Sunday, October 4, 2009

Part 2 of Party Progress

I had some old blankets that were outdoors and they got killed by summer and I washed them and they completely fell into crumbles, so I used them for a project--because I reuse EVERYTHING when it comes to the party. I have a section of my wall around the yard that vines won't grow on, so they were kind of not private. I wanted a bit of privacy for the party and also wanted to add more apocalyptic feel like we've rigged stuff with parts found and left outdoors... I used the blanket pieces to make this section along the wall. I'm going to use more of it in other places--table cloths and such...

I was out in the yard last night when the moon was almost full and took a shot of the graveyard in the corner and the doll display as it is right now. I have a few dolls I took down and I need to age them. I have one doll head on a spike but need a couple more. There's a clear string overhead that barbies hang from. This is so fun. I'm going to use this as an excuse to rewatch Destination Truth at Doll Island and take notes.

These two posts are only a fraction of what I did today. I have to go back to work tomorrow just to get a rest...


  1. Looks like great fun Autumnforest! I hope your party is a splendid success -I am sure it will be -you have put so much effort into it!! best to you as always!1

  2. wow, it looks cool! you're going to have a great party, how fun!

  3. I've waited probably 10 years to finally get around to doing this party. I realized with Halloween on a Saturday, that leaves a perfectly good Friday for a par-tay! I just try to think of the Halloween party I'd like to go to. The fun thing is I found a glow-in-the-dark Ouija board that I can set up on a picnic table under some string lights and I'm going to wear all my ghost hunting gear which I can let people play with and stuff. Mostly, I just hope I get to dance in the graveyard.

  4. So far, so good. You are doing such a wonderful job on the party decorations. Your guest will have a blast.