Thankfully, had the day off. Got soooo much done. I took this shot above of the ghost last night when the moon was one night away from harvest moon (tonight!) I liked the way you could see the moon near the ghost in the dark.

I took a tall candleabra I have and decided to make a dummy that's post-apocalyptic guarding the compound. I think I'll give him a rifle too. He has an a long-sleeved shirt, a military vest and a Korean war coat, a styrofoam mannequin head and a gas mask and scarf. The bottom half I'm debating cargo pants or jeans and boots. I'll give him some big honking work gloves too. I'm hoping to set a couple red LED lights into where his eyes would be and get creepy radioactive looking eyes. He'l stand (he's 6' tall) in an area of the yard that's kind transition between the music room where the musicians will be playing and the party in the yard, kind of a spooky bouncer. Hee hee. Well, I'm burying some dolls in the yard for doll island too. I hope I remember where I buried them.

I'll probably do another post to show you some of the fabric things I did...


  1. Thanks for putting up these photos and keeping us informed of your progress and ideas -it looks like a lot of fun -I am glad you had some time off to work on it-all the best!!


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