Friday, October 2, 2009

Making Progress on the Party

I decided to hang only barbies from a clear string overhead. I took the eyes out of the realistic-looking doll and will put a glow stick inside his head. Hopefully, this weekend I'll get over to Saver's and find a bunch more dollies. I also have a ventriloquist doll I'm adding at the time of the party because I don't want to dirty it up. The movie can show on the sheet against the shed right in the center of all the dolly craziness. I will hopefully put some heads on sticks around it too. Honestly, if I could get enough doll heads, I put them on sticks as you walk up to the entry--that'd be pretty creepy.

The cemetery is looking better and I'm going to hang a huge very sheer and floaty realistic ghost overhead that will spread out over the graveyard and hover by clear strings. There'll be a lightning flasher on it so that should give it a real cool effect.

I made the tattered curtains for the patio. I just need to clear the stuff off of it and make room for where the food and drink tables and keg will go. It'll be lit with candles and in glass containers (safer) and jack-o-lanterns everywhere.

I printed out a bunch of radioactive stickers to put on things.

I also got the stuff ready for the guest bath. I have the autopsy reports and death certificates for celebrities aged with tea stains and their picture in the corner of the reports and I'm going to tack them on the walls like some mad serial killer with bloody gloves at the sink and bloody implements and a clear shower curtain with bloody hand prints and blood in the tub. Should gross everyone out sufficiently.

Well, that's the progress so far. It's such sinister fun making these things--wish it was Halloween all year!


  1. Georgina;
    Hope you're feeling better. Yeah, at nighttime it should be pretty wicked. I'm going to go out tonight and try lighting on the areas to see what I need and how to place it. When people enter, they'll enter into a part of the yard that's all tons of white crosses and a giant grim reaper with a scythe and a blackbird on his shoulder with lightning blinking on him. Should make a good first impression. :-)

  2. Wow, you have been working very hard and it looks so good.

  3. wow, can i say how jealous i am cuz i'm in ohio??

  4. Libby;
    I'm jealous because you're in Ohio--you get a real autumn. This autumn just has to pretend it's autumn (hee hee)