Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Party Menu

It dawned on me when I was doing my party menu planning that some people might enjoy recipes and ideas. This party was weird because some people are vegetarians and a lot of them are men who like real food, so I found a good compromise. I don’t think anyone will go hungry. BTW, the white pizza dip is so popular that whenever I go to parties, people say "you're the pizza dip lady! Did you bring some?"

White Pizza Dip
1 envelope of Knorr’s herb and garlic pasta mix (in dried seasoning section near dried spaghetti mixes and dried chili mix packets)
½ lb (8 oz) sour cream ½ lb ricotta cheese (8 oz)
1 oz pepperoni chopped 1 c. shredded mozzarella
1 loaf of french bread or italian or baguette bread sliced
Preheat oven to 350. Combine all with ¾ c. mozzarella and sprinkle rest of mozzarella on top. Cook x 30 mins. Serve with bread dippers.

Build Your Own Nachos
Crockpots with melted velveeta in one, and heated chili with no beans in another. Basket of tortilla chips. Paper bowls. Little containers with sour cream, guacamole, green chilies, pickled banana peppers, diced tomatoes.

Dips and Dippers
Container of black bean dip, container of hummus
Carrot, celery, and grape tomato dippers, as well as baked pita dippers

Italian Lovers Pumpkin
Hollow out pumpkin, put ice inside and then a container that fits in the hole filled with marinara sauce.
Take chunks of pepperoni and fresh mozzarella and place on toothpicks and stick into the side of the pumpkin.

Dessert: Brownies, cookies on the drink table, along with Halloween candy scattered on the tables.

Although I’m serving white wine, port, water, sodas, and beers, I’m also making this punch:

Apple Pie Punch
Apple cider, spiced rum, and hot cinnamon schnapps to taste, floating slices of apple on top and a red vine straw in the cups. (I'm practical, so I figured if I had leftover rum and cinnamon schnapps, they could be used at Thanksgiving season for drinks)


  1. that punch sounds oerfect for this time of year!!

  2. I know, I have a thing for those red hot candies, so when I saw the bottle of hot cinnamon schnapps, I was like--this is gonna hit the spot!

  3. I'm going to try the white pizza dip & the apple pie punch! Yummy. You know I modeled too just locally nothing major. Sometime I'll post some photos that was back in the 80's my hair was huge! So you have huge family. I married into a large Greek family. I always wanted a big family because I just have a brother. Well I have no learned the more people the more drama. lol :)
    You'd love it here today it's raining but the forest is glowing gold.

  4. Becca; you lucky girl! Get some rain on your face for me. When we go a long time with rain, I make a vow I'll dance naked in it when it happens. I've kept my promises--now if only the rain would! You're going to love that dip. I always double the batch because people devour it. I modeled locally too. I was in a lot of pagents including Miss Arizona USA in 82. Hee hee. Me and 12 other girls got sick with the flu during the week in the hotel and had to miss the finals. I did get runner up for miss photogenic. I really liked the runway best, though I never had issue with being photographed. I just liked that you could tell how you're doing by people's reactions. I remember doing a modeling job once as a mannequin in a window for hours. It was exhausting but fun--I did a runway show for them later in the day and got to keep all 8 outfits! I liked that better than pay, honestly. I had two brothers and two sisters, but one brother and one sister have passed on. My parents came from big families too so the cousin list is in the upper 20s. I'm so much younger than everyone that nearly everyone is gone now. It's very weird to be the last out the door. I used to hate it as a kid knowing they'd go before me, but then I realized when I go--I'll have a helluva greeting. I wouldn't want to be the first to crossover. Yikes! Greek family--you're soooo lucky! I adore Greek food/culture/people. I always wanted to be Greek or Italian. I don't think you ever have to guess how they feel. In school I always gravitated towards them. I'm very demonstrative. :-)

  5. It all sounds yummy! I've tried the dip, I'll try it

  6. Wow-it all sounds very yummy and wonderful-thanks so much for posting these! It is getting close now-October is going fast -best as always!!

  7. I am starving. I should not have read this right at lunch when I'm so hungry. It all sounds yummy!

  8. If you haven't seen this one yet, check out all the cool Halloween drinks! Maybe you might want to incorporate some into your party? (I wish I'd known about them before today --trying to catch up on reading blogs-- because I would have made one of these drinks for a party I went to last night.