Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Modi: God of Rage, Son of Thor; Leader of Berserkers

I want to thank Andrew D. Gable for coming up with an ideal name for my scary mannequin that greets the guests at my post-apocalyptic graveyard themed Halloween party. Modi, son of Thor, God of Rage, Leader of the Berserkers is a perfect name.

Ignore my crappy attempt at blotting out the messy background where I've got my workshop stuff lying around, but notice that he's basically done. All he needs are the red LED lights for eyes, although if I could do icy pale blue, that'd be pretty cool too.

There's only one thing missing and ya'all can help me...

What should he be holding? Now, the theme is that this is a post-apocalyptic compound with a graveyard. Everything is kind of ragged and rigged. What should this berserker be holding when people enter the backyard for the party? He'll have glowing eyes and lightning flashing on him and tons and tons of white wooden crosses in the ground all around him.

Thanks for your input, you're the most creative group imaginable.


  1. I love his name! Could he be holding a shovel?

  2. A lead pipe is always fitting for a post-apocalyptic dude. Even better if its a cracked lead pipe with a sharp end.

    Besides a rifle, you might also want to consider a crossbow, butcher's knife, chainsaw, or axe.

    A broken glass bottle might be fitting for a post apocalptic dude too...although a little bottle wouldn't be as intimidating as some of the other things I listed.

  3. Georgina;
    I had thought about a garden implement, but I think I want him to look like he's guarding the compound.

    How about all of them??? I like your ideas. My son is going back to the abandoned trailer park where he filmed that short film I put on here called "Reverberations" and there were tons of rusted poles, shovels, axes and such. I still need to put the radiation sticker on him too.

  4. Maybe you can put something on the jacket that says "Quarantine" too. And if you have some handcuffs, you can put it on one of his wrists to make him also looked like an escaped convict who survived the apocalypse (or you can break the chain and have it around each wrist).

  5. Jeff;
    Not a bad idea. I actually have a set of huge chains for Halloween. I could have his ankles chained. I have a radiation sticker I'm going to put on his jacket. I hope to wander around and look at things, trying to get inspiration that would tell a story.

  6. Courtney;
    Not a bad idea. I had thought of a Thor's hammer, but I think something unexpected would be cool and with lightning flashing on him... I think we're going to hit the abandoned site again and see what we're inspired by. That place had just about everything and it was all rusted and nasty.