Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Short: Drained

(Okay, ya’all, after today’s Halloween short story, there’ll be just one more and then Samhain’s promises to be one of my favorites. In fact, when this is all said and done, I’ll tell you my very favorite ones I wrote. Today’s was inspired by getting what you wish for. Oh, and beware—it’s EROTIC. I figured since I write erotic horror, it would be silly not to give you one of my shorts in my style. This traditional theme should suit that means well.)

He never ventured out after dark. It wasn’t that he feared it. No, Holger’s reasons were ever so practical; he had poor night vision. If he even tried to drive on the roads, headlights from oncoming cars looked like sunbursts, absolutely blinding and gigantic in size. He cringed when he recalled the last time he drove at night four years ago.

The things you do for love.

Accepting that he’d have to meet a woman in the daytime, but that was when he worked, he adopted a dog and called it quits. It wasn’t like Jenny Lee had just up and taken his heart with her when she exited his life, but she did leave a bad taste in his mouth. She seemed like a perfectly sweet and pleasant woman when they met and over the last year she became a demanding, angry, and resentful woman. The distortion of her once delicate features into a twisted rapidly aging face made him shudder.

Did I do that to her like she said?

Admittedly, he did tend to overwork. When he was stressed and tired, he didn’t want any more demands on his weary brain. He wasn’t raised in an affectionate family. In fact, his mother was from Holland and his father was from Germany, so it left him rather inaccessible to a passionate Irish woman. It was true he didn’t like kissing. It was a messy business and he had poor enough vision that she was a giant blur up close. So, maybe he could go for weeks without sex and be just fine with it. He was in his 40s now, his drive was waning. And giving compliments? It wasn’t in his makeup. If someone did well, they didn’t need their ego stroked more. Humility was always the best practice.

And how did that philosophy work for you, idiot? Well, it’s her fault too. She should have asked for what she needed, been direct. I’m too tired for games and mind-reading nonsense. The next woman in my life will be ballsy and assertive.

With a sigh, he petted his silky dog and strolled off to the bedroom to begin his methodical routine. First, turn down the bed, gather up his pajamas and socks, go to the bathroom where he would undress from his work clothing and lay out the pajamas while he took a shower for precisely 5 minutes, followed by socks first, underwear next, bottoms, and then top, brush his teeth for two and a half minutes, floss, cleanse his sinuses with a neti pot of warm saltwater rushed through his nostril and out the other. Clear his throat, blow his nose, and turn out the light.

When he lay down in bed in the very center of it, lying on his left side facing the doorway, Holger closed his eyes with a sigh. He was weary, well and truly spent, completely drained. It had been a long week with many demands, longer hours than he liked. In fact, this evening he barely made it out before it got dark now that the days were getting shorter. He sighed again.

A firm knock on his door startled Holger to life. He sat up, confused what to do in his social awkwardness. Admittedly, it was a Friday night and 10:00, but he was ready for bed. And inconsiderate person who was surely at the wrong door was making him put on his slippers and robe.

With a groan he swung the door open, not even caring at that moment if it were a knife-wielding predator. In fact, it might put him out of his bored routine to cut through his mental numbness.

He blinked against the porch light as it cast a glow on a tall slender woman with long shining black hair and crystal blue eyes. Her skin was pale and perfectly flawless, her lips full and red. He blinked again.

“I’m sorry to bother you. My car has a flat.” She pointed over her shoulder. “I don’t have a cell phone.”

“Me either.” He remarked awkwardly and then realized he should practice the social graces. “You need to use my phone?”

She nodded.

He opened the door and let her step inside. She glided in very gracefully, her rounded buttocks and long legs stunning in her dark jeans and high-heeled boots. Holger never considered himself an ass man, but hers was perfectly tear-drop shaped and he was a man who admired details, symmetry and balance. It was in his father’s German blood to look for flaws.

“Ah, it’s over there.” He gestured to the bar counter.

“Thank you so much. I’ll try not to be long.”

“It’s fine.” He admitted, then looked down at his plaid robe and old-man slippers. He ran a hand through his thick sandy hair and cleared his throat as the woman dumped the contents of her purse on the counter and scattered through them.

“I don’t know my car club’s number.” She explained as she examined each card on the counter. “Here we are.” She smiled beautifully.

He was glad he wasn’t needed for conversation because, honestly, he could replay this scene of her in his condo a million times over the next few months, imaging how close he was to having a living breathing woman and a gorgeous one, at that, in his very own home. He’d even be able to contribute to a conversation at work. Finally.

The beauty sighed as she set down the phone. “They said it’ll be 90 minutes. I guess Friday nights are really busy.” She studied him and he felt a flush of self-consciousness in his nerdish nighttime attire. He wasn’t a dresser. In fact, he wore the same things he’d seen his father wear to bed.

“Thank you for letting me us the phone.” She wandered towards the door in a trail of jasmine and sandalwood.

“It’s cold out there.” He told her.

Jesus, you don’t state it as a fact, idiot! You present it as a question. At least act like you have social graces.

“Do you have a place you’re going to wait?”

“My car.” She smiled.

“No.” He cleared his throat. “I mean, it’s too cold out there. Why don’t you wait here. You can see the tow truck pull up from my front window.” He nodded.

”I don’t want to impose.”

“You’re not. I was just…” He looked around. “Going to watch some TV.”

She tilted her head, the veil of black silky hair falling forward. “I don’t think so. I think you were going to sleep and I interrupted you.”

He shrugged. “I wasn’t asleep, just thinking of it.” He offered.

She yawned and stretched, her long arms rising above her head, her round breasts rising. He tried not to stare but her nipples were hard beneath her clinging sweater. Holger swallowed past a dry spot in his throat.

“I’m tired too. Don’t blame you.” She leaned down and undid her boots. Her breasts swayed inside the loose neckline of her cashmere sweater and he could see the apricot tips brushing against the lucky fuzzy cloth. “You don’t mind, do you?” She asked as she kicked the boots aside.

He shook his head mutely.

“I’m Kasha.”

”Kasha.” He said dumbly. “That’s a nice name.”

She wants your name, idiot!

“I’m Holger.”

She stepped up to him. “Holger.” She said thickly. “I like that name. It suits you.”

To his utter shock, she reached out and her fingers curled around the lapels of his robe.

“It’s chilly in here, you like it cold, Holger?” She purred.

Tell her you’re too cheap to put the heat above 67.

“I can turn it up.” He told her, his voice lowering strangely.

“No, I like it. It feels good.” She murmured as she played with the nape of his neck where the hair had been trimmed to try and squelch the natural waves. “What do we do for 90 minutes?” She raised a dark brow, her lips curled into a pretty little bow.

He licked his lips. “I-I”

She laughed throatily and dropped her hands. “You’re too fun to play with, Holger. You really don’t know how to play games, do you? Another man would have given me some godawful line and had me spread out on his coffee table.” She waved her hand in that direction.

Holger studied his Ikea coffee table that took three hours to assemble. Somehow, the imagery of her splayed out on the cheap laminate confused his practical mind. Instead of wondering if it could hold her weight without incident, he was imaging her rippling body undulating against the cool surface, a study in contrasts.

Where the hell did that come from?

“I like a no-nonsense man. I’m very frank about what I want.” She lowered her eyelids and studied the tie of his robe, reaching out and undoing it easily. “I’ll make it very clear to you so you’re not left to wonder about the intricacies. Holger, I’d like for you and I to go to your bedroom, remove our clothing, and lie down on the bed. You don’t have to do a thing, Holger. I’d really like to do it all. I don’t require any sort of…preparation or kind words or show of affection. I’m talking about just pure sexual gratification for the purpose of an orgasm. Are you in?” She peaked a brow.

He swallowed and nodded silently.

She took his hand with her warm one and guided him to the bedroom, peeking it to see the light on. Red, his dog, leapt from the dog bed in the corner and rushed from the room with a low growl.

“I’m sorry.” He remarked.

“I like pups. I guess she doesn’t want competition, hmm?”

She removed his robe and he trembled anxiously at the vulnerable exposure of his body for the first time with a new woman. She clicked off the light and made a quick task of removing the rest of his clothing. He could see her well in the fairly bright room. The back of his condo faced a street with bright lights and he used thin shades so when the sun rose, he wouldn’t sleep in. He hated laziness. Holger had never been so glad he didn’t get curtains like Jenny Lee always nagged him about.

Kasha removed her sweater over her head in one easy sweep, her round breasts swaying, nipples standing at attention. Her belly was smooth and pale like the rest of her skin. He saw a little ring at the rim of her bellybutton. Every muscle in his body poised.

“Go ahead, lay back, Holger.” She purred as she bent and worked her jeans off her hips. She slipped the panties down with them and he felt a tingle of anticipation. This was really happening to him. This long-legged creature with a throaty voice and long silky black hair is coming to…

Just what would a woman like her do with him? Her words had pumped his cock with pulsing heat when she said she simply wanted an orgasm and would do it all. He couldn’t possibly disappoint her if he just laid there and took what she was going to give.

He felt her weight upon the bed as she climbed atop of him. She stroked his coarsely hairy thighs as if she enjoyed his texture in contrast to her smoothness. He couldn’t see her well as she bent over him, the blanket of her black mane blocking his view as her hot tongue tickled a path along the crease in his groin. He sucked in his breath and trembled, fists clenching the sheet. He didn’t know if it was possible to hold back. He willed the orgasm away by imaging Jenny Lee watching them. She would, no doubt, criticize his lack of enthusiasm and inability to instigate lovemaking. But this woman…Ah, she was fine with his helplessness.

She purred lowly in her throat as her tongue swirled the tip of him and he bucked his hips involuntarily.

“It’s been a while, hmm?” She wasn’t waiting for an answer as she slid atop of him, straddling his hips with her soft thighs.

“Fast and hard, Holger? Soft and slow? Perhaps a combination?” She rubbed her heat and moisture along his shaft and his nostrils flared with the desire to grasp her hips and impale her with his wooden stake. That imagery made him smile darkly. After all, in a few short minutes she would be draining him. His own personal sexual vampire, Kasha.

I like the sound of that.

“Perhaps some pain, hmm?” She hummed.

“Pain?” He gritted his teeth as she eased herself onto him at a tortuously slow pace.

“You seem like a man who might like a little pain when he comes? A little spank? Slap? Bite?”

He moaned lowly in his throat as she thrust fully against his groin without warning. He arched up again and cried out at the feel of. She was unusual in every way and her body felt oddly different than Jenny Lee or any other woman he’d known in the past. Kasha was hot and slick, but she felt as if she were form fit to him and there were little spasms deep inside that tested his shaft like searing pulsing strokes. He closed his eyes and moaned again.

How does she do that?

“Holger, I can give you a little bit of pain. Just let me feel when you’re about to come.” Her voice turned raspy as she glided up and down him. He held her hips, but she pressed his hands back on the mattress. “No, no.” She smiled down at him, her eyes sparkling in the room’s faded light. “I’ll take care of you.” She bent forward, her breasts swaying against his chest. He panted lightly as his body began to rise to the need. He bucked his hips, grunting like a wild beast let out from its stall.

“Good, right now, Holger.” She promised as she licked the side of his neck, sucking gently at his pulsing vein. Just as she clamped around his shaft he screamed out loud, his first time ever with a climax, as her teeth cut into his neck and he stiffened up, too painfully sensitive to thrust again as he erupted within her blessed haven. Dizzy with pleasure and pain combining into an ecstasy that literally left him paralyzed, Holger’s head fell back on the pillow.

He sighed as she continued to suck at the stinging flesh of his neck. He had just experienced more animation than he had ever felt, more presence in his body and emotions, more personally satisfied, and yet so very weak and thoroughly…drained.

Kasha sat back and studied the man. He was different. She had scented it in him when she tested him in the doorway. Had he not suited, she would have said she had the wrong address, but instead she found a way to be invited inside. She climbed from his resting body and gathered up her clothing. She headed for the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Oh yes, she would keep this newest pet. He was much like her, uncomfortable and awkward with emotions and intimacy. He was a dream mate. In fact, never in all her hundreds of years had she found a man who was more like the undead in his mortal state than a vampire.


  1. Whoa. I jus' don't Gno in which direction to go with this, Autumn. You're truly gifted, as an investigator, an artiste, a natural philosopher (the original appellate for scientist), wife, mother, friend, & authoress. Ever hear of The Vampire Wire? Their latest up-to-the-minute offering (like, I mean today's) is located right around here. Shwew.

    Truly excellent grasp of the lore that you have here, & you're right up there with Ornella Volta, Bram Stoker, Anne Rice (whose angel series, "Song of the Seraphim: Angel Talk" just came out ~ click HERE for promo trailer), Laurell K. Hamilton, Nancy A. Collins, Brian Lumley, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, & oh SO many others. You're in the Big Leagues, sis', the Big Leagues.

    Cheering for you fr. an overcast Apple Mountain,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-D}

    PS My word verification here is "nadror" & that's sort of reminiscent of one Nandor Fodor's sleuthing. He was the late Hungarian parapsychologist who had served as a role model for ME as a boy growing up & whose investigations had shown some light on an early 20th century TRUE vampire case, Croglin Grange, one of the grossest examples of a mindless, blood-driven, dessicated revenant, not the charming femme fatale who plies her female wiles on the unsuspecting as in YOUR tall tale here.

  2. Eeek. Autumn, having my curiosity aroused, HERE'S just a tad more accurate reporatge, replete with footnotes, on that (alleged) true vampire case of Croglin Grange, Cumbria. Talk abite a retelling of an already older tale, retold & added to!

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I wasn't sure if my erotica is just a bit too graphic for some folks, but I'm much too old to care anymore if I please EVERYONE. I just have to please me and people who have tastes similar to mine. You're really the audience I'd like to incite. Thanks for all the references. I can't wait to look it all up. I admit I love vampire lore, but I've never researched it--honestly, never read Anne Rice. I admit that as a writer, I try not to read too much because it can change my attitude when I write and I don't believe I can be fresh and original if I've been in someone else's world. I do admit that every time I write, it's exactly like when I'm doing psychic readings--I go into this world and know all about the people and the places and the senses. I know I couldn't write like this if I weren't a psychic. This short took me all of 45 minutes which is long for one of my shorts, but I haggled with myself about whether or not to let him live...

  4. autumnforest, bravo! this is great! sadly, holger reminds me of my xhusband, passive & weak...but, aside from that, you have a true gift of storytelling!! go with it!!

  5. Libby;
    Hope his new girl sucks the life out of him... Hee hee :-)

  6. Great post. I love your blog, keep up the great work!

  7. Harlem's a Hatin;
    Thanks. Glad you're enjoying it. As soon as Halloween is over, I'll be back to doing my regular posts on all things paranormal and theories.

  8. Anadae Effro said exactly what I think Autumnforest-altho he uses correct grammar!!{:-) this was another classic!! I loved the description of how Holger and Kasha fit together (as she is thinking) if a vampire ever gets to me erotically -I hope it is also one that is awkward in social situations like yours truly!!!
    all the best to you my friend and I can't express in words how much I have enjoyed these-I am truly going to miss them -when I read your fiction it gives me a great joy in my heart that there are people out there in our workaday (well work aint a good descriptor for me i guess;-) who are so very talented!! have a beautiful Samhain my friend and to all of your friends and family too!!!!