Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reaper and Dolls

Okay, Got the reaper up in his part of the yard so he can age by Halloween. I still need to paint his skeleton face--last touches, but I'm pleased. The scythe was made with a rusted saw and a wooden stick found at the abandoned site. The sand area next to him is usually a zen garden, but I'm going to put tattered wispy cloth and a bunch of loose bones sticking out of the sand, maybe a vulture...

The dolls are all done, except for some my son hopes to find at the abandoned site. We didn't go through the pile of toys while we were there, but there was some very creepy stuff to be found. One of the dolls above has no eyes and I'll put a glow stick inside his head. I have leaves floating around it and the open space for the creepy doll movie to show up against the wall. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. At night, it's much scarier.

Well, for my day off, it's 12:30 and I've already put together a reaper, a doll area, and the berserker mannequin. Not bad! Hopefully, the rest of the day I can work on my novel. It's cloudy and breezy and perfect scary novel writing weather.


  1. Everything is coming along nicely. I love the reaper. This weather is just wonderful. I love the overcast and coolness outside.

  2. It was spitting raindrops on me while I was working. It was fantastic!

  3. Thanks for putting these images up Autumnforest! You are doing a great job with this and it looks like great fun!! This is indeed turning out to be a lovely October -all the best!!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love the Mickey Mouse!!!!