots of odd trinkets attached to it into something very Predator-feeling trophy like... I'm such a freak! Hopefully that just set the tone for my weekend. I know I'll be avoiding the 100-degree weather--ARGH!

  5. oh, autumnforest!! i'm "all agog" looking forward to this!! i know exactly where i'll be all that day! and, actually, the way the weather's getting, it'll probably be snowing anyway!

  6. Libby;
    Can you believe after the 80s/50s, we're up to 100 this weekend? I'll be swimming well into November this year. I'll be doing makeup and tour guides at the cemetery tour on that day, but luckily the great shows start in the evening. Yahoo! My favorite thing is a Sunday off and curling up to watch documentaries about creepy stuff. That's my dream day--well, except, I'd have it snowing outside and I'd be hiding under a blanket. Looks like the ceiling fan and shorts for me. Oh well (sigh)